How to Extend Cable TV to Another Room

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As you are deciding to place cable TV in another room, the length of the cable TV needs to be determined whether it will reach there or not. If cable TV is not reaching another room, then you have to extend it. For this reason, you need an extensor so that you can easily fix your problem. Besides, you need to connect a TV extension cable between the existing TV cable and the TV that is in another room. Now, the question is how you will do that. For doing that, you have to follow some steps. The steps are so easy that you can easily apply them on your own. Let us see what are the steps.

How to Extend Cable TV to Another Room FI

The procedure of Extending Cable TV

At the very beginning, you need a measuring tape. That will help you to measure your area. After measuring the distance, you need to note down the measurement.

Then, you have to buy a WF100 extension cable fitted with a male “F” connection at each end. It has to be at least 1m longer than the distance measured.

Besides, you have to connect a threaded “F” barrel coupler onto the “F” connector at the end of the TV cable you want to extend. You have to make sure that the “F” barrel couples connection is tight.

Procedure of Extending Cable TV

Moreover, you need to connect an extension cable ”F” connector onto the free end of the threaded “F” barrel coupler. Then, you have to verify that the “F” connector is connected tightly to the threaded “F” barrel coupler. Besides, you need to connect the free end extension cable “F” connector onto the TV female “F” connector.

Finally, you need to power up the TV and check all the channels. And most importantly you have to verify that all channels produce the expected quality of video and audio.

 That is all you need to extend cable TV to another room.


Thus you can easily extend your cable TV to another room. This procedure is not only easy but also effective. So you do not need to think of its failure or not working. If you follow the steps one by one, you will surely get the job done. So give it a try.

At last, hoping that you have enjoyed this article and got a crystal clear concept toward your need. All the very best for your work and thanks a lot for visiting our page.

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