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The term ‘website’ is more common to mass people than ‘web portal’. While both the web portal and website fall under the broad category of the web platform, a web portal has some special features and it provides some extra benefits to the users. Before jumping into the web portal vs website phenomenon, we need to have a clear idea about what is a web portal, its features, and its usability that set us apart from other web platforms.

What is Web Portal

What is Web Portal?

The web portal is one kind of website that gathers information from different sources and shows it to the users in a convenient order to enhance the visitors’ overall experience and to benefit them in the easiest way possible. Web portals range from governmental activities to education as well as corporate office platforms. All the web portals target to reach their specific members and try to fulfill their demand.

A web portal designed for a corporate office is enriched with vast data and information regarding different sections into one platform. So, as a member of that web portal, you will be able to find financial reports, customer handling, sales growth, demand prediction, production wastages, etc. – all from different departments but in one platform.

What is Web Portal

Web portals contain search engines, categories, customers support, and all in all, integrated data accessible to the visitors. If you are a member of a web portal that is well designed, you will get the benefits of customization and the information you are looking for in the easiest way. Consistent data access is another special advantage of using the web portal.

Different Types of Web Portals

Web portals can take different shapes and looks. On one hand, you have to consider to what extent a particular web portal tries to reach; on the other hand, which kind of organization is building a web portal. Considering all these factors, several types of web portals exist in the web world. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Government Portals: With the need of informing the people about the activities of the government, these types of portals immerged. Various departments of the govt. can possess their individual portals.

2. Search Portals: In modern times, search engines and search portals like Yahoo and Google are considered our best friends. You can easily retrieve information that needs to know.

3. Horizontal Portals: These portals are developed targeting a specific organization, industry, or corporate office. Hence, the targeted users are limited.

4. Vertical Portals: These portals are generic and target mass people without being specific to a certain section.

5. Online Marketplace Portals: Online business has grown to another level in recent times. Online markets like Amazon or eBay offer their customers many products displayed in a convenient web portal.

Web Portal vs Web Site

Don’t mess with the web portal vs website- these are not the same although many think them alike. All web portals are web site but all websites are not web portals. Let me clarify this idea.

Web Portal vs Web Site

The web portal is a website that collects uniform and integrated data flow to show to its users. On the other hand, the website is a simple web page that is used to represent only one piece of information. So, all websites cannot be regarded as web portals.

All the visitors see the same thing on a website. But in the case of web portals, there are two distinct web pages available. The members of the web portal and the masses people won’t view the same thing on a web portal. Customized web pages are only available to the members.

You need login credentials to enter a web portal in case you want to view the full scale of that portal. But you do not need any username or password to visit the full pages of a simple website

There is little or no customization feature in web site which is in fact, fully available in web portals.


Many face difficulty in deciding whether to design a website or a web platform for their business. At first, you need to look at your requirements and your project scale. For a bigger business project, the web portal is more useful than any other web solution to integrate several departments, many customers, and different employees into one platform.

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