How to Backup Contacts in Gmail

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Losing a device is quite stressful. Imagine losing all contacts from the device, make the situation more miserable. That’s why we need backup. A Gmail account can help us through some processes. After setting up your Gmail account, you will be given a notification asking whether you would like to back up your data. Click the “On” option. It will be a good choice. So, how to back up your contacts in gmail? Read to know more.

Android is a more open system than iOS. In the Android system, user can easily customize their device but the iOS system doesn’t have the luxury to customize. The iOS system is more protective. So software working difference can be found between these two. The backup system is also different in android and iOS Devices. Have to follow some procedures to back up contacts in Gmail account.

how to back up your contacts in gmail

Backup in Android Device

Mostly Android is connected to a Gmail account. Your contacts should be backed up to your Gmail account. Following are two processes of how to back up Contacts in a Gmail account. If you are interested to know how to backup Gmail emails, check this article.


  1. Find your contacts from the device. Tap on contacts.
  2. Give a tap on three dots at the top right corner. Select settings. Then tap on Contacts to show. Make sure all contacts from the device are selected.
  3. Then again tap on three dots. Select Manage contacts. Tap on Import/Export contacts. Export contacts from your phone as a v-Card file. Tap on the Export button. Select Internal storage and tap on the Export button. Contacts will be exporting.
  4. Check Internal Storage. Contacts will be found there. To back up your Exported contact to Gmail, open a browser from your device. Go to Tap on the menu bar and tap on contacts. Then tap on import contacts. Tap on the select file and add select exported contacts. Then tap on import. All contacts from your device contacts will be saved in your Gmail account.


  1. Open Settings from your device. Tap “Google” from there. Select “Settings for Google apps”. Select “Google Contacts sync”. Tap on “Also sync device contacts” and makes it on. Then turn on your “Automatically back up and sync device contacts“.
  2. You should pick the account where you’d like your contacts to be saved.

Back up in IOS Device


  1. Firstly create an Apple ID with your Gmail account. So that you can easily transfer your contact from the iPhone to Gmail.
  2. After creating your Apple ID with a Gmail account, you will go to Settings. Then, you will go to Sign in to your iPhone. Use Apple ID there which was created using a Gmail account. Sign in to your Apple ID.
  3. Choose the iCloud option on Apple ID and enable the contact button. Once you enable the contact button what happens is whatever the contact are present in the iPhone will be synced and saved to your Gmail account.


  1. Choose Gmail account as an Apple ID
  2. Go to Use Apple ID. Enter the password for Apple ID.
  3. After logging in to the iCloud go to contact there. Use (ctrl+a) to select all the contacts. Then click on the gear icon there and Select export vCard. Contacts will be downloaded to the device. After completing Download you can log out from iCloud.
  4. Go to the website. Open a Gmail account where you can back up your contact. Import the downloaded file from iCloud.

If anyone has more than one Gmail account, he should make sure the account where he wants to back up his contact. Always remember the e-mail and password. All contacts from the SIM should be copied to the phone. Then it’d be easy to get all the numbers on a Google account.


We face problems after our device got lost or destroyed. We feel bad after losing all our contacts and files on our devices. A Gmail account can help us to back up all our contacts and files. It’s easy to create a Gmail account. We can search on After giving us our mobile number we will find a code. Using the code Gmail account can be created so easily. We all should create at least one Gmail account. It’d be very helpful for us. Following the above process both on Android/iOS devices, we can easily back up our contacts to a Gmail account. If you are interested to have a password manager to manage all the passwords, then follow this link.

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