Difference Between Mini and Normal GPU (Mini ITX vs Full-Sized graphics card)

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One of the most important on a custom PC rig is a graphics card. GPUs come in all shapes and sizes. The same graphics from NVIDIA will be available from different vendors like  ZOTAC and GIGABYTE. These vendors offer a distinct cooling system that helps the card operate in the most comfortable condition to get the most out of these GPUs. 

The graphics card from these companies will be supplied mostly in two sizes. A single-fanned model called a Mini ITX (Information Technology Extended) and a dual-fanned model. Which is called a full-sized graphics card

Difference Between Mini and Normal GPU

Difference Between Mini ITX and Full-Sized GPU 

Differentiating based on some significant facts –

1. Size And Compactness

A Mini ITX card is smaller in size. These cards are almost half in size to that of a full-sized GPU. If building a compact PC is the main purpose then Mini ITX should be the choice, which comes with a single fan-based cooling system.

On the other hand, a full-sized GPU has double the footprint of a Mini ITX. Mostly used in larger PC cabinets, it comes with double or triple fans that provide thermal efficiency, 

2. Power Consumption

Mini ITX motherboards require very little power compared to full-sized motherboards. Having a single fan mini ITX motherboards use ways less power than any other standard form factor motherboard out there. 

3. Cooling And Noise

Mini ITX with its single fan cannot provide enough cooling for the hardware components, which leads to higher CPU temperature. This also increases noise level as fans can rotate faster to dissipate all the heat from the PC case. On the other hand, a full-sized GPU actually makes less noise thanks to its multiple fans. 

4. Cost And Performance

Pricing is also an important issue when considering a hardware component. One may think that due to the obvious differences a mini ITX would be less pricey than a full-sized GPU. That is not always the case. 

As their differences in performances are very marginal. But there are also mini ITX GPUs that have better functionality than some full-sized GPUs which increases their overall price. In the end, it all comes down to exactly what sort of pc is to be built. 

Which is Better Between Mini GPU and Normal

Mini GPUs are cool setups. But sometimes they simply do not generate enough power needed. To play games at 1080p or 1440p resolutions better hardware inside the mini ITX (Information Technology eXtended) gaming rig is needed. Full-sized GPUs do just that, with these, any modern title becomes a smooth run. 

The same goes for any graphics-intensive work. Full-sized GPUs simply provide more stable functionality than the mini ITX cards without breaking down during long intensive hours of renderings. 


Both types of cards have their advantages. But more performance can be guaranteed with a high-end normal GPU. It also is not to be neglected that not all mini ITX cards deliver poor performance but for that occasion, more research on the matter would be needed. In the end, the purchase has to be based on the functional intensity.  

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