[Explained] Are Old Dish Receivers Worth Anything?

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Every home used to receive its daily news, entertainment, and commercials via an over-the-air broadcast signal picked up by a big antenna on the roof of the house in the days before cable and satellite dish television.  You can do different things with an old dish receiver such as donating, recycling, returning, or trading it on. 

Are Old Dish Receivers Worth Anything

How Do Old Dish Receivers Worth Anything?

To pick up some television signal, we’ve all seen homes where the residents have installed a small TV antenna on top of or adjacent to their house-mounted satellite dish receiver. 

The old-fashioned broadcast antenna on top of the house may work for some broadcasts, but it frequently fails horribly because it cannot compete with the more potent, huge dish antennas that currently serve as the industry standard.

What Can I Do With Old Dish Network Receiver?

Simply bring your DISH equipment to a Best Buy store near you and drop it off at the customer care desk. It’s that simple. The largest retail collection program in the US is run by Best Buy, which has collected and properly disposed of more than 1 billion pounds of electronics and appliances.

1. Donate the Dish

Homeowners can donate their outdated satellite dish gear to a deserving organization like a charity. The majority of these kinds of organizations gratefully accept donations of this nature. Be mindful, though, that if the receiver is not recycled properly, it can wind up in a landfill.

2. Recycle | How to Recycle them

Old satellite dish receivers frequently need special disposal since the contents harm people and wildlife. Dish receivers frequently have high levels of lead, which, when disposed of inappropriately, can harm the environment. It is commonly required to recycle them correctly because of this.

It’s important to comprehend the various ways that your old satellite dish and its components might be disassembled and recycled before you recycle it. Although the components of a dish receiver may appear to be commonplace goods like paper and lead plates, they may all be recycled. Here are the required steps.

Step 1: Sort the Equipment

Sort the tools properly, dividing them into groups based on the materials from which they are created. These things can range from metal plates and screws to the plastic container in which the dish was formerly housed.

Step 2: Determine How to Break

Decide how to disassemble these materials into their constituent parts. It will be simpler to recycle them into new items as a result. Dishwasher recycling is a process that can be carried out in a variety of ways. For recycling purposes, the metal plates inside the dish receiver must be melted down. 

Melting the pieces over a fire, stove, or another heating source can be done quickly and easily at home. You can easily recycle the screws and plastic parts of the dish receiver by bringing them to your neighborhood recycling facility. This avoids the risks and unpleasant fumes that can be produced when melting down huge metal plates.

Step 3: Take to the Local Recycling Center

After everything has been divided into smaller pieces, recycle any residual components that cannot be put to another use. These objects can be recycled at a nearby recycling facility. Anyone can complete the process; it doesn’t require any special knowledge of recycling or safety.

3. Return the Old Dish Receiver 

The best course of action would be to return the Dish equipment because they frequently employ experts who are familiar with various kinds of equipment like this. They might decide to repurpose it if it still performs properly after years of use and abuse. 

You can feel good knowing that the manufacturer won’t be adding your old dish receiver to a landfill because they often have a recycling scheme in place when you return the receiver to them.

Can You Sell a Dish Receiver?

Yes, you can sell them as second-hand products online. If you need rapid cash, this is a possibility. You can offer your item for sale in several locations, including eBay, Facebook buy-and-sell groups, and Craigslist. 

Prices will change based on the demand and condition of the receiver. Remember that many individuals no longer use dish receivers, so you may need help selling it. Look up your receivers’ model numbers, and list them accordingly. 


Often, returning an item to the store for a refund is preferable to selling or trading in your old dish receiver online. Many people don’t actually use the widespread satellite dish receivers that are available. Additionally, many people simply throw away or leave old dish receivers on the roof. So they are not quite worthy.

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