Why Do Gaming PCs Have Lights? | Is the RGB light Necessary for Gaming Computers?

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You may’ve noticed that maximum gaming components and gaming PCs come with RGB lights. And naturally, the question may come to your mind why is there a light on the gaming PC? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Gaming PCs use lights because they make them look charming and create special effects for gaming. Also, the lights on PC components help find them easily while playing in darker rooms.

In this article, we are going to explain all the reasons why gaming PCs have lights and what are their benefits or drawbacks. So, without any further talk, let’s explore below.

Why Do Gaming PCs Have Lights

Reasons Why Gaming PCs Use RGB Lights

There are several reasons why Gaming PCs use lights. Here are the most common reasons:

  1. Sign of Traditional Gaming PC
  2. For Classy Outlook.
  3. Makes Playing in Dark Easier
  4. Enhances Focus in Game
  5. Makes Mood for Gaming

Let’s elaborate below.

1. Sign of Traditional Gaming PC

There are basically two types of PCs common in the market – gaming PCs and normal PCs. When we see a PC with lights, we instantly assume it is not an ordinary PC, or it must have something uncommon in it.

This is because the RGB lights make them exceptional from other common PCs. It is kind of a tradition to add RGB lights on gaming PCs. Just like the music played in gyms.

Again, most professional gamers decorate their rooms with RGB lights to make the gaming room aesthetic. They install custom RGB lights on their PCs previously. To help gamers, gaming PC comes with RGB installed from the factory nowadays.

2. For Classy Outlook

The lights on gaming PCs make them look super cool. As gaming components come with RGB lights, the PC also can get emerged with them easily and makes a complete gaming setup.

To provide a classy feel, lighting up the gaming PCs is the most effective way.

3. Makes Playing in Dark Easier

Gamers like to play in the darker room which is recommended as the best gaming environment as gamers can focus better when the light is dim. But if there are no lights on gaming PCs or gaming consoles, then gamers will have to face many difficulties such as finding keys on their keyboard.

Pressing the wrong key can change the direction of a game and having lights on keyboards can make a huge difference. Similarly, lights on gaming PC also help games operate the PC easily.  In this case, lights on gaming PCs are actually essential.

4. Enhance Focus in Game

Playing in a completely dark room put massive pressure on the eyes. But if there is dim light around, this problem can be noticeably reduced. The lights on gaming PC help gamers focus on the game more effectively.

Again, LED lights on gaming PCs come in various patterns that immerse games in a diverse world and help them as focused as possible.

5. Makes Mood for Gaming

It is scientifically proven that gamers can perform better if they are in a gaming mood or gaming environment. The lights on gaming PCs can create an inviting, relaxing, and immersed gaming environment that automatically takes games into to gaming mood.

Again, the red effect of PC lights helps games stay alert while the other pattern of light can make the gamer feel like he’s inside his gaming world. For example, the pattern of light on a gaming PC can spread out while shooting in games.

Pros and Cons of Using Lights on Gaming PCs

Now, let’s see if there are any advantages or drawbacks of using light on gaming PCs or not.

Advantages of Lights on Gaming PCs

A gamer can find lots of advantages from the lights that come with gaming PCs. Here are they:

  1. Suits Gaming Culture: Gaming components such as keyboard, mouse, console, headset, mic, etc. come with RGB lights, and the lights on gaming PCs emerge with all the other components to match the gaming culture. It makes a good mood for gaming also.
  2. Increase Beauty: Gaming rooms need to be decorative and lights are the best component to decorate a room. As gamers decorate their room with lots of RGB lights, gaming PCs use RGB lights to add more value to the gaming decoration.
  3. Increase Concentration: Lights on gaming PCs help gamers concentrate on the game efficiently. It also helps them avoid distractions and makes them alert.

Drawbacks of Lights on Gaming PCs

As there are two sides to each coin, there are some drawbacks to having lights on gaming PCs too. Here are the 2 drawbacks of having lights on gaming PCs:

  1. Harmful for Eyes: The lights on gaming PCs look more glamorous in darker rooms. Although lights on gaming PC help decrease the darkness of a gaming room, aren’t efficient for the eyes. Gaming in a dark room with lower lights for the long term is injurious to the eyes.
  2. Affects Sleep: Blue light from gaming PCs negatively affects gamers’ circadian rhythms, leading to insomnia.

Our Verdict: Are Lights on Gaming PCs Worth It?

The design of gaming PCs is always artistic and the lights make them more aesthetic. Many think that the lights on gaming PCs are overrated but, in our opinion, lights on gaming PCs are actually worth it. The gaming PCs really do look pretty cool because of these lights. And considering the advantages and need of the lights on gaming PCs, it is always recommended for gamers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Lights?

Gaming keyboards have lights because gaming rooms are generally darker and the lights on the keyboard help games to find hotkeys in low light.

Why Do Gaming Mice Have RGB Lights?

It just makes your gaming setup more attractive and helps enhance the mood of playing games.

Why Do Gaming Setups Have LED Lights?

The LED lights on the gaming setup create a special effect that boosts the mood of gamers and helps achieve an actual gaming theme.


After reading this article we hope you’ve got your answer about why gaming PCs have lights. Gamers like RGB lights as they can make their gaming setup aesthetic. Gaming PCs with lights are congruous to the gaming setups and the gaming rooms. Without the lights on gaming PCs, they may look pale compared to the other components of the gaming setup.

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