Why Cheat Engine Speedhack Not Working?

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Not all games support Cheat Engine’s most popular hack, the speed hack. And if you are talking about some online multiplayer competitive game, the anti-Cheat Engine might be working to prevent the gamers from using hacks and ruining the environment for the other gamers.

Apart from that, if your game does not contain any anti-Cheat Engine, maybe your G-sync, V-sync, or FPS (Frame Per Second) limiter is on. Turn these off and see if that works or not. To know more about why the Cheat Engine speed hack not working, keep digging further.

Why Cheat Engine Speedhack Not Working

Why Does the Cheat Engine Speedhack Not Working

Cheat Engine works more like memory scanning software on your PC. With this tool, you can get your hands on the data that is stored on your PC. And when it is required, you can change or manipulate those data and thereby bring change to any software or game.

Mostly Cheat Engine is used to manipulate or cheat in video games that make you less vulnerable than your teammates or opponents. And by changing and manipulating the game data, you can change the game information and basic mechanisms like Ammo, health, game speed, scores, and numerous other things.

Although that might not be quite appreciated among the gaming community. But that does not stop you from flexing a bit or having a fun time. One of the most popular Cheat Engine hacks is the speed hack that makes your character super faster or you can say decreases the overall game speed.

Anti-Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is out there for years now. And for years, the games have been manipulated by hackers and for some people, that is just ruining the gaming environment. And that mostly happens with online games.

For games like Minecraft or Roblox, using speed hacks or Cheat engines might not be that annoying or problematic to the gaming society. But in the more competitive games like the Counter-Strike Global Offensive or Valorant, cheating is considered to be more than a crime.

As excessive cheating of any kind ruins the gaming environment, the gamers or community starts leaving the gaming and switching to another one which is either a new one or has fewer players or you can say fewer hackers. 

To tackle such a situation, the developers have now introduced an anti-Cheat Engine that prevents you from using such hacks for your gaming advantage. So if your PC has any cheats active or founds Cheat Engine on your PC, the anti-Cheat Engine will find it out and hence ban your account from the game.

With that being said, not all games have the anti-Cheat Engine. And not all anti-Cheat Engine is capable to track your particular hack. Therefore you might be able to use some hacks in that game before the anti-Cheat Engine gets updated and find the new cheats that you are using right now.

How Do I Solve the Anti-Cheat Engin Problem

Let’s discuss what we can do about it.

  1. Turn off the V-sync, G-sync, or any kind of FPS limiter.
  2. Do not limit the FPS from the settings and set that to AUTO.
  3. Run the games on window mode
  4. Sometimes if the speed increase or decrease is not much, it does not work. In that case, change the speed to a longer range and see if that works.
  5. If this does not work, try reinstalling the Cheat Engine.

How Does Speedhack Work Cheat Engine

With speed hack on Cheat Engine, you can simply increase or decrease the game speed. Also, you can increase the speed of your character leaving all the other characters or elements’ speeds just the same. On the other hand, if you want to slow down your character a bit that is also possible.

Just specify on Cheat Engine how much you want to increase or decrease the speed. Cheat Engine will modify the information for you. However, speed hacking does not work with only video games. Any software that has a clock ticking there, can be compatible with a speed hack on Cheat Engine. 

Why Does Cheat Engine Not Work on Some Games

There was a time when almost all the games were compatible with Cheat Engines. But now that more and more games are getting competitive. And people are now leaning towards online multiplayer competitive games more. As result, the developers are focusing more on the anti-Cheat Engine to keep the hackers out of it.

So in case, your game has an anti-Cheat Engine activated whenever you get into the game, you will not be able to use the Cheat Engine. And even if you succeed to do it anyhow, your account might get banned. With that being said, some anti-Cheat Engine is not strong or updated enough to catch your little hack. 

How Do I Enable the Cheat Engine Script

To enable the Cheat Engine script or table follow the steps mentioned down below:

  1. Download the script or table from the source.
  2. Now copy the script to the CE folder.
  3. Once the copying is complete, run the Cheat Engine.
  4. Now get into the game
  5. Press ALT + TAB and from Cheat Engine, choose your desired game which can be found on the process list.
  6. There Cheat Engine will ask if you want to activate or load that particular script or not. Click yes to go forward
  7. Now that the table or script is loaded, press ALT+TAB to go back to the game and enjoy.

Can You Get Caught Using Cheat Engine

There are two types of Cheat Engine speed hacks. In the old method, the software or the games run in a high-priority thread. Then it uses timed sleeping to control the speed of the application. An emulated timer is given to speed up the game when a function is called.

On the newer method of speed hack, a speed DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is injected into the game that modifies the speed for you. However, in both methods, you can get caught in the online multiplayer game. Because every couple of seconds, the game may send a packet that can prevent you from using any hack. Also, the injected DLL can be tracked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cheat Engine malware?

Not necessarily. Gaming mods or the Cheat Engine are not malware. But now that more and more mods and Cheat Engines and codes are being developed, you will never know which one contains malware. These mods and Cheat Engines are now the key sources of malware.

Does Cheat Engine increase download speed?

Cheat Engine does not have anything to do with your internet speed or the download speed. So it will not increase the download speed, nor it will reduce it.


Cheat Engines might not be welcomed in all of the community. But still, in some games, Cheat Engine makes your journey easier. Now that you know why to Cheat Engine speed hack not working, you can either go re-install the Cheat Engine and start from the bottom again. If it still does not work, you will have to go with the default settings.

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