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In modern life, all our devices are getting updated day by day. TV is a very common and entertaining device you use in your daily life. In past, there weren’t many features on the TV. The picture, sound, and other things have come with default quality. You can’t change that thing. But now, most of the users are using the smart TV. Here, on the smart TV, or monitor, not only we enjoy the channel’s program, but also can see the programs online. Now, on a smart TV, or monitor, we can see live programs. Setting up the smart TV is not that complex. But, you have to take care of some settings to set up a smart TV in your home and enjoy the programs. To connect an antenna to your TV, you can read this awesome earticle.

set up a smart tv

Connecting Wire

When you unbox the smart TV from the packet, the first thing you have to do is to set up a smart tv. To do this, at first, plug the TV in and connect it. There are many types of wires like a coax cable to connect the TV. But, now, most often the setup boxes provide HDMI cables to connect the TV.

HDMI cable

The smart Tv contains some different types of HDMI cables for connecting the HDMI cables into the TV. You can hook up a cable box to your TV without HDMI though. These ports like computer ports are generally leveled as HDMI1, HDMI2, and so on. Normally, you can use any of these ports to connect the HDMI cables. But if you are using the cables which deliver ultra-high-definition video to a 4K TV, then you need to use a particular port for attaching the cable.

You have to use HDMI 2.0 port on your TV when you are attaching devices like a 4K Blu-ray player, a Chromecast Ultra, or a 4K Amazon Fire TV. You can read the manual provides with your TV to check which port is appropriate for connecting the cable.

You have to know the HDMI channel compatible with the content of your device. This HDMI input channel varies from device to device. For example, if you are HDMI port 2 to connect your PS4, then you have to select the HDMI 2 from the menu to start your games. You can also rename the inputs of your devices if you want. Sometimes, some old devices like video recorders use SCART cables. In this case, you can use an adaptor to connect the TV with SCART input. You can use a USB to HDMI adapter in this type of case too. Did you know that you can connect the antenna to the TV if the TV doesn’t have coax input or if the input port got damaged somehow.


Set up Wi-Fi and Connect to the Internet

Normally, smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi. If you don’t find it, there will be a connector for the network cable. This will provide you apps, music for your screen. You can follow this article to know how to choose the perfect router for your personal purposes like gaming or business, or setting up a LAN connection.

Sometimes, some prefer to use network cable like the ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi. It is because the network cable like ethernet cable provides a faster and more reliable connection than Wi-Fi. Before using a network cable, you have to make sure that there is a free port in the router. Sometimes, you may find a yellow square port for this network cable, or you can convert a coax cable to ethernet depending on your choice.

Wi-Fi router

If the router you are using is not near you and it is in a different part of your house, then you may use Powerline Adaptors or you can extend cable TV. Some users prefer Wi-Fi as it is more convenient or some can’t access the router. When you are using Wi-Fi, then try to place your TV in an area when the data transfer signal is good. For this, keep the router and the TV close to each other. Otherwise, you may face buffering while watching online programs on your TV.

You have to note the network name you are using. You may find it in the back of the router. Often it is called Wireless SSID. You also have to note down the password of the network. You will also get it from the upper side of the router. Then, you may set up the program software.

Switch On

After setting up the TV, you have to switch on the TV. Now, you have to set the language and other some startup like your computer. You have to follow the on-screen instructions and provide the information. Then, you may be asked for the Wi-Fi network. You have to search the network you are using and provide the password of the network to get connected. After t5hat, you have to complete the other steps. You have to set the location and tunning to the channels.

Watching Online Programs

Sometimes, the manufacturer provides additional apps on your TV. These apps are varied from device to device. Mostly, the manufacturer provides the latest and popular app in the devices. These apps include Youtube, iPlayer, All 4, etc as demand. If you don’t want the apps, you can easily disable them like your computer.

For the first time, you have to sign in to the apps. You will get recommendations, search history, and subscribed channels. You may ask for login information and you don’t have to log in each time.

Picture Settings

For all the devices, picture quality matters a lot. We all check the picture quality for every device. In the shops, the TVs are set up with bright oversaturated colors to catch the client’s eyes. You have to set the picture mood of your Tv. There are different kinds of picture moods available on your TV. You have to choose the proper mood according to your room’s lighting.

You have to go to the picture settings for that. First, you have to go to the menu. You can see a button named menu in your Tv remote. You have to press the button and a window will appear on the screen. You have to find the Video or picture settings. In the picture settings, there will be different types of picture mood such as cinema, game, vivid, etc. You can remote the moods and set the correct mood of your TV screen according to your choice.

If you want something more, there are Advanced settings for you. You can use a calibration DVD and drive like a thumb drive into the advanced settings. In the advanced settings, you can adjust the quality more properly and you will get the best quality picture.

Sound Settings

Now, it’s come to the sound settings. You can adjust the sound quality like the other settings of your TV. For this, you have to go to the audio settings of your TV. Here, you will also find some audio moods in the settings panel. You can go through all the moods and check which is comfortable for your hearing. You have to adjust the bass and treble.

Sometimes, TV does not come with better sound quality. In this case, adjusting the sound won’t help you that much. You can look for a soundbar to get better experiences.

After adjusting the sound, your TV is properly ready to run. You can see online or offline programs on your TV and enjoy the different programs with just a press of your remote. Now, at this point, we hope that you will counter any problem to set up a smart TV.


You have to take care of all the categories to set up a smart TV. After setting the TV up, you can again change the image or audio mood and other settings. If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect TV for your home, then this awesome article will give you all the information you need. Also, you can learn more about smart TV boxes that can transform a normal TV into a smart TV.

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