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Are you thinking of having three monitor setup? Or curious to know why people like to have more than one monitor? Then let’s give a tour of this writing. 

Monitors are the most familiar and widely used input device. All of us know about this device. But when the topic arises of having two or three monitors then, it sounds to be something splendid!

Many a time, we see the bloggers posting an image of their PC setup or the YouTubers having more than one monitor on their desk. So, your mind may compel you to know why people need too many monitors.

 Keeping all these things in mind, we have come over with this writing about why it is awesome to have 3 monitors. Without delaying any more, keep on reading to know the superb facts!

Know the Facts Why It Is Awesome to Have 3 Monitors

Purpose of a Monitor

Monitor- the worldwide the most used output device of a computer setup not only for operating a computer but also as a TV screen. 

The primary purpose of a monitor is to show the outputs of the programs or other things that user commands as input. Monitor mainly works related to visual options. The output may be a document, a picture, a video, or any other application program.

Monitor also does the work of giving a quality picture, whether it’s about an image, video, or graphic of the games. The higher the resolution of the monitor is, the greater the image will be. Again the refreshing rate or the response rate of a computer also depends on the monitor quality.

Why Do You Need More Than One Monitor?

Well, one monitor or more? This typical question arises when you do something huge. For example, you are running a program, and at a time, you need to keep an eye on your office/home also. That time you may feel the necessity of having too many monitors.

Again, people who are high-level gamers tend to have more than one monitor for a better and extensive-angle viewing option, and so on. So, they tend to have two vertical side by side and one bigger on the top of them.

Notably, three vertical monitors are the best option ever for anyone. But for the high-performing gamers may like to have a multiple monitor workstation at their home or office. Multiple monitors meet your needs of having full control over your multitasks at a time.

Why It is Awesome to Has 3 Monitor?

Working with three monitors is a super cool working experience you may need to feel. Most often, people are seen setting their three vertical monitors together or two side by side and the third one on the top. It’s incredible and the most splendid experience you can ever have. 

As you can see nowadays, there are upcoming newer models of the monitor almost every week. And the more modern models tend to be much expensive, and people can’t just change their monitor every week. 

So, most people choose to have duel or more monitors instead of having one expensive one. It meets the wish of having the desired resolution, along with multiple advantages. 

There are some highlighting facts about having three monitors. Let’s check out them once.

Effective Productions

Professional designers like graphic designers working with photoshop/illustrator, web designers working with HTML/CSS or programmers working with JAVA/C++/Python need to do multitasking all the time. They may need to keep a file or program always open and work on another.

Especially designers worldwide have a common work strategy that they need to use several programs at a time. They have to alternate between creative apps such as Illustrator and Photoshop, or HTML/CSS editors and browsers, etc.  Despite the situation, the fact is designers always intend to use more programs simultaneously. As using more apps is a periodic occurrence for them, having three monitors setup makes their tasking so smooth and increases working productivity.

 Regular Multitasking

Many of us need to work with given instructions. In that case, if you have three monitors, then you can keep the instruction file open on one monitor and work on the other.  And with the third one, you can keep an eye on separate files or programs.

In this way, you can taste the enjoyment of doing multiple tasks with 3 monitors. 

Maintain Mailing or Social Media

When you have to stay connected and approachable to your clients or close ones in your network, having three monitors will make this more attainable. You can use two screens for your essential tasks and the other one for mailing or surfing social media. 

Maybe it’ll reduce productivity a little bit, yet this is helpful to complete your work properly while making time for regular interactions too.

Sharing Data Between Programs

Along with multitasking, you can also share data straightforwardly through the apps. Suppose, you have edited an image in Photoshop. Now you are able to open it in your webpage editor on another screen. 

Or simply copying a code from one app to another that is on another screen. All these usual tasks become so much easier and more interesting when you use three different monitors. 

 Making Comparison

There can be various aspects of yours when need to get your total concentration including comparison. When you are running code and all of a sudden, you need to make a comparison also. In that case, you can’t just stop the program from running. On the other hand, you may have to compare different things like multiple browsers, images, designs, etc side-by-side for comparison. 

Here, for having 3 monitors, you can do that work so quickly without taking any other headache of losing programs. All you need to do is look at the screens simultaneously. 

Super Saver

Choosing multiple monitors instead of one expensive one is quite a budget-friendly option. For instance, someone needs a UHD or 4k resolution display. And that is going to be very expensive. 

In this regard,  buying two can sum up that desired resolution, and the third one can meet up the full angle viewing option or having a 4K screen. And you will cost less than buying that single huge one. 

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Well, having multiple monitors can never bring any disadvantages we can say. But in some critical cases, it may cause some issues.

Spacing Problem– It is obvious that if you want more than one monitor, you must have space to place them. The available desk space amount can be an irritating issue if it isn’t sufficient for the extra 2 monitors. That means, if you don’t have enough space for keeping 3 monitors, then you may face more demerits than the benefits. So, to prevent this type of issue, you can get the desks for triple monitors or purchase a larger one.

Installation Issue– Installing three monitors with one CPU and operating them through one keyboard & mouse is a must you have to know. You should check how many monitors can be connected to your CPU. 

If your CPU does not give you the option for connecting more than two monitors, then you may have to attach an extra Graphic card to make another option for connecting the third monitor. You also have to keep in mind that you will face the issue of connecting the audio or video interfaces like using HDMI, or DVI, or other types of digital signal-bearing cables.

Lack of Video Card Resource

If you think technically, you can easily realize that while having 3 monitors the video card resources get cleaved among each monitor. Consequently, according to your computer system and the program you use, you will find some differences in overall performance.

Same Model Problem– If you choose three monitors from 3 different brands, then you may face the trouble of balancing or having a height issue. So, try to select monitors from the same brand.

Again, if you choose the same featuring monitor, then it may lead to cloning. And you won’t get extra other features somewhat the same function 3 monitors.


Another noticeable fact about having 3 monitors is it will lead you to distractions. Sometimes one single monitor is enough to cause distraction, then just think about having two more added to it. 

We’ve already told you about using the other screens for social media browsing and mailing. Even now, it is considered a great potential for communication basis. But it can be a mass distraction if you fail just stick with it and keep away from your important tasks.


When you intend to add more monitors, you have to determine an extra budget for them. Even though the budget is more or less, the extra cost is undeniable. So, it can be a bother if you don’t have the necessary budget.


In short, if you’re a PC enthusiast and always prefer doing multiple tasks, it will be more productive, attractive, and effective for you to utilize three monitors. Despite the minor negative cases, you can definitely give it a try if possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does having three monitors good for studying?

Having three monitors is always beneficial for study. Because switching between different tabs impedes concentration and makes studying so difficult. But when you have several monitors, you can open the study materials on each display and look at them simultaneously without any altering.

Does having three monitors slow down your PC?

It’s true that sometimes using three monitors may cause slight lag while gaming or watching any high-quality video. Most of the time you may not catch it, yet the lag happens as the PC has to divide the processing of pixels among the displays.

Why do streamers use three monitors?

Whether you notice it or not, most professional streamers worldwide use three monitors. As they have to keep eye on their screen sharing, instant chats, and the live streaming channel at a time; it is nearly impossible to do so with only one monitor. Hence, they use extra monitors to make things convenient.

Conclusive Words 

This far, it is assumable that you have understood the importance and enjoyment of having three monitors. Not everyone can afford three monitors in their setup. Still, for the sake of fully utilizing your skills and finishing tasks in a short period, there’s no match but having multiple displays.

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