What is Turbo Boost Technology and How Can You Utilize It

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Turbo boost technology is one of the most astonishing features of your CPU. Since 2008, as an Intel trademark feature Turbo boost used in Core i5 and Core i7 series processor(s). You can use your PC at a high speed that can be more than your processor clock speed. Intel Turbo Boost technology allows your processor’s core to run at the maximum possible speed to run any specific task.

turbo boost technology

What is Turbo Boost Technology?

Turbo boost technology is an Intel invention that is used in their Core i5 and Core i7 series processors. This technology enables the processor’s core(s) to run faster to their maximum limit that is more than the configured limit. But this will be possible if the power supply and current are within the limit.

As an example, Intel 7th generation core i5 -7600T clock speed is 2.80 GHz. It is a quad-core processor. By Intel Turbo Boost technology its speed can be up to 3.7 GHz. Another 7th generation processor Intel Core i5 -7600K is also a quad-core processor and its speed is 3.80 GHz. But in the turbo boost technology, its speed increased up to 4.20 GHz.

Intel latest processor 7th generation Intel core i7 -7700 T is a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.9 GHz. But you can use it at max 3.8 GHz with Turbo Boost. Again another processor of the same generation Intel core i7 -7700 K is also a quad-core processor and its clock speed is 4.20 GHz. It has the ability to process at the maximum speed of 4.50 GHz by Turbo Boost technology.

How to Use Intel Turbo Boost

Normally manufacturers set a clock speed of your processor that is called configured processor speed. But processor core can perform at a higher speed. Turbo boost technology just lets them i.e. processor cores to perform at the actual maximum speed they can. Turbo boost technology depends on some factors. The current workload on the processor, available cores, processor temperature, and current or required power consumption by the CPU.

At first, the Intel turbo boost monitor the current condition and uses of your processor. Then it calculates how much processor speed can be increased to the maximum speed without any harmful effect. There is a term TDP that indicates the amount of maximum power processor needs to be used. This technology operates in 133 MHz increments and will check for the next increment.

Though it is tough to reach the maximum speed of a processor. Because it depends on many things. It is not guaranteed that the processor speed will increase up to its maximum clock speed. That’s why Intel advertises their processor by their base speed. As an example Intel core i5 750 base clock speed is 2.66 GHz and Intel advertises it at this speed. But this processor has a maximum speed of 3.2 GHz.

Make fast when needed

Sometimes you need to work with some applications or big software that need fast clock speed to run properly. In those cases, Intel Turbo Boost technology will be a great advantage for you. You just use turbo boost technology and make your PC faster to perform the specific tasks. It enables the all core to run at the full speed and then you can easily use big software and application.

As an example one of the most used software in MATLAB. MATLAB 2017 version needs about 3.2 GHz to run perfectly. The more speed you have you can use it more smoothly and in a short time. today’s game like GTA 5, FIFA 17, CRYSIS, FARCRY PRIMAL needs most processor core clock speed. If you are a professional gamer and want to play these game you may need to use Turbo Boost technology to run these games smoothly.


Overclocking is a setup or a configuration of your computer that also allows hardware components to operate faster than the original manufacturer speed. Its purpose is to gain extra performance from the hardware when it is needed. There are some advantages and disadvantages of overclocking. One advantage is obviously increasing the performance of your CPU and GPU. By overclocking your PC will force your processor and graphics card to perform more and more than the configured limit. This will help you at the time of the running game or use the complex and big software.

Does Turbo Boost Damage Your Processor?

You might think is the Turbo boost safe or not? There are both advantages and disadvantages of overclocking. It can reduce the lifespan of your hardware. You can overclock your hardware like CPU, GPU, motherboard, or RAM. But this process will send extra voltage to the components. That will gradually damage your motherboard and other parts as well. The additional heat will be produced that is also harmful to your PC.

Normally your PC cooling system and the fan are not capable to deal with the extra heat. So when CPU produced extra heat, it may crash your PC and will damage your component temporarily or permanently. So gamer and the heavy user use a special cooling system that uses water pipe and cold water. It runs on the processor and other component and receives the heat from the hardware. When the hot water pulls away from the extra heat and keeps them at the safe temperature.

Does not need manual control

Turbo boost technology does not need any manual control. It can perform its tasks automatically. Intel made the software and installed it as a built-in software. When you want to use the Turbo boost, it automatically observes the current condition of your PC and calculates how fast your processor core can perform at that moment. Then it automatically enables the processor core to perform at that speed. It also controls the power supply to the component.

Summing up

New software and application’s requirement of the processor speed is increasing gradually. Intel turbo boost technology can be a great solution for it. It will at the same time protect our PC to be damaged and will give us the opportunity to run the PC at the full speed when it is needed as well. Further development of this technology will make a processor for user-friendly.

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