What Does Clear Cache Do on Snapchat?

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As with any other mobile app, Snapchat keeps cache files, the data of previously loaded pages, in the device storage. Although it can cause a problem on smartphones with limited storage capacity, it reduces load time as the data gets saved locally. Clearing the cache means simply deleting this saved data.

So, when you clear cache on Snapchat, it gets rid of the information needed to reload the pages. As a result, the next time you try to visit the same page, Snapchat will take a second more to load it from scratch. However, the benefits of clearing cache on Snapchat include freeing up device storage while keeping your account settings and local files safe.

What Does Clear Cache Do on Snapchat

Why Does Snapchat Make Cache Files?

Almost every mobile or pc application saves a collection of files on your device to help the application run faster. And so does Snapchat. These stored files are known as cache files. Each time you load a particular page or data, it gets saved as a cache so that whenever you reload it, the app can fetch the data instantaneously.

Generally, Snapchat saves cache for almost every function and feature of the app you use the most. For example, Snapchat stores cache while using the Memories, Stories, Stickers, and Lens features to make the app load faster.

When you save a snap to your memories, Snapchat creates a cache of that snap and saves it as a cache file on your device. This whole caching process happens to load it up immediately whenever you need to view the snap on your device afterward. The same applies to lenses and other features.

Why Do You Need to Clear the Cache Files?

By using more and more features on Snapchat, you create more cache files on your device. Although this process is beneficial first, Snapchat’s cache appears as a storage-hog process. As a result, it slows down your device by occupying an awful amount of storage. 

Besides, each time you open the app, the cache gets loaded beforehand, making the processor work harder. So, when you are short on storage on your smartphone, clearing the cache may fix your problems.

What Does Clear Cache Do on Snapchat and What Happen?

When you clear cache on Snapchat, it deletes the background files that got saved without your knowledge. But this cleaning process does not erase the conversation from your Snapchat account. It also leaves the photos and videos from the deleting process.

As for benefits, it makes your device run smoothly when you clear Snapchat’s cache. Besides, it frees up your storage space as well.   

Does Clearing Cache Files Delete Your Snapchat Files?

When you clear the Snapchat cache, you command Snapchat to delete data or files automatically saved to your device. Snapchat saved the cache files in the background without your knowledge from your Stories, Memories, or Lenses. Once you click the clear cache button, these background files get deleted. 

However, clearing the Snapchat cache will not delete any data from your Snapchat account. Also, the photos or videos saved on your device’s gallery will still be there after clearing the cache. 

What happens to chats and saved messages?

Clearing cache on Snapchat only deletes the background files that would otherwise help Snapchat load faster. And it has nothing to do with your conversations, saved messages, and chats. So, all of that data will still stay intact and safe for future use.

Final Words

Saving cache files makes your app’s performance faster. Yet, while you are using Snapchat too much, this cache of files becomes a storage hog. So, if your device is running out of storage and slowing down, clearing the cache might be an effective solution. This process only erases the least important data while keeping your files and settings intact.

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