[Fixed] Can’t Get Teredo IP Address Xbox One Error

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Generally, the Teredo IP address works as a bridge between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. But, when it is unable to perform properly, you can not open a game through your Xbox console. Consequently, receive a message saying can’t get the Teredo IP address on Xbox one.

I assume that you are stuck in this situation right now. For your kind info, it is one of the random errors Xbox users face repeatedly. Means you are not alone. 

Moreover, the issue is solvable. You can do it by yourself. In fact, I am writing this entire article with several handy solutions to assist you. Let’s explore.

How to Fix Can’t Get Teredo IP Address Xbox One Error

The Xbox issue may create for a specific game or for all games. Whatever the condition is, you can resolve it. Here I am compiling 8 different fixes to assist you. Before diving into the details, let’s check the list of the fixes first. 

  • Fix 1: Enable IPv6
  • Fix 2: Select Alternate Port
  • Fix 3: Change DNS Address
  • Fix 4: Clear Cache Data
  • Fix 5: Reset Your Xbox
  • Fix 6: Re-add the Console into Router
  • Fix 7: Turn On the UPnP Feature
  • Fix 8: Clear the Alternate Mac Address

Fix 1: Enable IPv6

Sometimes, the IPv6 protocol may stay on disable mode by default. So, when you get the error message, you need to enable the IPv6 protocol as a first-hand try. It will help you to resolve the issue.

If the fix does not valid from your side, you will have to apply some other fixes.

Fix 2: Select Alternate Port

Selecting an alternate port is a handy solution for the discussed issue. To apply the fix, you have to follow the below direction. 

Firstly, you need to go to ‘Settings’.

Then, tap the ‘Network settings’ option.

After that, select the ‘Advanced settings’.

Next, enter into the ‘Alternate port selection’ section.

Lastly, choose ‘Manual’.

Finally, you have to select a random port. Then restart the console and check the issue as if it still appears or not.  

Fix 3: Change DNS Address

You can try to resolve the issue by changing the DNS address manually. To do so, you need to follow the below steps

Firstly, tap the ‘Network settings’ option.

Then, enter into the ‘Advanced settings’.

After that, go to the ‘DNS settings’ section.

Next, choose the ‘Manual’ option and input into the Primary DNS address bar. In the same way, input into the Secondary DNS address bar. 

Finally, check the existence of the issue by trying to run a game. If you still get the error message, move to the next fix.

Fix 4: Clear Cache Data

Cache data can be the reason for appearing the issue. For so, you need to clear it. I will attach the process below.

Firstly, you should place a hard restart. You have to hold the power button and wait for 10-12 seconds to complete the shutdown process.

Next, You have to unplug the wire and leave the console alone for another 10-12 seconds.

After that, press the power button again. 

Finally, the process will clear the cache data as per the action. Then try to run a game through the console. If the error still exists, you will have some other fixes to follow. 

Fix 5: Reset Your Xbox

If you get the error message and no upper fixes help you, you will need to reset the Xbox console. To do so, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1

First, you need to tap the Xbox button.

Step 2

Accordingly, the guide will open. You have to follow the direction chronologically. 

Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info

Step 3

Then you get the ‘Reset console’ option. You have to select it.

Here, you will get 2 alternative options. One will be ‘Reste and remove everything’ and the other one will be ‘Reset and keep my games & apps’. You have to choose one of them on your own demand. If you have an Xbox Network connection, it will be easy to get to the left position after resetting the console.

After resetting, the issue will be over hopefully. By any chance, if it still appears, you will have three more options to apply.

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Fix 6: Re-add the Console into Router

You can try this fix to get rid of the issue. It will be easy to execute. Here you need to remove the console connection from the router first. Then re-add it again into the router.

Finally, follow up on the existence of the issue.

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Fix 7: Turn On the UPnP Feature

This fix is a kind of router-end trying process. You can follow the below steps to do so.

Firstly, you have to go to your router login page and log in to the device through id and password.

Then, search for the UPnP menu. The path may vary from different models and manufacturers. After finding the menu, you need to enable the UPnP feature. 

After that, try to open the game through your console. If somehow, still you get the error message, you will have the last option to apply to resolve it. 

Fix 8: Clear the Alternate Mac Address

When none of the fixes resolve the issue, you have to clear the Alternate Mac address in the end. 

To do so- 

Firstly, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ section.

Then, enter into the ‘Advanced’


After that, select the ‘AlternateMAC’.

Finally, tap the ‘Clear’ option to execute the operation. 

After clearing the Alternate Mac address, you won’t suffer from the issue anymore, hopefully.

Final Words

Therefore, my effort will succeed if you get rid of the error saying can’t get Teredo IP address Xbox one. I hope you will resolve it after exploring the entire article.

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