Difference Between 5ms and 1ms | Which Response Time Is Better for Monitors?

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Nowadays, while buying a monitor, you’ll need to check out some important features of a monitor, and response time is one of them. Response time is big fish when you are buying a monitor for gaming. When it’s coming to gaming PC, the lower the response time, the higher the performance you will get.

There you will find monitors with different response times. Now the fact is which one you should choose. A monitor with a 1ms to 5ms response time provides nearly the same performance but there are some exceptions.

In today’s article, we are here with the differences between a 5ms and 1ms response time monitor. Go through this article and clear up your confusion. So, without any ado, let’s begin.

Difference Between 5ms and 1ms

What Are the Difference Between 5ms and 1ms Monitor?

As we’ve stated before that the differences between these two response times are negligible. You’ll hardly find any differences between them but if you are a competitive gamer, that time you’ll find slight differences. Let’s find out the differences between 5ms and 1ms.

Differentiate Parameters5ms1ms
Response Time5 milliseconds1 millisecond
Refresh RateRelatively LowerHigher
Faster ResponseRelatively low than 1msHigher
Angle ViewBetterGood

Now let’s interpret the parameters.

1. Response Time

While you are distinguishing between 1ms and 5ms, the first thing that needs to talk about is response time. You can clearly see that 1ms is 5 times faster than 5ms. That means a 1ms monitor can change the properties of each pixel faster than a 5ms monitor. As the response time is less in a 1ms monitor, you will get a more updated picture on your display.

Another important thing is, most of the monitor brands have Gray to Gray response times. This technology helps to switch colors faster. The lower the response time is, the higher the color will change.

2. Refresh Rate

You will sometime notice some blurriness in the picture. Now the question you may ask is, why did this thing happen? This thing basically happens due to the response time. When your display takes more time for pixels to draw images, you’ll face blurriness.

Now, here you can see that 1ms has the capability of responding to images faster than 5ms and as a result, you won’t have that much blurriness compared to 5ms. For this, for a higher refresh rate monitor, a lower response rate is the appropriate one.

3. Visualization and Display Panel

When you are going to buy a monitor with less than 2ms response time, you will have a TN panel with that monitor, and the rest of them come with VA and IPS panels. The 5ms monitors generally come with an IPS panel.

The TN panel is better for a quick response monitor but it has some drawbacks. When it comes to displaying color and angle visualization, the IPS panel is better than a TN panel.

Why You Should Go for a Monitor with Lower Response Time

There are several advantages of a monitor with a lower response time. Let’s find out about them.

  • You can render faster.
  • The color transition rate is faster.
  • Faster control and reactions in the game.
  • Reduce the Picture ghosting issue.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, you should go for a monitor with a 5ms response time. Because the difference is very negligible and for a normal human being it is much harder to notice the differences. If you go for a 5ms monitor, you will get an IPS display and you’ll have better color and angle visualization than a TN panel monitor.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 5ms OK for gaming?

Yes, 5ms is way more than enough for gaming. You can play games without any issues.

Is 8ms OK for gaming?

You can play games but you won’t have smooth gaming. For better gameplay, the recommended response time is 1ms to 5ms.


Lastly, if response time is a mandatory thing for you then you can go for 1ms, or otherwise, the 5ms should get your call. We have explained the key things of both of these response times. Hope the confusion you had been cleared up by now.

That’s all for today. If you have any further queries feel free to comment below. Gracias!

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