How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

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It might also look like anything where someone’s phone will be located with their phone number, just hackers and offices can do it. However, this is a misunderstanding. And an ordinary mobile consumer may trace the exact current position of someone else by using their phone number. You can also mask your phone number easily. You can also track iPhone from android too. But how to track someone’s location with phone number? Read the whole article to find the solutions and easily track someones location with phone number.

All will find the place through their mobile phone numbers for their own purposes. Perhaps parents want to figure out the estimated place of their children to make sure they are healthy. The monitoring of their spouse’s whereabouts provides them with peace of mind and health for married couples suspected of infidelity.

Any managers will choose to use this tool from time to time to check on their staff to ensure they do their job on the ground. However, the modern technology generation offers you the opportunity and the versatility to find your friends near together in several respects, regardless of the reason.

If you want to see how it functions, make sure that you are able to pick up your supplies. These successful strategies show that locating a mobile phone number location position is not as difficult as it sounds.

How to Track Someone’s Location

Track Someone’s Location by Using a Phone Number

There are a plethora of free number lookup services available on the internet and also in your Apps Store, believe it or not. Is it, however, truly effective? Some argue that it is beneficial, while others claim that it is a hoax.

However, don’t believe that tracking them down using a random website that comes up in your search engine can provide you with an accurate result. Though you can sometimes get exactly what you want, we do not recommend it. Some of these malicious sites are quite deceptive, and you could end up posting your personal information on the internet as a result.

Try using a reputable third-party program or website to track someone’s location with phone number. We’ve filtered some of the most powerful and accurate cell phone number tracking tools out of the many available to make tracking phone number easy. So that you can quickly find a mobile phone number.

To optimize your exact location settings, you will need a new budget smartphone before moving on to the next segment to track location by phone number.

Methodologies of Cell Phone Tracking Using One’s Current Location 

A variety of useful methods are available for finding a position by cell phone number. It is either possible to install your smartphone with the software or application for the telephone tracker, use the CNAM search, or browse the search engine or social network websites. However, let’s talk about them in-depth.

1. Location Cell Phone Tracking Apps

The simplest method to track someone’s location with phone number is to use machine monitoring tools or download a spy app for your mobile devices. Not only are these resources easy to use and handy, but some of them are still free.


You will search for someone’s place using Minspy software via mobile phone code to find location by phone number. Minspy uses a “cell triangulation technology” technology to find someone’s location by phone number.

Three mobile towers triangulate the positioning of the handset. Used by telecom network service companies, a phone number is usually tracked in real-time. Other applications, such as Minspy, though, have connections to mobile phone carriers and can also access the phone position and track phone number location in real-time.

So, how to track phone number location? You must install telephone surveillance software like Minspy on the target computer to track someone by phone number.

The software is easy to install on Android. But you must add the iCloud credentials to the Minspy application if you install it on iOS computers. In addition, no specific technological or coding skills are needed.

The app works in covert mode behind the scenes. The use of the phone will not have an impact.

You must log in to the Minspy account and navigate to the dashboard in order to see the correct position. You will view the position in the sub-section “Last Know Location.”

Using Minspy is as easy as supplying your phone number and signing in. All the information is maintained on the cloud service and accessible via the internet. You will access these details completely, and any knowledge you like can be saved or deleted.

Setting up Minspy for an Android Phone

First of all, you must register for Minspy and buy a monthly schedule of subscription. You then get an acknowledgment of approval along with step-by-step directions for your email.

You must also install Minspy without rooting it on the target Android computer. Let it links to other applications and features it needs. Now it’s in stealth mode in the background.

You can now remotely track it in real-time from your Minspy dashboard.

Setting up Minspy Cell Phone Tracking App for an iPhone

You must first sign up and buy a subscription package from Minspy cell phone tracker app to track location with phone number. Please follow the email directions.

You could then supply Minspy with the iCloud credentials. Wait a few seconds and the system would be synchronized with Minspy.

You should start tracking it immediately after it has been checked. As you can see, no downloads are required for iOS devices to watch.

Excellent Features of Minspy Location Tracking App

Minspy offers a range of useful characteristics, but these are a few of the most critical features in terms of phone number location tracker.

Virtual Position Pinpoint

To a certain extent, you will see precisely where they are. Minspy phone tracker app records all essential information such as an address, locations, geo-coordinates. The place is shown for the best visual experience in a Google Maps 3D Street View.

Logs of Cell Phone Location of Phone Number

Think about call files, the number of calls that have been received in the past. In the last few weeks, Minspy monitors the movement of the telephone and documents major landmarks that the person has visited. Details for the timestamps are added.

Removing Records

Minspy tracks the calls that the individual has produced and obtained. You may see the length of calls though call recording is not usable.

History of the Web Browser

You will access the visited websites from the target computer on the dashboard. This covers pages in social media, police websites, e-mail websites, etc. If you are interested to know about how to track iPhone location history, check this article.

Trace messages

If the person constantly sends messages and collects them on the phone, Minspy records them correctly. It is often tracked whether all media files are exchanged.

This without rooting or jailbreaking the machine. Unlike other applications, Minspy never requests you to root your phone that violates the policies of the producer. It is perfectly legal and secure to track someone’s cell phone’s location with phone number.

SPYic Location Tracking App

Appliances like Spyic obtain platforms such as Google Maps and the Sim Card to decide the position of the target individual. Spying on iOS is simple, as an application on the target iPhone is not necessary. To access the position through Spyic, the user must enter an iCloud account and a password on the respective tab. It is very easy like restoring your iOS device from iCloud.

The way to monitor the Android phone’s position is slightly different. The consumer must install a small app on the smartphone manually. After that, no connection to the Android phone would remain as the software hides from the app menu. Spyic gives users a free live demo, particularly to learn how it functions. Most importantly.

Spyic is a mobile phone tracker app allowing the consumer to access and watch places in a remote area. You will find the specific cell phone location through the phone number, WhatsApp, or some other social networking app that works on the phone. SIM cards may also be identified while the cell phone number is off.

Setting up Spyic for an Android Phone and Track Location from Phone Number

Spy is installed in three easy steps to sign up, update and track mobile phone position on your Android phone target. The following is the method:

Do you want to know how to track a phone number for free? Here you are. The first move is to register on the website of Spyic. You can do it free of charge only by entering an active email address. Once you have an account and are registered, you may proceed to the next level.

Installation of the software is the next stage. The program must be downloaded and the update phase completed for Android device users. The Stealth Mode on the software is used to prevent the intended consumer from detecting the application.

The individual will be led to his account for the procedure after activation. In addition to the selection choices, the spy home screen appears. You may start the tracking process by using the position option. Data are obtained using wireless internet and GPS tracking depending on the position of your computer.

Setting up Spyic for an iPhone

You must first set up an account and sign up for the premium iPhone monitoring kit. The customer will do this with only his email ID and a password.

You bought the Spyic software once. An email confirmation is sent to the email. The customer is sent to a website for tracking purposes. Enter the details required, such as name, age, and aim device.

Check the website for all the details you need on the Online Control Panel Computer, and press the start option. Each function is provided from there

iCloud and password are needed to validate the account holder. Select iOS and move to the next level as the intended application base.

Excellent Features of Spyic

The following are some of the main features of the Spyic app phone number tracker:

In several social networking applications, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and much more, the user can easily view another’s chat background.

It also provides GPS, Wi-Fi, and Sim card monitoring (track the location of this number), besides the basic tracking device. The geo-closing property of the app notifies the consumer immediately if the limits established by them are crossed.

The browser‘s history function allows users to view the pages on the target computer regularly accessed. The consumer knows how much and at what time the individual accessed a particular website. A parent can discover whether their child visits a dangerous website with this feature. To find out the best parental control android apps, check this article.

It enables the consumer to control iOS and Android device thoroughly without rooting or jamming. It ensures that the user’s data and identification stay safe from external threats as phone rooting/jailbreaking could lead to serious security problems.

Simple and user-friendly download. The Web-based control panel provides intuitive users with easy access to their desired functionality.

Spyic’s stealth mode hides it in the intended computer. Without it, you can detect a cellphone monitoring app on your telephone, which reveals the name of your customer.

Find My Device

You can monitor your phone remotely by ‘Find my Device.’ This is a part of Google Play Protect to protect your phone from unwanted access and malicious apps. It just works on Android 4.0 or later Ice Cream Sandwich.

Setting up Spyic for an Android Phone

To retrieve the application, you must follow a few procedures.

You must first go to the Google Play Store and look for ‘Find My Computer. ‘The first search results would then be taped and mounted. Using Google Account you want to use the app, sign in to Find My Device after installation.

Now grant the application position permission. Ensure that your handset has an internet connection. Finally, you can also track your phone and utilize additional functions, such as remotely locking and erasing data on your phone. 

You need to turn to Indoor Maps to enhance the precision if you’re looking for anyone in a confined space. Also, custom messages and numbers on the smartphone lock screen will essentially delete or lock the computer.

Setting up Spyic for an iPhone

Look for My iPhone functions the same as Look for My Device. It fits well with iPhone users instead of running on Android. You would be able to monitor the position of your phone and lock and delete data when it’s on the internet.

The only difference is that you will find the iPhone feature in iOS, so you do not import it from the App Store.

You have to take a few measures to unlock the program here as well.

You must first go through your iPhone settings. Now, press your Apple ID and name at the top Tap iCloud, you must too. You need to pick and switch to find my iPhone at this stage.

Now you can monitor your phone on the Internet via or with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to log in with your iCloud ID.

Spyera App

Spyera is a surveillance tool, as its name says, and a tracker of phone numbers that will allow you to map someone’s position using a phone number. It lets you track telephone operations remotely or protect your children’s computers against damaging network activities. It also supports iPhones, iPhones, Windows PCs, and Mac OS. It’s also compatible.

Setting up Spyera for an Android Phone and an iPhone

In this case, also, you have to follow some steps in using Spyera.

At first, you have to purchase an app from the official store. Then, on your target phone, install the program. At this stage, you have to open your web panel in Spyera and watch the position of your goal.

Spyera uses GPS location on the computer to navigate the data and transfers it to the side panel. The program can use the Wi-Fi link for obtaining and sending the details to the Site panel if the target devices do not have GPS. Both on Android and iOS Spyera is also available.

Built-in IMEI Tracker

IMEI Tracker is something anyone should do, free of feet and handy. IMEI means the identity of mobile equipment at the international mobile station. And you might wonder about it with its peculiar 15-digit figure. And the missing or stolen phone is to be found one of them. You can easily track your lost phone using an IMEI number.

Identification of the IMEI:

You must go through Settings first. After this tap on About, you must tap General. At this stage, you must scroll down and write down your IMEI.

Or on your mobile, you should call *#06# (any mobile phone.)

Using IMEI, locate the phone

There are two ways to locate the phone using IMEI. Here are these ways.

The handset will be tracked by the mobile company. You just need to send the IMEI to them and let them get involved. Depending on the company’s consultation, you might have to wait a few hours or days.

Download Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store’s IMEI Tracker Applications.

Caller ID Name (CNAM) Look Up

The usage of web-based CNAM search software is another helpful way to locate the position of someone with a mobile phone number. It requires CNAM to define the place of a caller. It not only reveals all the important data, including the names of the holders, the exact town, and an individual. Nevertheless, before you view records, you have to pay a small charge.

This approach could have two disadvantages:

Blocking CNAM. The call can no longer be known if the individual you are attempting to find uses a CNAM blocker as the function masks the name and phone number of the caller.

Call with robots. No phone number specifics are shown in unknown calls.

Social Media or Google Search

The most convenient way to find your phone is to check your phone number on Facebook and Google’s search engine.

The findings would reveal if the telephone number is connected to a Facebook or other social networking network. As linked, you can trace the telephone number position by accessing the profile as long as it is publicly available.

Search via WhitePages

Who worries or doesn’t care as long as it works. Whitepages is one of the few ways you can discover what you want. You can conveniently trace the home address associated with the telephone number by entering a number into this service.

It uses the phone number to map someone’s profile and to show the information in a safer and legally binding manner. How does it really work?

One point to remember though, especially if you are in the United States, is that this service is linked to the SS7 network. That implies that when you have created a query, it will transfer all the data stored by the amount to SS7 networks. Only give it a shot now, now you know plenty.


There are many effective solutions that will offer you an effective and desirable result depending on how you can track someone’s location with phone number.

It is particularly caring to locate your loved ones if you deem their highest security. We hope you were supported in several respects with this simple reference on how to locate somebody via mobile phone or cell phone. Tracking apps for cell phone have now become an integral part of the contemporary environment as we strive to find new, smart, and rapid solutions.

One of them with its basic registration, installation, and testing procedure is the above applications. Review the desires and knowledge you like for potential use when choosing an application. Now we hope you know how to track someone location with phone number. If you are interested to know how to easily spy on a cell phone without touching it, read this awesome article.

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