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Who doesn’t love an amazing slow-motion scene in a movie or a speedy time-lapse? The main factor behind all these kinds of scenes is Frame per Second or FPS.

What is Frame per Second

What is Frame Rate or FPS?

The videos we watch are a continuation of still pictures. Do you remember the flipbook? In that book, each page contained one picture. We flipped through the book, and the book made an animation with all the still images. Every single page of the flipbook is called a frame.

That is how videos work. The series of images make a video. FPS or Frame per second is how fast you flip through the book. The number of images you watch in a second is called Frames per second. If the video is 24fps, that means it shows 24 still pictures in a second.

What is the FPS Rate for Human Eyes?

According to experts, the human eyes frame rate is between 30 to 60fps. That means our eyes cannot process more than 60 images in a second.

If you compare a 60 fps and a 120 fps video, you can not notice the difference, although the FPS is twice because our eyes can not process so many images at a time. But comparing 24 and 60 fps videos, you will notice a significant difference.

Different Kinds of Frame Per Second

24 fps: Most of the videos we watch on the web or tv are recorded in 24 fps.

  • The standard for any feature film.
  • Most of the TVs are in 24fps.
  • We get the most cinematic view.

30 fps: 

  • The standard for live shows and sports.
  • Most of the app used on mobile phones records 30fps.

60 fps: The video, which will be edited in slow-motion, is recorded on 60 fps.

  • The higher frame rate is suitable for making a slow motion.
  • But the video will be reduced to 24 or 30 fps in the editing.
  • If the video is recorded in 24 or 30fps, it will not be smooth after post-processing.

Why is FPS Important?

Our viewing experience depends on the frame rate. Different frame rates give us a different experience. The typical Hollywood movies are around 24 fps because it is close to the frame rate of human eyes. It gives us a realistic experience of the scene.

What is FPS

On the other hand, live sports or video games are shown in a higher frame per second. Because in these cases lot is going on at a time. A higher frame rate keeps it smooth so that we don’t miss anything.

For Gifs, the makers choose a lower frame rate to make it small in size. But to do so, they sacrifice the quality of the video.

What is the Best Frame Rate for Videos?

You can not define the best frame rate. Different FPS shows us different kinds of scenes, such as slow-motion, fast-forward, time-lapse, etc. It gives us a different perspective of a video. For example, if we want to see a realistic scene, we should choose the frame rate very close to the rate of human eyes. To know what frame interpolation means, click here.

We should remember that a higher rate doesn’t mean a higher quality of the video. The video quality can be 1080p or 720p. But higher frame rates give you a smoother video experience. If the video is in a higher rate, the video will be slowed down, and every movement will be noticeable easily.

Why is Frame Per Second Important For Gaming?

Frame per second is a significant factor for a PC gamer. Also, there are many heavy games for mobile; also, Frame per second is vital. For a professional gamer maintaining a higher fps is a must. Otherwise, you will face unnecessary glitches. So, choosing the best graphics settings is very important in terms of gaming. Also, you must have a powerful dedicated graphics card for that. Because an integrated graphics card is not that powerful.

At a low rate, you will face laggy video. You will have less time to react. Also, the reaction time of the game server will be more such as gunfire. Since the game is laggy, the gunfires will take more time than usual.

While streaming your game, if your monitor cannot cope with the game’s graphics, it will duplicate the same Frame. It will result in slow visuals on display.

The target FPS for a gamer is 30 FPS or above. But you should play heavy games in around 60 fps. In the case of 30 fps, you will face inevitable glitches in the extreme situation of the game. That will affect your gameplay. At the same time, your opponent with a higher rate will experience smoother gameplay and leave you in the dust.

That is not the same case for a light gamer. The game should run smoothly with a frame rate of around 30fps. But if you are challenging for a higher league, a minor glitch can ruin your entire effort.


So, as we now know, the frame rate is an essential factor for a gamer and videos. For gamers, a high rate is a must. Nowadays, most mobile phones launching have a higher FPS display. So, we can now choose the frame rate we want for our gameplay or video.

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