5 Less Known yet Even More Useful Browser Extensions for Bloggers

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In today’s world, being a blogger is a dream job for many people. From what we see in social media and other resources, bloggers often get the perks that are not available at regular desk jobs.

They get to be their own bosses, can work from home or anywhere else. They also get to travel and do what they really love. Not to mention that this job can be paid very well.

While most people see only the benefits of this job, there are also many downsides to being a blogger. If we take a look behind the scenes, there will be plenty of bloggers struggling from day to day.

Tight deadlines, lack of inspiration, motivation, new, fresh ideas, and a constant fight with themselves – that’s what most bloggers face.

Luckily, today, there are plenty of tricks that can make a blogger’s life easier!

5 Less Known yet Even More Useful Browser Extensions for Bloggers

Becoming a Blogging Superhero: Top Browser Extensions to Use

While running a blog can be pretty fun, it can also be draining and a hella lot of work.

Writing a basic article, however easy it may seem, always takes lots of time and dedication, as there is much more to it than simply organizing thoughts in the text, right? Every piece of content entails thorough research, keyword analysis, brainstorm, etc.

Wondering how to cope with all your to-do’s more effectively? Sadly, there is no secret tip that would make all struggles go away in a blink of an eye.

However, there are certainly some handy tools that can give a significant boost to your productivity. Let’s go through some awesome browser extensions that you use your favourite web browser :


Proofreading and editing can be pretty time-consuming and overwhelming. However, this is something you can’t avoid doing as a blogger. What you can do is to install a smart extension that will ease your struggle!

We bet that you have heard a lot about Grammarly. Today, it is probably one of the most widely known editing tools. However, since we are speaking of less known, but even more useful tools, let us introduce Ginger!

Ginger is one of the tools widely used by professional writers (even academic ones who provide essay help), and it is definitely a must-have for everyone engaged in writing content.

This browser extension makes proofreading and polishing texts easy and smooth. It works just fine with most publishing platforms. Ginger easily handles all sorts of grammar and punctuation errors as well as typos and helps in bringing your writing to the next level.


Researching a topic is one of the biggest and most time-consuming steps to creating a new piece of content. Apart from taking too much time and energy, it can also be quite overwhelming. Often, this process slows down the work of your device because you have too many tabs open at the same time.

Opening too many tabs can harm your computer, but OneTab extension easily handles this problem. This tool can make you more productive and organized by taking care of memory issues and saving all the tabs you’ve opened as a list in a separate tab itself.


One of the most popular ways to monetize a blog today is to engage in affiliate marketing. The idea behind it is quite simple. All you need to do is find the right affiliate program, test different services, and items, and then recommend them to your readers. As a rule, you will get paid for clicks and/or purchases people make by your recommendation.

If you are not engaged in affiliate marketing yet, it is the right time to give it a try. And even if you already have decent experience in this field, Affilitizer will still come in handy!


One of the biggest downsides of being a self-employed blogger is the fact that organizing your own scope of work and schedule can be pretty hard. As a rule, having a job like this, people have to be their own bosses, which also means being harsh to yourself sometimes.

Procrastination and various distractions are the biggest enemies of productivity. So how to stay focused and avoid distractions?

Instead of punishing yourself each time you spend a few hours watching YouTube videos, not writing, just download StayFocusd extension, and you will never get distracted again!

As you could have already understood, this tool serves as a block for all kinds of distractions. It is fully customizable and allows you to define which platforms and resources you need to avoid and for how long.

SEO & Website Analysis

Do you know how effective your SEO is? Organic traffic matters a lot if you are running a blog as at least half of the readers find you through search.

5 Less Known yet Even More Useful Browser Extensions for Bloggers 1

Therefore, analyzing your strategy and improving it is vital for success. SEO & Website Analysis is the right browser extension to achieve this goal.

Wrapping Up

Being a blogger is a pleasing yet demanding occupation. Hopefully, our list of useful browser extensions will make this path easier and more comfortable for you.

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