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Imagine you are going to keep a large but important file on your hard drive but the OS says there is not enough space on the disk though you have enough free space in total in your hard drive. Partition of hard drive or server becomes a matter of tension sometimes when they are almost full and you can’t store any more data.

Partition assistance is a great solution to this problem as they can merge two or more partitions to one as well can create a partition from the existing one. AOMEI Partition assistance is full of different features that will help you to solve almost all the problems related to the partition of your hard drive or server.

AOMEI Partition Assistance
AOMEI Partition Assistance

What is a Partition Assistance?

Partition assistance is a specialized software that actually does the job to create and marge partition of your hard drive of your PC or in the storage drive of your server. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily operate the task by just selecting the option. The software will make the rest of the commands. Partition assistants can be used to extend C drive volumes too.

You can perform several more tasks besides creating and merging partitions like you can move your Operating system from one partition to another partition without losing any of your data, creating bootable media to manage hard disk partitions, or managing all the partitions of your server, etc.

Why Partition Assistance is needed?

Partition assistance is useful for many reasons, first of all, it is not easy to create partitions on your hard disk or to merge several partitions. If the capacity of your partitions is almost full in your hard disk and you have to keep a big file that meets the total free space of your hard disk but can not be kept in any of your partitions, then partitions margining is necessary.

With the help of partition assistance, you can easily create a new partition from another one’s free space and also merge two into one. Another fact is if you want to move your whole operating system files, then Partition Assistance can help you to move all the files and data without changing anything of your operating system. In this case, you also need the software to do your task.

AOMEI Partition Assistance

Many personals prefer third-party software for disk management than the windows default disk management system. By having the AOMEI Partition Assistance package you can manage your memory more efficiently.  You can resize, format, or move your partitions as well as the files easily with the help of this tool.

This partition assistance will not lose or damage any of your data and information and also will not overwrite anything while formatting the disk. there are three amazing jobs you can do with it. They are you can Extend your partition, you can copy one partition to another and you can also copy the disk as well.

A copy can be made by sector by sector or by the full structure of the partition. One of the amazing features of this software is that you can hide your partitions from the hide option. So that you can keep your personal information there that will not be publicly accessible by everyone.

Things this tool offers to you also is partitioning your memory and splitting them, copying files and as well disk, resizing and deleting partitions, and formatting the disk. you can also change the property of a disk i.e. active to inactive and vice versa.  You can also convert your disk format from NTFS to FAT32 according to your needs.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free partition manager that allows you to see the unused and used space of your disks and merge all the free space together to get the best output from the hard drive that eventually increases the efficiency of your hardware. You can allocate the free space or can create a new one with new space, size, name, and label and also file system as well.

You can also create a bootable media drive for your PC even in an external drive so that you can boot your operating system anytime when you need it. The language of the tool is a little bit weak as it is translated from another language. Another problem is the main window sometimes disappears for no reason while working.

How to use AOMEI Partition Assistance?

AOMEI Partition Assistance has two types of plans. You can use the standard edition for free or the full edition where you need to pay a little. After installing the software on your operating system, mostly on windows, an interface will come to the screen.

To create or margining partitions, you need to choose the quick partition option. You can use a wipe partition option to clean the particular partition of your hard drive or server storage. The disk copy options are used to copy data from one partition to another partition.

Again, there is also an option to delete all partition that will delete all the data of your all partitions. So be careful before using this option. There are some other options like testing the partitions o the disk surface, converting MBR to GPT disk that will extend your storage capacity by a good scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There will surely a lot of questions on your mind while using the AOMEI Partition Assistance software for your personal PC or server storage. Here some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers that might help you to overcome all the questions.

1. Is there any chance of losing my data while creating or margining partitions?

Ans: No, there is no chance of losing your data and files while creating or margining partitions with the AOMEI Partition assistance. They do the work with the free space of the existing partitions and add them to the new physical memory cell.

While creating it just separate the free space of the partition so that there is no chance of any damage to the data and files of you stored in the partitions.

2. Can I merge all my partitions of my hard drive?

Ans: Yes, you can merge all of the partitions of your hard drive to one but one thing you should consider that it’s better to have a separate partition for the Operating System.

3. Can I use my files while merging or creating a new partition?

Ans: Yes, with the AOMEI Partition Assistance, you can also use your files and data on the partition while creating or merging new partitions on your hard drive.

Summing UP

Partition is necessary to get efficient performance form the hard drive or server but sometimes it may be a matter of problem. You may need to merge or create a new partition on your memory that not easy with the operating system. Partition Assistance software will be a big solution to this problem.

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