[Fix] Snapchat Score Not Updating (100% Working)

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There is a possibility that you did not update the Snapchat application to the latest. Or the application is taking time to count the scores.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about your Snapchat score not updating. You just need to refresh and restart your Snapchat application, that’s all.

How to Fix Snapchat Score Not Updating

How to Fix ‘Snapchat Score Not Updating’

You have to do all the steps for updating snap scores like creating snaps, adding friends, and sharing snaps. Even if your Snapchat score is not updating, do not panic. You can easily fix the problem by following some remedies. 

  1. Check their official Twitter account if they have posted any notice about their problems in updating scores. If they have tweeted about it, you may know from it what you have to do.
  2. Sometimes, the application authority takes time to calculate your snap scores. You may have to wait around 7 days to get updated scores.
  3. If waiting does not help, you can try clearing your application’s cache files. Clearing your cache files can help your app to run smoothly.
  4. If your Snapchat does not have the latest update, update your application to update your scores in your account.
  5. Try to uninstall your Snapchat then reinstall it. You can also deactivate your account and re-activate it.
  6. Lastly, if none of the above methods works then you can contact the Snapchat authority at their help desk. You have to report your problem and they will fix it for you.




Can My Snap Score Go Down?

Typically, no way Snap scores will go down. This scenario means that you should not lose points.

However, glitches sometimes are reported where users complain that their Snapscores have declined. If your score drops, you may want to use the ‘Report a problem’ link on Snapchat to contact someone for help.


Adding to the different groups will not increase your Snapchat scores. The best way to increase your Snapscore is to add friends and send one-on-one Snaps.

If you are active and your friends are trying to accomplish the same thing you are, make a deal with them to Snap frequently. But, most importantly, check your profile whether the score is updating or not.

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