[Explained] Do Gaming Mouses Make a Difference?

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Does gaming mouse is mandatory to play games? Why should I buy an expensive mouse when I can play games with an ordinary mouse? These questions may arise in your head when you get to know about the gaming mouse.

Yes, you can play games with your ordinary mouse, but playing games with a gaming mouse can take your gameplay to another level.

It is necessary to know about a product in detail before using it. So, we are here with all the details about a gaming mouse including positive and negative aspects, differences between the gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse, and much more. For this, keep your eyes on the section below.

Do Gaming Mouse Makes a Difference

Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse – How does the Mouse Make a Big Difference?

The mouse has a great impact on the quality of gameplay. It doesn’t mean that you can be a pro player using a gaming mouse. But the gaming mouse surely has something that distinguishes it from other mice. Now, let’s see the differences between an ordinary mouse and a gaming mouse.

1. DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The biggest difference between the ordinary mouse and the gaming mouse is the sensor of the mouse or the accuracy of the cursor’s movement. To put it simply, you will get higher sensitivity if your mouse has a higher DPI.

DPI is an important thing in games. Especially, FPS (Frames Per Second) games such as CS: GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, and all other similar games need high accuracy of aim and fire. Only a gaming mouse can provide high accuracy as it is more sensitive than an ordinary mouse.

The statistic shows that an ordinary mouse has 400-1200 DPI whereas the DPI of the cheapest gaming mouse is 3200-16000! So, we hope you can now differentiate on your own between the gaming mouse and the normal mouse at this point.

2. Polling Rate

The polling rate known as the report rate is the rate of the total amount of movement position reported by your mouse. It is measured in hertz.

Suppose the polling rate of your mouse is 350 hertz, then it means your mouse reports 350 in every second to your computer.

The higher polling rate means less input lag. We hope you know how it would feel when you click the fire button on your mouse and it works in delay. Yes, a mouse with a higher polling rate will increase your click speed as well as fire rate also.

Based on the statistic, the polling rate of an ordinary mouse is 125 hertz whereas it is 1000 hertz in a gaming mouse. I guess it is clear now that you can experience better gameplay using a gaming mouse with a higher polling rate.

3. Extra Buttons

Extra buttons on gaming mice make them extraordinary. The ordinary mouse normally has 2 buttons and a scrolling wheel. On the other side, the gaming mouse contains more than 6 buttons.

You might think that why do you need so many buttons when you have a keyboard. Well, it is because some games such as MMO games contain complex moves which need to be performed by pressing more than 4-6 keys at the same time.

It is quite hard to press 6 buttons with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse. So, if you press two buttons on your mouse and the other four buttons on the keyboard then it would be quite easy.

If you have MOBA games and MMO games like Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Vainglory, and League of Legends, then you will understand the advantages of extra mouse buttons.

4. Customization

Another big advantage of using a gaming mouse is the customization option. If you use a mouse that has three buttons, then there are not many options for you to customize the buttons. But you can customize the buttons of a gaming mouse according to the gaming technique that suits you.

Professional gamers choose the gaming mouse because the high-end gaming mouse contains up to 15 buttons and they can customize the weight distribution on them.

5. Ergonomics

Another massive advantage of using a gaming mouse is its design. There is not much design you will find in a normal mouse. But the design of a gaming mouse is very user-friendly.

You’ll never get tired of using a gaming mouse because of its comfortable design. So, if you give your priority to comfort, then you should use a gaming mouse.

6. Durability

If you justify the durability of a gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse, then you will discover that the gaming mouse is better.

If you look around, you will see that the normal mouse is durable for a long time, and a gaming mouse needs to be replaced frequently. You might think that the gaming mouse breaks down quickly but this is not the exact case.

People use the ordinary mouse to work casually. But a gamer gives a lot of pressure on a gaming mouse. We assure you that if a gamer uses an ordinary mouse to play games, then it won’t last longer than a gaming mouse. Elsewhere, if a non-gamer uses a gaming mouse, then it will last longer than a normal mouse. Because a gaming mouse is constructed to last longer but because of excessive pressure, it seems like the gaming mouse breaks down quickly where this is just an illusion.

Is Buying a Gaming Mouse Worth It?

When it comes to buying a gaming mouse, then many questions may appear in your mind such as, is it really worth buying a gaming mouse? Do gaming mouse makes a difference? Which one is better the gaming mouse or the normal mouse? And much more.

The answer to all these questions is yes, a gaming mouse is much better than any other ordinary mouse. It will increase your quality of gameplay and you will be able to achieve a better gaming experience using a gaming mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Better Mouse Will Make Me a Better Gamer?

Actually, it’s not work in that way. You must have heard a proverb that ‘practice makes a man perfect’. So, if you want to become a pro gamer, then you need to practice more and more.

When you will be many experiences with the game you are playing for a long time, then you will be able to be a better gamer.

However, it is true that gaming mice will help you in many perspectives of playing the game. It can improve the quality of your gameplay.

So, it is necessary to use professional equipment including a gaming mouse to improve your gaming skill.

Can Gaming Mouse Improve My Aim?

Yes, of course, a gaming mouse can improve your accuracy. If you are playing the first-person shooting game using a gaming mouse, then it will help you move the scope faster than a normal mouse.

Also, a gaming mouse has a higher DPI (Dots Per Inch) than an ordinary one. DPI increases the accuracy of the mouse. So, you will be able to feel a huge difference in accuracy using an ordinary mouse and a gaming mouse when you switch to a gaming mouse from a normal mouse for playing FPS (Frames Per Second) games.

What Are the Differences Between Gaming Mouse and Ordinary Mouse?

The differences between a Gaming mouse and an ordinary mouseOrdinary MouseGaming Mouse
CustomizationNot AllowedAllowed
Weight CustomizationNot AllowedAllowed
Polling Rate125500-8000

How Much DPI Is Needed for Gaming?

You need a specific DPI for a specific category of games. Here is the list of needed DPI for the category of games:

  • You need at least 1000-1600 DPI for MMOs and RPG games to provide better gameplay.
  • For FPS (Frames Per Second) and other shooter games, 400-1000 DPI is enough for you.
  • For MOBA games, you only need 400-800 DPI.
  • For Real-Time strategy games, 1000-1200 DPI is the best.


Knowing the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse can help you decide on buying one. But you should keep in mind that if you are a serious gamer and play games competitively, then you must buy a gaming mouse. Otherwise, you can use a normal mouse for everyday use. However, a gaming mouse will help you improve your accuracy and sensitivity.

We hope now you can differentiate between the gaming mouse and the normal mouse from this article. Please leave a comment in the comment section below if you are any personal opinions or suggestions.

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