How Do You Get Rid of a Ringback Tone? 2 Effective Methods

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Once upon a time, we all liked to entertain our callers with our personalized ringback tone. It was an upgrade version of being on hold on customer care services. 

But now, although it’s still a thing, is a bit annoying. You want to hear the assuring tones of beeping while you are calling someone. And we are going to tell you how you get rid of a ringback tone today. 

You can get rid of the ringback tone either by visiting your service/sim provider’s site or by dialing their shortcut services section. Let’s walk you through it. 

How Do You Get Rid of a Ringback Tone

How Do I Get Rid of a Ringback Tone

Depending on your sim service, this may be a little different. But in most cases, you either go to their website, then turn off the ringback tone for good. 

It also depends on which way you feel easy. So we included both ways. 

1. Log in to Your Service Providers’ Website

Simply search your SIM provider’s website. Login to your customer account. This usually comes with your number as the username and an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your number. Enter them and you are in your account.

All your call records to services are now in front of you. Scroll down to the services section and you’ll find the ringback tone option. 

Select it and select turn off from the menu. Your ringback tone will be turned off now. Try calling your number to be sure. 

Tip: Sometimes the ringback tone option is situated under the VAS (Value Added Service) section. So if you don’t find it in the open, make sure to navigate there. 

2. Dialup to the Shortcut Service to Get Rid of the Ringback Tone

In addition to the website visitors, you can also use your Service provider’s dialup shortcut menu to get rid of the ringback tone feature. 

Every service provider has a unique 3 or 4-digit dialup service menu. Inquire about it from your service provider. 

Dial that up and follow the voice instructions to navigate to the ringback tone feature and press the number they ask to turn it off. And you’re done. 

Tip: Some service providers charge you for dialing their dialup shortcut service. Make sure you are aware of that. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn off ringback tones on Samsung?

Samsung phones or any Android or iOS devices don’t provide the ringback tone feature. It was always provided by your carrier service provider. So you’ll need to log in to their websites to turn it off. 

How do I change my Ringback Tone to default?

To change your Ringback tone to default, log in to your service provider’s website. Navigate to personalize/services menu. You’ll find the Ringback Tone on it. If you have a Playlist of songs or rings, unselect them. And it will activate the default ringback tone. 

Why does my phone have a Ringback Tone?

Ringback tones are a feature that your SIM carrier provider provides. You can disable it by visiting their website. Or you can call the helpline and ask to disable it. 


As fun as it was back in the day, today the beeping tones are much more comforting as you know your call went through. And some people get confused when they come across a ringback tone. Especially if you use your number for your job purpose, the ringback tone should be turned off at all times. It’s more of a formal approach than a casual one. 

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