What Does FaceTime Unavailable Mean? | How to Fix it?

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FaceTime is a popular way to make a video call on iOS devices. FaceTime uses the internet instead of phone lines to connect with people. Though, FaceTime is a popular way for most iOS users to connect with others yet sometimes it (FaceTime) keeps failing by showing FaceTime unavailable text. So, what does FaceTime unavailable mean? What should you do, when you notice the FaceTime unavailable text on your iOS device? Let’s find that out.

what does facetime unavailable mean

Reasons of FaceTime Unavailable

It feels annoying when you are trying to connect through others by using FaceTime and continuously see the FaceTime unavailable text, isn’t it? FaceTime could be unavailable for several reasons like;

1. Countries and Regional Issues

Apple doesn’t allow FaceTime in some countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates. If you have bought your iOS device from one of these countries or trying to contact a device located in one of these countries, it is definite that you’ll find the unavailable text while calling through FaceTime. You can check out the availability from here.

2. Poor Networking and the Wrong Configurations

Poor network connection or wrong internet configuration could trigger the unavailable issue in FaceTime. If any of the iOS devices (your device, and the device you are trying to contact) have poor networking or internet misconfiguration issues, both of the devices will show the unavailable text while calling through FaceTime.

3. Switching Calls

FaceTime shows unavailable text when you try to switch calls while calling through it. The call switching option is unavailable in FaceTime, that’s the reason you face the unavailable text while calling through FaceTime.

Apart from the above-described reasons, the camera settings, do not disturb mode, unanswered calls for 10 rings could also be some more reasons to encounter unavailability while calling through FaceTime.

What to do When FaceTime is Unavailable?

When you notice the notification of FaceTime isn’t available, first make sure that you have an active internet connection (Cellular or Wi-Fi) in your iOS device. Then check the camera options (permissions, limitations, firewalls on computer device) of your iOS device. If these things are perfectly working, and you are still encountering the unavailability issue with FaceTime in your iOS device, check and follow these things described below;

1. Checking the Configuration

Check the FaceTime configuration of your iOS device to see if it is configured properly. If it is not properly configured, you have to configure it. Go to the settings option of your iOS device and check whether FaceTime is enabled or disabled. Enable it if it is disabled.

2. Restarting the Device

Sometimes, a minor issue with your iOS device could trigger the unavailability issue of FaceTime. If the unavailability issue causes one of the minor issues, a simple restart could resolve the unavailability issue.

3. Resetting the Network

A slight change in your network settings could lead you to face the unavailability issue in FaceTime. In this case, first, you can switch the internet connection to see if the connection switch could help you to resolve the unavailability issue of FaceTime on your iOS device. If switching doesn’t resolve the unavailability issue of FaceTime, reset your Network Settings by following these steps;

Step-1; Go to the Settings option of your iOS device and open the General settings. From the General Settings option, tap on the Reset option.

Step-2; After tapping on the Reset option, tap on the Reset Network Settings. You will have a confirmation message; tap confirms on that. Now, your iOS device will be rebooted.

Check if resetting the networking has fixed the unavailability issue of FaceTime.

4. Using an iOS System Recovery Tool

To resolve the unavailability issue while calling through FaceTime on an iOS device, you can use an iOS recovery tool. These recovery tools can identify the issue and help you to resolve them, including the unavailability issue of FaceTime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does FaceTime Unavailable Means Block?

Not exactly, unavailability of FaceTime occurs whenever you are unable to connect with the other person. Even when the person with whom you are trying to connect through FaceTime has blocked you.

What Causes Call Drop on FaceTime?

Internet connection issues cause call drop on FaceTime. If you are facing calls dropping issues continuously on FaceTime, you should check the internet connection.

Why is FaceTime being Unavailable in Some Countries?

In some countries, Apple made FaceTime unavailable because the term and conditions followed by Apple are conflictual with these countries’ laws.

Finishing Lines

After reading the short article, you already know about the FaceTime issue of unavailability and the methods to resolve it. Remember to check do not disturb mode while calling through FaceTime on your iOS device. That’s all for today, have a good day.

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