SD vs HD Resolution: What to Choose?

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If you are creating a video project, you’ll be presented with two options while rendering. One is SD and the other is HD (sometimes even QHD). So, what are these and more importantly, which one to choose?

Well, SD stands for standard definition, which is 480p and below. HD or high definition on the other hand is 720p and above. Continue reading below to find out more about SD and HD, as well as which one you should choose.

SD vs HD Resolution

SD vs HD Resolution

With resolution, you will see every detail of your picture. It is measured in PPI that means pixel per inch. Resolution is the fineness of detail in an image & is measured in pixel per inch. The more the resolution, the better the quality of video or image will be. The high resolution of a video or image makes it realistic & natural. There are different resolutions. The resolution is in PPI. Here PPI indicates pixel per inch. Many of you consider the pixel dimension as resolution. But they are not the same.

ResolutionAspect RatioPixelsDisplay TypePicture Quality
SD (Standard Definition)4:3 or 16:9720×480 (NTSC) or 720×576 (PAL)CRT, older TVs, DVDLower quality, less sharp, smaller screen size
HD (High Definition)16:91280×720 (720p) or 1920×1080 (1080p)LCD, Plasma, LED, Blu-rayHigher quality, more detail, larger screen size

What is SD Resolution

The full form of SD resolution is Standard Definition resolution. Here the video quality is less fine than HD quality video.

What is HD Resolution 

HD refers to High Definition. The image of HD resolution is sharper than the SD resolution image.

HD resolution is high definition quality resolution. The resolution refers to a pixel height of either 720. The fineness of the detail of a frame is more than that of a standard definition resolution but less than of a 4K image.

SD vs HD Quality

You will get a good quality, more detailed image or video for HD RESOLUTION. But In the case of SD, the fineness of detail of an image will be lower.


 An HD image takes a lot of device’s space than an SD image. So you need to buy a higher capacity memory card.

Data Usage

For Streaming video in HD resolution, you will need more data than streaming video in SD resolution.SD resolution video consumes .7GB per hour, whether HD the data amount is .9 GB.


SD is the previous version of HD. So if you want to see an image more detailed realistic you should choose HD over SD. If you want a widescreen, you need to buy a television with HD resolution. On the other hand, for the full screen, you need to buy an SD resolution TV or monitor. In the case of the camera, you will get a sharp image with HD resolution. But you need to buy a high-quality and capacity memory card for picture storage. In the case of SD resolution, the scenario is different. Because you don’t need to bother much about storage space like SD.

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