Can Police Track a Textfree Number?

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There is no way to track any individual Textfree number for the police right now at this moment. Although the application does not feature end to end encryption system. But the servers are pretty safe. So you can keep using this app without worrying about it so much.

Even though Textfree allows you to pick your unique number for messaging. There might be a safer and more secure way to communicate with your friends. Because encrypted messaging always provides better privacy to the users. However, to know more about can police track a textfree number or not, keep reading this article.

Can Police Track a Textfree Number

Can Police Track a Textfree Number?

Now that communication-related technology is evolving so quickly over time. It is quite hard for us to keep up with it. And when it comes to privacy, it has been rather challenging to keep our data secure. From cellular providers to the state, everyone is after our personal information. 

And they might be quite successful in getting so as well. So if we want to secure our information while communicating through the traditional texting apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, we will have to go through a lot of stuff.

Privacy Policies

Besides, these communication apps have privacy policies. That’s how the text app number works as well. It is a unique code or number that is assigned to each phone for the text messaging service. With this unique code, you can now communicate with your friends and family without worrying about their contact info.

Now can these text app numbers be traced? The simple answer is yes. Many online tools and applications are there to track down these numbers. Also, you can get this info by contacting your text app provider. Though they might have some terms and conditions. 

Polices Tracking Numbers

As far as the police are concerned, they have all the right to access any information that might be stored in a text message. Although they must have a definite reason to monitor or spy on any individuals. But considering the security of the state or any criminal offense, they might just get away with it.

Where TextFree Checkmates

That is where the TextFree number comes to help you. Textfree is an application that is available for both Android and iOS. And right now, there is no way you can track TextFree numbers. Also, it is untraceable for the police at the moment too. So nothing might allow your textFree number to be tracked right at this moment. 

As far as the security of the texture numbers is concerned, they do not support end-to-end encryption. But as the servers are quite secure, you do not have to worry about them at all. However, this method is termed ‘on net messaging’

How to Encrypt Text Messages?

Although sharing information or simple texting has been quite easy and convenient these days. Thanks to the apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, and many more messaging services. Most of these apps use end-to-end encryption systems to provide more security to your information and whereabouts.

Yet there is a question remains that how safe they are! Just because these apps feature end-to-end encryption, does not mean that they do not collect metadata at all. Besides, they all have their very specific privacy policies as we have mentioned before.

Best Way to Send an Encrypted Message

However, the best way to send an encrypted message is to install a messaging service that supports end-to-end encryption messaging. Although you can send encrypted SMS via your mobile phone too. But the method is not easy at all. And going through all these troubles to send a couple of messages might not be convenient for you at all.

Let’s have a look what are the best messaging app that allows us to send an encrypted message that can not be traced by anyone and not even the police.


This app is available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, and Linux. Among all the other apps, this might be the best app as far as security and privacy are concerned.

Pros of using Signal

  • End-to-end encrypted even in group communication
  • Trusted by many
  • Open-source
  • Can use the same account on both PC and mobile

Cons of using Signal

  • Can not use multiple accounts at the same time
  • Requires an active sim/mobile number


This might be the most popular messaging app of all.

Pros of using Whatsapp

  • Used by more than a billion users every day
  • Quite convenient
  • Uses an end-to-end encryption system

Cons of using Whatsapp

  • Made some controversial changes to the privacy policy
  • Collects metadata


This app features loads of amazing features that make Telegram something more than a regular messaging app

Pros of using Telegram

  • Cloud-based
  • Perfect for large groups
  • Optional end-to-end encryption system
  • Introduces bot integration

Cons of using Telegram

  • End-to-end encryption is not activated by default
  • Collects lots of metadata


Available for both Android and iOS

Pros of using TextFree

  • Secure
  • Simple interface
  • Untraceable
  • On net messaging

Cons of using TextFree

  • Runs ad, so it is not free of cost


Nowadays people are more concerned about their privacy and online security. And as the TextFree app is now being used by more than 100 million users every day. People are more concerned about if their personal information and whereabouts are safe and can police track a textfree number or not. Now that you know about this, it should be a little less concerning matter for you now.

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