[Fixed] Nvidia Display Settings Are Not Available || You Are Not Using a Display Attached to an Nvidia GPU

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Nvidia display settings not available is an error that can show up on any computer using an Nvidia GPU. It is a fairly common problem with a few fairly easy steps to the solution.

Nvidia Display Settings Are Not Available

How to Solve ‘Nvidia Display Settings Are Not Available’

Before we start tinkering with software to fix the problem, we need to check the actual GPU. Open your CPU case and check if the GPU is plugged in properly or not. You can try to unplug and then replug the GPU to make sure it is plugged in properly. But just checking will be good enough too.

If the GPU is plugged properly and it still shows you the same error message, then we have two more things we can try out.

Update your GPU Driver

Sometimes older driver does not support the newer model of GPU. But even if you don’t have the latest model, it is good practice to keep your GPU driver up to date. Not getting proper updates can sometimes cause the ‘You are Not Currently Using an Nvidia GPU Attached to a Display’ error.

Installing Geforce Exprience

Updating an Nvidia driver is very easy. Go to google and search “Geforce Experience”

This will take you to Nvidia’s official website. From there you can download and install GeForce Experience.

Checking and Updating Driver

Now that you have Geforce Experience installed, go to your GeForce experience application. Here you will need to log in to their site. If you don’t have an account then you can simply choose the sign up with Gmail option.

From the Geforce experience window, go to the “Drivers” and then click on the “Check for updates” button. This will run a check to see if your driver is up to date or not. If it is not up to date then it will show a download option for the newer version.

You have to click the “Download” button and wait till it finishes the download. Then click “Express Install” to install the new driver. 

Now check if you still get the error or not. If the error still shows up follow the next step.

Disable & Re-enable Device

Here we will disable and re-enable the GPU to essentially restart it. For this, first press the Windows key and search “Device Manager” on there.

Now press enter to open device manager. From there, double-click on the display adapter option to open up all the display adapters that your computer is attached to. 

After that, right-click on the model of your GPU and click on the properties.

This will open a new properties window. From there, first, click on the driver on the top bar. Then click the “Disable Device” button.

This will disable the GPU and change the same button to “Enable Device”. Click the “Enable Device” button to enable it again. This should fix the problem you are facing.


“Nvidia display settings are not available” seems like a big error. So it can often cause panic. But the solution is extremely easy. With a bit of knowledge and by following these steps you can solve the problem without any sweat.

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