How To Open WPS File in Windows 10

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A WPS file is a filename extension used by the Microsoft Works application. WPS was originally a file format for the Chinese market, but it currently supports Microsoft Office. This filename extension has been deprecated for a long time. This implies that every file created using MS Works will have a WPS extension. Even though the file name has become outdated, such files may still be opened on the most recent version of Windows OS. So, how to open WPS file in Windows 10? Let’s find out the answer.

This article will show you how to open WPS files on Windows 10. You do not need to have Microsoft Works installed on your computer. While the file system is no longer in use, Works is still available for purchase on the internet. Again, you are not required to purchase it. You can get by with only the standard Microsoft Office Suite. Let’s have a look at how.

How To Open Wps File In Windows 10

Opening WPS File on Windows 10

Previously, two programs could make WPS files compatible with Windows OS. One was the Works 6-9 file converter, while the other was the Works 4/4.5 file converter. These apps were previously available on the Microsoft website. However, these programs are no longer accessible.

Use Microsoft Word

WPS files may be opened with any of the most recent versions of Microsoft Word. The aim is to convert this type of file to a DOC or DOCX file name extension so that it would work with Windows 10.

Simply launch Microsoft Word.

Click File > Open in the menu bar, then browse for and pick the WPS file.

Click the Open button.

This, I feel, is the most feasible and straightforward method of converting and opening WPS files. The file will be automatically converted from WPS to DOCX format.

If you make changes to the file by editing it and saving it, the file will now be saved with the dot DOCX file extension. You may also open files in the Works word processor format using the LibreOffice program. The procedure would be the same as it was in Microsoft Word.

Zamzar Online Converter to open a WPS file on Windows 10

To use Zamzar’s online converter, go to the website provided below.

Click the Choose Files button here. Then, navigate to and upload your WPS file.

Next, click the drop-down menu and select the format to which you want the file to be converted. Now, enter your email address in the space below.

After that, click the Convert button.

File Viewer Plus to open a WPS File on Windows 10

File Viewer Plus is one of the most effective file viewers on the market. The software allows you to convert documents, pictures, and files to different file types. You can also use the built-in image editor to edit and save pictures. As the program permits access to protected file paths, you may discover secret features for any file you open.

Meanwhile, File Viewer supports over 300 file formats, including WPS files. You may use File Viewer Plus to access, edit, and alter the data in your WPS file format. As a result, you may use this program to open WPS files on a machine running Windows 10.

Finally, this equipment comes with a user handbook that includes step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

Libre Office to Open a WPS File on Windows 10

LibreOffice is a fantastic open-source office suite that is frequently used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. The suite includes apps comparable to Microsoft Office, such as Writer, a word processor, Calc, an Excel substitute, and Impress, a presentation application.

This program features a simple-to-use graphical user interface, and you’ll find it easy to change from MS Office because their apps contain settings that are identical to Microsoft Office. The writer application is a decent replacement for Microsoft Word and can read a variety of file formats, including WPS formats.

WPS files in Windows 10 PC may be edited, modified, and opened using the writer program.

Although the program has fewer overall features than Microsoft Office, it is nevertheless a useful option because it can open WPS files and is free to download.


By using any of the above-described methods, the WPS file can be opened in Windows 10. Just go through the described process, your problem is going to be solved. Hoping you have got your answers and thanks for visiting our page.

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