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In this fast-evolving world, fax is still one of the favored channels when it comes to official communications and interactions. Although is a bit archaic, but faxing is still prevalent and admired by millions all around due to its utmost security.

With the world going forward, fax has also progressed. The difference is in the way of sending and receiving a fax. In the past, the faxing process included big faxing machines, phone lines, paper and toner etc. Whereas now you need not have these accessories and it’s about time to send them off.

Nowadays you just need to have an internet connection and things will work out for you. The biggest and largest search engine, Google, has introduced its services to send and receive faxes online.

google fax number

Google Fax

Apart from being the prime search engine and ruling the internet, Google also acts as a compendium of many other objects. These are the objects that are used to send and receive faxes through Google online.

Google Fax

This facility is not only provided on PCs but also on laptops, tablets, MacBooks and even mobile phones. However, faxing through Google involves a fax number that will be used to send and receive faxes online.

Sending fax from Google means faxing through Gmail. Now the question arises that how exactly can Gmail send fax? Fax and mail are two totally different environments and incompatible with each other. So faxing through mail requires a third party which is assigned the work of translating fax to mail and vice versa.

So, that’s where third party online fax service comes to light. Online fax services are working on the task of interpreting the documents. They work as an interpreter between the two above mentioned media.

All your faxing concerns can be covered by getting a Google fax number and then relax. Google fax number is a convenient way to send and receive faxes as it saves you from all the trouble of primitive fax system.

Fax number is something you need when you wish to transfer your fax online. You are assigned a fax number by the online fax service you use. Getting a fax number can be pretty tough sometimes. But not with the solution we are about to tell you.

Free Fax Number with CocoFax

CocoFax is an online fax service that provides Google fax numbers that are totally free of cost. Fax number is a must-have for online faxing and getting it for free can be a real treat. CocoFax provides you with this facility without any payment or credit card details.

Free Fax Number

CocoFax is not just a fax service but is a quality brand in terms of online faxing. CocoFax has earned this name through its superior and excellent services that fulfill the customer requirements. And through this, Cocofax has also gained honor in the sight of big brands like the New York Times, Forbes, PC World, PCMag and iGeeksBlog etc.

A service that has an all in one solution to all your faxing problems is CocoFax, hence you should head to CocoFax when you are in need of sending or receiving fax online. CocoFax is a well-reputed label when it comes to online faxing.

Along with providing its customers with a free Google fax number, CocoFax also allows them to have custom fax numbers. Users are able to make a fax number that is easy for them to use.

But keep in mind that this free fax number is only for the 30 day free trial offered by CocoFax. If you wish to keep using the fax number then you must choose one of the CocoFax’s subscription plans.

Google to Fax Requirements

Delivering fax through Google, or Gmail demands to have some basic things which include an internet connection. Also, you need to have a Gmail address which will be linked to your fax and you will send and receive faxes through that Gmail account.

Furthermore, a CocoFax account is also needed in order to deliver and receive faxes successfully. In order to use CocoFax services, you need to be a CocoFax account holder.

No need to worry about any payments as the whole procedure is totally free of cost. Yes, creating an account on CocoFax doesn’t cost you a thing. No account details are needed at the time of registering.

Step by Step Process

Sending a fax via Gmail is easy once you know the simple steps. 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to register yourself and sign up for the 30 day free trial. Fill in the necessary details like your name, your email address that will be used for sending and receiving your faxes.

Then comes the fax number part. You can profit from the free and custom fax number feature and create you’re own easy to use fax number.

Step 1

Step 2: When you are done with the first step, open your Gmail id from your web browser on your device or the Gmail app on your smartphone or tablet. Compose a new mail and write out all the needed information.

In the ‘To’ field, comes the fax address of the person you’re sending your fax to. It is composed of two parts, fax number of the recipient followed by ‘’.

‘Subject’ field will contain the subject of the mail which will appear as a heading of the fax document or you can just leave it empty as it is not a must. Same goes with the body of the email, you can opt not to write anything in it.

Step 2

Attach the fax document as an attachment of the email. The fax extensions supported by Gmail are xls, doc, xlsx, docx, jpg and png.

Step 3: After filling up all the important details of the fax, go through it again and then send it. Cocofax will convert your email into a fax and send it to the recipient and all of this happens in just seconds. Whether your fax was sent successfully or not, you will get a notification email on both the occasions.

Step 3

Receiving faxes via Gmail: If you know how to send a fax through email, then the receiving fax process is just a walkover. When you have a CocoFax account, and also have an email associated with it, then all the faxes sent to you will be received by CocoFax. It will, in turn, convert the fax document into an email-supporting form and send it to your Gmail address.

Receiving faxes via Gmail

Faxing via Google Drive

One of the most widely used products of Google is Google Drive. As most of the offices communicate and link through google drive so CocoFax decided to go further and make faxing possible through Google Drive too.

All you need to do is to register yourself on CocoFax, download CocoFax add-on, and provide your CocoFax account details and send the fax document. It’s as simple.

Faxing via Google Drive


Finishing it off, the innumerable features of CocoFax make it the best choice for you. If you want to enjoy a pleasant faxing environment, head to CocoFax now.

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