Does Alarm Work in Airplane Mode?

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Airplane mode disables anything related to network or wireless services on your phone. Because your phone’s cellular network or other wireless services might interfere with the airplane’s communication functions. As a result, you will not be able to use phone calls, text messages, internet, or Bluetooth services.

But the basic functions that are not related to the network and wireless services will remain active. So the alarm will still work in airplane mode as it has no connection to the network. To know more about does the alarm work in airplane mode and more, keep following us.

Does Alarm Work in Airplane Mode

Does Alarm Work in Airplane Mode?

The primary function of our mobile phone is just to make phone calls and text messages. But as more and more companies and innovators are competing in this business, numerous features are being released to attract more customers. And these features add more convenience to the customer for sure.

However, some of these features are related to wireless network systems. So when you are on a plane, enabling these features might interfere with the communication system of the airplane. That is why we are supposed to turn on the Airplane mode or flight mode during our travel by airplane.

So when we turn on the airplane mode on our phone, it disables the wireless and other network services, leaving all the other systems as they are. Usually, the mobile data, wifi, cellular services, GPS, Bluetooth, and some other services of a such kind get disabled when we turn on the GPS.

So you will not be receiving any phone calls, texts, or other app notifications related to the internet.

Other than that, all the other services and features your phone has, do not get affected by the airplane mode. So you can keep using them. So features like Alarm, Clock, Music, Notes(offline), File Manager, or Calculator remain active as before. 

And if you have the Alarm active on your android or iPhone, the airplane mode will not cause any hindrance with it. Because the Alarm depends on the internal clock of your mobile phone. And as there is no connection between this clock app with the network system, you will still have the alarm working in airplane mode.

Besides, the airplane mode does not have anything to do with the sound system of your phone as well. As a result, you will hear the sound as loud as you would when the airplane mode is turned off. 

Benefits of Airplane Mode

There are some benefits that this particular feature offers, that will come in handy even if you are not on a flight. For example, when you are trying to focus on your study, or do not want any call, text, or notification from the internet, you can use this feature.

Apart from that, if you are worried about battery draining, or running out of battery, this feature can help you save some battery life. And do not worry about the basic features and apps. They will still be working if they have nothing to do with the network services or wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect to wifi if the airplane mode is on?

When you have just turned on the airplane mode, all the network-related services will be turned off immediately, like the Wi-fi, and cellular network. But if you want, you can still turn on the wi-fi service manually on your android device.

Can I access google maps in airplane mode?

If the google map is downloaded on the local hard drive of your phone, you will be able to access some features of the app. But you will not be able to locate yourself in airplane mode. Also, most of the features will be disabled with the mode being active.


Airplane mode comes in handy on numerous occasions apart from turning it on during a flight. You can save your battery from draining and focus more on studying/working with this feature. And now that you know that does the alarm work in airplane mode or not, you can use the feature to keep up with your schedule. 

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