Plan Instagram Feed to Convert your Visitors into Followers

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Instagram is an escalating social media platform that has billions of users. This free platform is the second most used application for sharing photos and videos after Facebook. 

Instagram is emerging as a popular way to connect with influencers, celebrities, brands, leaders, family & friends. 

This excellent app has a wide array of features apart from just uploading photos & videos such as; Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, live sessions, and buying or selling products. 

Though Instagram is simple to use, it will take you a while to master some tricks to make your feed on Instagram an attractive one. 

Here, in this article, we will be telling you what an Instagram feed is, how it works, and how to plan an Instagram feed to convert visitors into followers. 

So, without wasting a minute further, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this article.

Plan Instagram Feed to Convert your Visitors into Followers

What Is an Instagram Feed?

Instagram Feed is the main profile page of your account where you can post photos, videos, or anything you care about. 

Your Instagram followers can connect with you through the posts or the hashtags you used along with your posts on your feed. 

Are you wondering how someone can connect through hashtags? Hashtags are a great way to get discovered by newer audiences, as they will display interactive hashtags used in the posts in the feed of other people who follow a similar kind of content.   

If you are an influencer or running a business account, then for converting Instagram visitors into followers, you need to plan your Instagram feed like a pro.

How does Insta Feed work?

Feeds on Instagram work according to the Instagram algorithm, i.e., photos & the videos you care about or view the most will appear on top of your Instagram feed. 

In addition to that, you can also watch the feed of people you follow or who have a private account by directly going on their Instagram account. 

Instagram also suggests you have some accounts relevant to your interest or follow some of your followers. 

But, what would you do if those recommended accounts were private? How will you watch their feed-on Instagram? 

No, worries here in this article, we will be telling you about two excellent tools or software, i.e., IGLookup and InstaLooker, that will help you view the feed of a private Instagram account.

IGLookup is a simple to use 100% free, safe and secure online tool that allows you to view any private Instagram profile without following the person or being noticed by them. 

This tool is hassle-free and easy to operate and assists you in spying on a private account without any challenges or trouble. For using this tool, you also need not download anything. 

Instead, you need to click on, which will land on a web page. After reaching, you have to click on the ‘Spy Now‘ option on the screen. 

Then, enter the name of the ID whose Instagram feed you want to explore and then click on ‘Access Profile‘ in the green to view the results.

InstaLooker is another very famous private Instagram viewer tool that offers you access to view the feed of a private Instagram account’s feed in the blink of an eye. 

Through this safe, secured, hassle-free, legal, and easy-to-use tool, you can spy on any Instagram account within minutes, that too without downloading any software. 

You can click on to reach the webpage of this fantastic tool. Click on the ‘Spy Now‘ option in the middle of the screen. 

And type the username you want to spy upon in the box and then click on the ‘Start Viewer‘ option in the middle of the screen. Wait for a couple of minutes to see the results on the net.

How to Plan Instagram Feed?

Are you a social media influencer or run any business on Instagram? We don’t know whether your answer to this question is yes or no. 

But what we know is whether you are an influencer or run a business account, you have to make efforts to convert your Instagram visitors into Instagram followers by keeping them engaged through an attractive and planned Instagram feed. 

Follow some of the tips given below, which will help you to plan your feed on Instagram –

  • First things first, decide how your feed is going to be. Keep your personal and professional Instagram accounts separate, and then plan your content strategically. Mention clearly in the bio section what your profile will offer your Instagram followers & viewers, and then stick to that topic throughout. 
  • After choosing the theme of your Instagram account, you need to select an attractive layout for your posts. A structure is necessary to make your work look organized and appealing. But, before choosing the types of feed layout for your content, you have to decide whether you would fill your feed with photographs or disperse them with texts. 
  • After deciding on the layout, choose Instagram aesthetic to make your content look more uniform and appealing. For determining what type of aesthetics to put on, you can take ideas by scrolling through the Instagram feeds of your favourite influencers. It should go well with your content, dark or moody, bright or airy, whatever you choose. 
  • Posting better quality pictures in your posts will give your feed on Instagram a more appealing effect. For that, you should either take photos in daylight or studio light. As such, images have more details, and the colours make them look more natural and aesthetic. Also, add an engaging caption and trendy hashtags to add a touch of personal feelings to the picture. 
  • To make your Instagram look pretty, plan your Instagram feed in a way that looks colour-coordinated. Either you adopt a designated colour palette according to the theme of your content or try adding a splash of every colour. For getting ideas about what will look best in your feed, you can search the same on Pinterest or spy on profiles of other influencers to get an idea.
  • Being consistent and regular posting is essential for an influencer. But are you in a dilemma about what to post daily to keep your Instagram followers engaged? Well, for that, you should pick 5-6 six content pillars or the verticals of content that you will post on your feed and repeat the same in a cycle. Content pillars may include; selfies, flowers, flat lays, food, urban, text, or anything related to your theme. 
  • Suppose you do not have time and energy for thinking and presenting individual posts with attractive captions, hashtags, layouts, and the other creative stuff. Then, no worries, some amazing Instagram feed planning apps will take your burden and provide you with well-planned and systematic content well ahead of time. Some of the top-rated feed planning applications are; Planoly, UNUM, Preview, Plann, Adobe Spark Post, and Visual Instagram Planner.  


In the above article, we have tried to provide you with the best possible insights about what an Instagram feed is and how to plan it in a way as to convert Instagram visitors into followers. 

Suppose our article motivates you to revamp your old feed on Instagram and convert it into a visually attractive meal to gain more Instagram followers. 

Then don’t worry. You can still do it by deleting or archiving old posts and updating them with posts according to the planning points mentioned above.

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