Tricks to Keep In Mind in Escape From Tarkov

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Escaping from the land of Tarkov usually seems difficult, but it’s not. The journey becomes easier once you learn the simple tricks that can turn the tides in your favor. The game combines survival challenges, adventure, and action to enthrall players. 

It allows you to learn it through the offline mode and also grab useful items by doing SCAV raids. So, if you play your card well, you can make it to the main extraction points or any of the alternatives all over the map. But how will you do all that? 

The first thing is to visit  for important tools to make the game simpler. Then apply all the tricks we have below while on Tarkov to make it out alive. 

Tricks to keep in mind in Escape from Tarkov

Amazing Tricks to Escape from Tarkov 

1. Don’t kill Other SCAVs

The first raids to join should always be the SCAV raids, especially if you’re a beginner and haven’t mastered the game. Playing as a Scavenger will help you grab useful items before entering the PMC raids. At least even if you die as a SCAV, your stuff will be safe to use in subsequent raids.

But one thing to avoid in this raid is killing other SCAVs. Once you do that, all of the others will start shooting at you. But if you don’t, you can hold hands with them and take down some PMCs for his items. All you need is to use the “Mumble feature” and tell them to follow you. 

2. Always Use a Decent Helmet and Armor

Protecting your character is very important in Escape from Tarkov. There’s no way you’ll complete the raids without suffering injuries. But the important thing is the part of the body injured. Even though the med kits in the game can restore your body parts such as the leg, stomach, and arms, they don’t cover the thorax or your head. That’s why you must use a good helmet and armor to protect those parts. 

Thankfully, both items are available in the game. But if you must use the best amongst them, make sure your cash is adequate. For instance, using a level 5 or 6 armor class will cost you a lot. However, the protection they bring is worth it. 

3. Upgrade Your Hideout Fast

Every player usually enjoys the comfort of a hideout for rest after raids. But the level of comfort depends on what you upgrade in your in-game home. One more thing, the hideout is where you will stay to heal if you were injured during the raids. It also serves as the storage location for all your items and where to prepare your next trips. 

This means that you must upgrade some things to enjoy these processes. So, upgrade the power generator, medical unit, resting space, Nutrition unit, and even the Intelligence unit as soon as you can. Also, you can upgrade the ventilation, heating, and bathroom. All these modules will improve the conditions of your home. 

4. Always Throw the Enemy off With Grenades 

This is a simple trick, but it works all the time. If you’re being pursued by several enemies and can’t outgun them, use your grenade to throw them off. All you will do is throw the grenade towards the left and run towards the right. The enemies will often think that the direction of the grenade is where you are at that point. This trick can buy you the time to run away. 

5. Use the Caps Lock to Regulate Your Speed

Here is another trick that can simplify certain things for you. If you want to slow down to the lowest level while walking or running, you can press the Caps lock. It also helps when you’re crouching or proning. But don’t use it while sprinting as it doesn’t work. After slowing down your movement for some time and wanting to resume your initial speed, press Caps lock again to reverse the action. 

6. Always Heal Stomach Injuries Fast

Once you’re hit in the game, the first important places to heal should be the head, thorax, and stomach. But the Surgical kits or the CMC don’t heal the thorax and head. So, the next place to heal faster is your stomach. 

Once your stomach is injured, you will starve and eventually die. Moreover, a wounded stomach quickens the dehydration process, which is also lethal. Once your body strength depletes, your skills will drop down until you heal thoroughly. So, make sure to heal your stomach fast to prevent unnecessary death. 


Escape from Trakov might seem so difficult, but it is not. Try to grab proven tools from pro programmers and also use the tricks we’ve shared above. By doing that, you can make it to the extraction points. Always make sure to wear a helmet and armor. Don’t forget to make your hideout comfortable and also heal your stomach to prevent starvation and dehydration. 

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