Evga VS Corsair PSU 2018 | Efficient Power Supplies for Your Device

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This is a big dilemma which one is better in the comparison between Evga VS Corsair PSU 2018. You can explore the entire article to know all about the comparison in detail.

However, I have witnessed power supply failures in astonishing ways caused by poor materials. So, when it comes to choosing components for your computer you should buy the appropriate ones. A good PSU is a significant feature for your PC as it ensures the stability of the power supply

Therefore, in this discussion, I will describe what to look for in a PSU and whether Corsair or EVGA is a better option for your PC.

Evga VS Corsair PSU 2018

What Is Evga and Corsair PSU?

EVGA PSU comes with 80+ Gold certification and intends for long-term use. Then, Japanese capacitors provide reliability and extended durability. And equipment settings are made simple by transparent modular designs.

Again, the fan is 130mm in size and features an Eco setting. In the event of a heavy load, they create more noise than Corsair.

Corsair PSU comes with very little noise operation and 105°C Japanese capacitors. They are designed for long-term reliability and durability. And, their 135mm rifle-bearing fan provides effective cooling.

In addition, Corsair PSU comes with very little noise operation and 105 °C Japanese capacitors. They are designed for long-term reliability and durability. And, their 135mm rifle-bearing fan provides effective cooling.

Evga VS Corsair PSU 2018

Choosing the perfect balance between cost and power supply is important. For the best PSU, you could have to invest several hundred dollars. Maybe, your PC needs less power because a high-end power source can be unnecessary for your computer.

And if you need more power then you have to invest a little more. And believe me, the investment is not unnecessary. 

Therefore, it would be better to purchase an efficient PC that doesn’t waste energy by producing heat. As when your PC gets overheated, it has a great impact on the PC. However, both the Corsair and Evga PSU are appropriate for your computer.

But what you need exactly and which one is good are only be selected by you. And I can assist you in your decision by giving a comparative discussion between these two, which is given below:


Evga is 150mm in size and it is noisy for high load.

On the other hand, Corsair has a 160mm power supply that is quiet during high or low loads.


Due to the modest size of Evga with 650-watt output, they are not very effective at cooling.

However, Corsair provides highly effective cooling without creating noise with a wattage of 750 watts.

Type of Cabling

Evga PSU is entirely modular, and there are several ATX cables available.

Furthermore, Corsair PSU is a wholly modular power supply device.


Evga has a higher price value since Eco mode and stronger cabling is offered.

Since there is no eco mode and inadequate cabling in Corsair, their value is reduced.

Fan size

The fan of Evga is 130mm in size.

And Corsair has fans of 135mm in size.

What are the Advantages of Corsair?

There are several individual points of advantage of Corsair. You can check them. That will help you to consider the item whether it is good for you or not.

  • It provides safety features for your PC, such as over-current protection (OCP), shielding it from the output using too much current from your device. In order to prevent overloading, voltage and power protection work together.
  • Increasing loads does not lead to voltage drops, because the power source improves voltage regulation. And, the analog signal on the PMW (Pulse-width modulation) controller can provide information regarding the power supply output, but it is slow and varies from computer to computer.
  • The Corsair Link keeps track of the voltage and wattage of the AC input. The limitations would all be reduced to 20A, and it regulates the current provided on each PCIe graphic card.
  • It would monitor the fan’s speed and how it affected the cooling of the PC.
  • Thus, corsair is better than so many PSUs on so many levels.

What are the Advantages of Evga?

As well, Evga has its own advantages too. Check the below list and compare with Corsair to ensure the best preference. 

  • The Evga power supply offers sufficient energy to run your PC. Different tiers are used to characterize the Evga power supply.
  • Evga Titanium comes with an eco-thermal control system, and the fan may not turn on when it is not needed. It features clean components that lower the temperature overall and reduce the electricity bill.
  • Due to its higher efficiency, it produces less noise of the fan and produces less heat.
  • The fan speed is controlled by an intelligent system that increases the RPM only when necessary. Furthermore, by keeping efficiency at its maximum it controls the cooling system, which improves the performance of other components as well.
  • The eco-thermal control reduces ambient noise and energy costs and also provides constant power when needed.
  • It avoids system crashing or stability, prevents power shortage, and avoids running the risk of shutting.

Hence, the price is a little high but the advantages are so many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EVGA PSU Better Than Corsair?

You will receive a high-quality power supply with an excellent guarantee whether you choose Corsair or EVGA.

In general, the size and efficiency of EVGA’s power supply are generally a little bit better.

On the other hand, Corsair’s power supply units, particularly the outstanding RM series, are among the quietest on the market.

Which EVGA PSU is the best?

A power supply beast, the SuperNOVA P2 from EVGA is the best for gaming PCs in 2022. All cables are modular, allowing you to utilize only those required by your motherboard and connected components.


When it comes to your power source, the priority should be selecting the best among them by looking at their features, quality, their efficiency, and power. It is definitely worth it to invest a bit more money in quality. Therefore, if you go with Corsair or EVGA, you’ll get a quality power supply with a great warranty.

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