AR Tech | What is the Difference Between an API and an SDK?

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Customers are becoming more and more demanding, expecting some sort of digital experience from their favorite companies all the time. No wonder numerous brands are doing their best to meet their consumers’ needs and develop their own one-of-a-kind apps or make their websites stand out by adding some killer features to them. And this is when the notions of SDK and API make themselves heard. Many people mix up these two terms, while some sincerely believe that they need to choose between using either SDK or API (which is not really true, as you can use both simultaneously). But one thing is certain: these are essential tools without which the process of software development would be more time-consuming and difficult. 

AR Tech_ What is the Difference Between an API and an SDK

SDK vs API: What Is the Difference

Let’s discuss SDKs first. SDK stands for a software development kit, also known as a devkit. This is a set of ready-made development tools which may be downloaded and used to create apps or programs for a specific platform. In simple words, imagine you want to make a vegetable salad. For this, you don’t need to grow lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers on your own. You may simply go to the grocery store, buy all the necessary ingredients, and follow a recipe to make it. If you need, you can also purchase a knife, a bowl, a chopping board, and other necessary cooking utensils. 

This is pretty similar to how SDK works. Instead of creating an app from scratch, developers may download and install an appropriate one to make the creation process faster. For example, you want to develop a live chat app. This is when face filters SDK will come to your development team’s rescue. Or you are willing to allow your users to make payments straight in your app. There are numerous SDKs for this too. While choosing one, you should keep in mind that basically, you put somebody’s code into your app. So, it is advisable to use open-source SDKs in which you can bring the necessary changes if necessary. Plus, this software usually includes various tutorials, documentation, code libraries, and debuggers. Very often, SDKs may even include one or several APIs to bring interface functionality.

As for the notion of API (Application programming interface), this is a tool that ensures the interaction between services and programs. This is like an agreement between two parties that have decided to cooperate. Let’s put it simply too, based on the same example of a salad. When you cook, you may stick to a recipe, which can be compared to API: you take all the ingredients you have and follow the recipe to get your salad made. Basically, you get the necessary data from an external source of information to achieve the desired result. This is how APIs work. They let developers unite systems to make them work as a single unit. This way, programmers throughout the whole globe can take advantage of each other’s work. 

Which to Choose?

Actually, there is no need to choose between these two, as you can use both in tandem. Plus, the fact that SDKs may have one or more APIs will leave you no other option.

But still, the choice may depend on your brand’s needs. If you need to create a brand-new app from scratch, using an SDK will definitely facilitate the process. But if you simply need to bring two apps together, using an API is enough. In short, SDKs are used for developing an app, while APIs aim at its enhancement.

Why Choose Banuba SDKs and APIs for Your Company’s Needs

Numerous companies create SDKs and APIs to let developers solve their tasks much quicker, without getting absorbed into endless coding. But right now, we would like to dwell on Banuba SDK. 

Banuba sees its mission as making augmented reality available to every person, company, and brand. So, they have already wrapped their technology and created an incredible AR development platform. Such brands as Gucci, Samsung, and RIngCentral have already resorted to their SDKs. No matter which business you own, either a beauty company or an educational center, you can use Banuba’s products to meet your needs. For example, their video editor SDK will be a perfect solution for creating video editing or social media apps. It includes numerous features, like time and video effects, trimmer, color filters, background swap, and much more. Plus, it is highly customizable, so you can tailor all the functions to your needs. This SDK supports both iOS and Android and is compatible with Flutter, React Native, and NativeScript. WIth this Video Editor SDK, your developers will enjoy the freedom of making their own unique UI and user experience.

In addition to the Video Editor SDK, the Banuba company can boast of Beauty AR SDK, Face AR SDK, Virtual Makeup Try-On Solution, Jewelry Virtual Try-On, and other software for you. 

The price of every Banuba product depends on the features you want to include and on the number of platforms and devices you are going to use your SDK or API on. So, feel free to skyrocket your go-to-market strategy and facilitate your developers’ work with Banuba’s off-the-shelf-solutions.             

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