How to Boost Signal With a Signal-Booster

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The importance of a better and stronger network system has greatly increased in recent years as people are now unwilling to lag behind while texting, phone calls, or net-surfing. A Signal booster has been a great solution to meet this demand for easier communication. A Signal Booster is capable of boosting up the cellular signal which may be weak because of large trees, apartments, or billboards that exist on its path. In this article, we will discuss several methods about how you can boost signal with signal-booster.


What is Signal Booster?

Signal Booster

A Signal Booster is a combination of multiple devices that work together to achieve a boost in the cellular signal of an area. A signal booster is also known as a signal repeater or amplifier. It can be used in cars, buildings, offices’, and outside places. It is particularly helpful in remote areas where cellular signal generated from the tower is minimal. Follow the next sections to know more about how to boost signal with signal-booster.

Working Method of Signal Booster

Signal boosters can only operate in areas with the availability of the cellular network. The original signal might be weak because of the positioning of the area or due to the fact that the originating tower is not capable enough to transfer a strong signal. Here comes the necessity of a signal booster.

A signal booster works mainly through an outside antenna, a repeater, and an inside antenna. The outside antenna receives a signal from the cellular tower; transfers the signal to the repeater. The repeater amplifies and strengthens the signal; and then transcends it to the inside antenna which rebroadcasts the signal; thus the amplified signal is achieved for the desired areas.

3 Components to Boost Signal With a Signal-Booster

As I have already mentioned there are 3 major components of the signal booster; these are described in more detail form here for your better understanding of their individual functions them.

1. An Outside Antenna

It is installed outside so that it can get more exposure to the nearby cellular tower. The antenna receives a weak signal for it to be processed to gather boost by other devices. The outside antennas can also be of different types like-

360 Degree Antenna

These antennas are capable of receiving signals from all directions; that’s why they are also known as Omni-directional antennas. Also, these antennas can sense a very weak signal which is very useful in boosting the process.

One Way Directional Antenna

This type of antenna is specifically useful where there is only one signal originating tower and the distance of the tower from the desired distance is quite large. The signal transfers through a specific direction.

2. Vehicle Antenna

This antenna is installed on the roof of different cars, RVs, marine vessels, or any other large vehicles. When you are on the move and you require being under a strong network, then a vehicle antenna is a must for boosting the signal.


The repeater is mainly responsible for amplifying the weak signal. It can function under various types of network systems like CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and even 5G. The measuring unit of power of a repeater is the decibel (dB). You can view your signal strength on the bar of your cellular device, more bars mean better signal strength. There are various kinds of repeaters in terms of strength and cost on which coverage area depends. If you want to boost the signal for an entire building or a whole area then you have to go for a powerful repeater.

3. An inside Antenna

An inside antenna does the last bit of work as it rebroadcasts the amplified signal. As the name implies, it has to be installed inside the room or car, or building where the importance of network carries the most.

Dome Antenna

Dome antenna is mainly used in larger areas. It can work in all directions i.e. 360 degrees.

Car inside Antenna

These antennas are mounted inside cars and can cover a distance of around 4 feet.

Panel Antenna

Panel antennas transcend the signal through one direction. Hence they provide the most signal to the areas which are closest to them. These are useful inside a small bedroom or office room.

network booster

Advantages of Signal Booster

1. Signal Booster can convert a weak signal into a strong signal.

2. By using it you can make sure that call drops are lowered & messages can be sent instantly.

3. Browsing and net-surfing is quicker.

4. It is very useful when you are on a move inside a car probably to some remote areas.

5. Signal booster is capable of boosting the signal of all types of devices like androids of iOS, PCs, or tablets.

Disadvantages of Signal Booster

1. The signal boosters can better the existing weak signal but cannot create one.

2. It does not work in boosting cable based broadband or Wi-Fi network.

3. The installation process can be a tough job.


In recent times, there has been seen a significant increase in the number of signal-booster users; the reason is the diverse users of cellular phones ranging from remote corners to the far villages. Also, the perspective of urbane requirements is that people doing communication-based businesses need a better and stronger network connection. Hence the growth of signal boosters is a must to meet the challenge of modern-day technologies. After reading the whole article, we hope that now you know how to boost signal with signal-booster.

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