Easy Ways How to Upgrade RAM Size and its Speed Even Without Spending Money

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RAM is one of the most important and must needed hardware for your PC. Though you cannot add more RAM to your smartphone, your PC or Laptop’s RAM is changeable. If you need, you may have to change or add RAM for better performance. Before you upgrade RAM, you should know some important points.

How to upgrade RAM

What is Meant by Upgrading RAM?

When you will buy your PC, there must be at least one RAM which is set on a slot in the motherboard. But according to your works, you may need more or better RAM that will increase your PC’s performance. More RAM will give you the opportunity to work with multiple application at a time. Your PC’s working speed depends on your RAM size and speed. To improve your PC’s performance you may need to add new RAM or change the old one. This is called upgrading RAM.

You can upgrade your PC or Laptop’s RAM anytime. But you cannot add more RAM to your smartphone. Smartphone’s RAM is permanent. This can only be changed by the manufacturers. But you can easily upgrade your PC/ Laptop’s RAM yourself.

Why is it needed to upgrade RAM

If your PC is old, your hardware like RAM will not give the same performance as it given when it was new. But RAM performance is important for PC’s performance. So you need to upgrade your RAM if your PC is too old. Again more RAM means more task at a time. If you need to work with more application, you should have more RAM space to run multiple applications smoothly.

New soft-wares, games frequently need more RAM space. To run them properly you need to have more RAM space. Again latest OS, i.e. Windows 10 need more than 1.5 GB of free RAM space in total. So to use your PC smoothly, you may need to upgrade your RAM.

When to Upgrade RAM

If you find that, your available RAM space is below 35-30% after you start your OS, you must upgrade your RAM. 30% available space means you have very low free RAM space to run an application. If you start an application, there might be no space to open another one. This situation will make your PC slower.

Again if your OS doesn’t open after switching on your PC, there may be some problem with your RAM Memory. Then you should change your RAM. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your PC because your OS cannot load without any RAM.

How to upgrade

You can upgrade your RAM in two ways. By buying a new RAM and another one is without buying! Both are described below:

 1. Without spending Money:

you can increase your RAM size by adding Virtual Memory. Follow these steps: 

  1. Right-click on ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’ (Windows 10) and then select ‘Properties’.
  2. Click on ‘Advance system setting’.
  3. A new window will open and select ‘Advanced’ tab. Click ‘Settings’ for Performance options.
    Increase virtual memory
  4. Another new window will open. Under ‘Advanced’ tab click ‘Change…’ for Virtual Memory option.
    Upgrade virtual memory
  5. Another dialogue box will open named Virtual Memory. On the ‘Custom size’ option set ‘Initial size’ and ‘Maximum size’ as your Virtual Memory.
set custom size of Virtual memory

Many times people talk about downloading RAM online which is not effective at all.

2. By purchasing:

  • The best way of upgrading RAM is to buy a new one and installed it on your PC or Laptop. But before adding a new RAM you should check some factors. After purchasing a new RAM set it on the blank slot of your motherboard.

Points to check before buying a RAM

Before purchasing your RAM, you should check some points. First of all, you have to check whether you have any blank slot or not. Normally there are 2 RAM slots on every motherboard (PC and Laptop). If you already have 2 RAM, It’s better to change one of your RAM rather add another one. Some modern motherboard has 4 or more RAM slots.

Every RAM type will not be supported by your CPU. So you should buy those type of RAM which is supported by your CPU. RAM frequency and speed should also be considered. If your CPU supports DDR 3 RAM, you will not be able to use DDR 4 RAM. You can easily know your supported Ram type from ‘My Computer’ > ‘Properties’ or from the Task Manager.

Again if you are a normal user you should not buy a 16 or 32 GB RAM because it will be just a waste of money. More RAM will not make your PC faster for individual applications.

How to install new RAM

After buying new RAM, you need to install it on your motherboard. First of all, switched off your PC and unplugged the power line from the wall socket. Then open your CPU’s case. Be aware that you are grounded because static charge may harm electronics elements. If you want to change, replace the old RAM then open it carefully from the slot. Otherwise, follow next steps.

Carefully open the new RAM packet and hold it. Then set it in the blank RAM slot. Check again that it is set perfectly. Then close CPU case. Switched on your PC and you will find that your available RAM Memory is increased.

Which problems you will face if you do not upgrade your RAM

RAM is a must needed hardware for your PC. Without it, you will not be able to use your PC. Less RAM will make your PC slower. If you are a normal user, you may not face many problems. But if you frequently use big software like Photoshop or Mat lab etc. you need to have more and should upgrade RAM memory to use these smoothly. Because you cannot use this if you have less RAM.

If you like to play high graphics games, you cannot play these because almost most high-end games required much RAM space. If you work on a workstation, you will face trouble. You will not able to use your application properly. Even that may crash your system. So to work properly or to use your device smoothly you must upgrade your RAM when it is needed.

How much size and speed of RAM is best for you

There are many types and categories of RAM available. DDR SDRAM is widely used because it is less expensive and good for normal users. Your RAM type is dependent on your motherboard. Because a motherboard will not support every type of RAM.

You can select RAM size according to your needs. If you are a normal user 4 GB RAM will be enough for you. But if you are a high-end gamer then you may need 8 GB RAM or more. If you use your PC for a big engineering firm or workstation you may need 16 GB or up to 32 GB RAM to work smoothly.

Why speed of RAM is important

The processor can’t collect data and information directly from secondary storage like a Hard disk or CD-RW. Because their speed is too slow than processors. RAM collects data from secondary storage and provides them with the processor or Cache Memory. RAM speed is higher than secondary storage’s speed.

RAM speed is important because if RAM speed is low, then it will transfer data and information slowly to the processor. Then processor can’t get information timely. So that processor’s performance will be decreased and your PC will be slower. That’s why the speed of RAM is also important.

RAM vs Speed

RAM speed depends on its type and category. As an example, DDR 2 RAM has a speed of 800 MHz where DDR 4 has 3200 MHz clock speed. RAM speed is also important for its performance because it refers to how fast RAM can transfer data and information to and from the CPU.

How to speed up your RAM

Speed up of RAM has two meaning. First one is overclocking your RAM and the second one is cleaning RAM so that your RAM can process faster.

  • Overclocking means to increase the clock speed of your RAM. Suppose you have a RAM of 1600 MHz clock speed. You can increase this clock speed by using some software and tools as an example CPU-Z. It will make your RAM fast to transfer data and information to the CPU at a fast rate. Though it is harmful to your RAM.
  • You can boost your RAM using some RAM boosting application i.e. RAMBooster. This application cleans unnecessary cached data and makes free space of your RAM. So available RAM space will increase and you can use your RAM at its full speed.
  • You can manually clean your memory. Right click on Start Menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). Then there will open a black window. Type “ipconfig /flushdns”. If this command succeeds, your PC deleted Cached data and speed up your RAM.
How to upgrade RAM
  • Another trick is using Notepad. At first open a new Notepad and type “FreeMem=Space(204800000)” {it is if your RAM size is 2 GB, if you have 4 RAM then type 409600000}. Save this file on the desktop with ‘.vbs’ extension.How to upgrade RAM using notepad
    Then open another Notepad file and type “mystring=(80000000)”. Save it also with ‘.vbs’ extension but in a different Then open the two .vbs file at the same time. Your RAM is optimized!
How to upgrade RAM using notepade 2

Summing up

To have a good working PC, you should have a good working RAM. If you need, you must upgrade RAM as soon as possible. Because your PC’s performance is proportional to your RAM performance.

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