How to Know If Your Phone Is Hacked?

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Are you noticing weird things on your phone? Are you in severe doubt, getting concerned more and more? 

Dear, you should. 

There must have been some actions that are out of your control. Or even if you are not a sufferer, just have come here to learn, then this post is for you! Here we have gathered all the probable reasons, their symptoms, and solutions. 

Here’s how to know if your phone is hacked in detail! 

How to Know If Your Phone Is Hacked

Most Common Symptoms of a Hacked Phone 

A phone under attack displays some unusual behaviors. Particularly, if a smartphone shows more than one display, then chances are very high that the phone is in trouble. Let us get all the symptoms one by one! We had better treat hacking as a disease.

Ill-suited or strange Pop-ups

Whenever you see some flashing ads or X-rated content dancing on your phone, there must be something wrong. These imply malware.

Unknown Message or App

There might be an app that you didn’t download at all. There might be a text you neither sent nor intended to send or purchase. Or, you may also find some suspicious phone calls. 

Draining of Battery

With the passing of time, a phone battery gets down. However, sometimes some batteries drain abnormally. In that case, it would help best to take prompt action.

Sluggish Performance

Malware can take over your phone. And it results in poor performance. You may have to face some scenarios such as – 

  • Sudden restarts 
  • Crashing of the apps
  • Freezing of the screen

Unusual Data Usage

It occurs because the malware functioning in your phone secretly sends your personal data to a remote server. Consequently, the amount of data usage increases. Since someone or somebody is tracking your activities, that person or they tend to engulf your info in the background.

Unknown Activity on Your Accounts

A smartphone user is generally a social media account holder too. You may discover strange Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media posts from your account that you didn’t make at all. It denotes that your phone is under attack.

No Calls or Messages

This is another symptom of a hacked phone. It indicates that the hacker has already cloned your SIM card and using it the other way! You will stop getting any texts or calls.

How Can My Phone Be Hacked?

The description above helps you learn about the symptoms. Don’t you want to know the reasons as well? Here they are! 

Downloading a Malicious Application

When you download an app embedded with malware, you are under threat. You had better verify first that the app developer is authentic. For instance, the Gmail app developer can never be anybody but Google LLC. At the same time, it will be wise to read the reviews related to an app. You can merely rely on something that has got more positive reviews than negative ones.

Used unsecured public Wi-Fi

Engagement in public Wi-Fi maximizes the chance of a malware attack. It can turn your phone vulnerable to hacking anytime. It is one of the most common reasons for getting hacked.

Click on Harmful Link

You might have clicked on a harmful link received in a mail or text and get your phone hacked. It happens randomly since the human mind is always curious. However, the consequence is- a link that includes malware can rob your phone faster than you can imagine.

What to Do If My Phone Is Hacked?

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Depending on long-run research, we have managed a remedy for you. No worries anymore! Better follow the steps below! 

Announce The Hacking

This is the first and foremost thing you should do. Chances are 99% that the hacker has already used your social media account or contacted the closer ones.  In that case, you had better announce that the phone is no more in your control. Thus, you will make people aware of the attack and save your image.

Delete Suspicious Apps

Generally, an application outside the Apple App Store or the Google Play store gets problematic for users. There might have been trouble due to a malicious app. So as soon as possible, delete those apps. It will minimize the risks. When you remove such an app, you actually remove all data from third-party sources.

Run Anti-Malware Software

Anti-malware software can be your savior. Such an application can trace malware lurking. If you run this type of app, you will remain safe.  It’s a preventive measure we recommend for you. 

Unroot Your Phone

Using a rooted version of android can make your phone vulnerable. There are many cases. So it would help if you unrooted by means of the SuperSU app. 

Reset Your Phone

You would be a bit glad to know that only a factory reset can relieve you from the majority of malware. Though it will remove all the data from your device, it is a reliable technique. So no matter it is about a photo, note, or contacts, it would help best to back up all the data in advance. Anyway, here we go for the instructions to reset both an iPhone and Android Phone!

Instructions for iPhone

Let’s say you have a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15. In that case, follow the instruction gradually –

  • Open Finder or iTunes alternatively 
  • Connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop  
  • Select your device on your computer 
  • Select Restore iPhone

Instructions for Resetting an Android Phone

For androids, the instruction for resetting varies. Every manufacturer comes up with its own style. So the best way is to go through their website in this regard. 

However, let us share the instructions that are applicable to most android phones. You can get into the reset option through your settings menu. Alternatively, you can get access by holding down the power and volume buttons.

Change Your Passwords

Passwords are like pizzas for hackers. So it will be wise to change the passwords of different accounts and systems as soon as possible. Remember, the changed passwords need to be so unique that the hackers fail to assume or imagine!

Stop Broadcasting Personal Hotspot

Making personal hotspots public is not wise. It simply paves the way for hackers. Specifically, it would be best if you did not do it when your phone is under hackers’ control.

Can My Phone Camera Be Hacked?

This possibility is low, but it happens. When a phone gets hacked, it shows lags at the time of zooming. And to get rid of this situation, we have a guideline for you. 

Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, you better regularly update all the software. It ensures added protection.

Can a Phone Number Be Hacked?

Yeah, even a phone number can be hacked. And by hacking, a hacker tends to go for changing credentials. The target might be a bank account or website. That means when your phone is under such an attack, you may lose your website or bak reserves! 

To Wrap Up 

We employ our smartphones for performing most of the online tasks, don’t we? So the devices are always at risk. Evil-minded people can steal your necessary data and utilize them for criminal benefit. Hence it would help best if you were cautious enough. And as you have secured a good understanding from this post, we can hope that no one can deceive you ever or further! 

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