Why You Should Hire a NetSuite Consultant

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NetSuite is a business technology vendor that sells cloud-based applications and services targeted at managing business finances, operations, and customer relations. It stands the reputation of one of the fastest cultivating cloud-based ERP systems. They help companies by handling finances, customer relationship management (CRM), Inventory, Human Resource Management, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and many more functions to help the business operate as part of their services portfolio. The software and services offered by NetSuite are primarily tailored at small and medium-sized businesses, but it can also cater to large companies. Applications are available on desktops as well as smartphones. Prices differ depending on factors like; company size, the number of users, license and tools and length of use.

Why you should hire a NetSuite consultant

What NetSuite Offers? 

There are five main modules of software that NetSuite consultant offers. Below are the following:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – It offers applications for sales force automation, client care business improvements, recruiting and marketing automation and partner relationship management. 
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – It is a software that conjoins office operations and applications for financial management, financial planning, keeps track of all moving parts of manufacturing distribution, procurement and supply chain management. 
  • SuiteCommerce – It is a stage for web-based business and in-store retail location applications (supporting B2B and B2C).
  • Professional services automation (PSA) – Two modules are offered here; OpenAir and NetSuite Through these applications, the business can ensure the tracking and management of project times, expenses, staff and financials.

Who is a NetSuite Consultant? 

A NetSuite consultant is an individual that possesses supreme knowledge in how NetSuite operates. They can guide businesses on how to have everything integrated under one umbrella rather than having run different software for different functions of the business. Furthermore, a NetSuite consultant might be really crucial when managers fail to keep up with the upgrades made to the NetSuite software, here the consultant can keep them up to date with the changes and can regularly guide them with way forward for their business as that is where his/her core expertise lies. Their core purpose is to serve you in the best interest of you and your business. 

Reasons to Hire a NetSuite Consultant

In the modern-day world, with the business changing continuously due to technological advancements, the options available to manage a business are growing more and more when with comes to managing finances, relations with your customers or enterprise resource planning. As a business, you are always on the search to reduce your overhead expenditures. In such a case, hiring a proficient NetSuite Consultant becomes essential. 

A common problem faced by most businesses is how they evaluate their long-term benefits versus their short-term expenditures. Hiring a NetSuite consultant at this point of time can be really helpful as they offer many benefits that assist you in reducing your long-term expenses. Below are some of the key reasons why a business should hire a NetSuite consultant: 

Too Many Integrated Systems

Does your business involve different teams using different software to run its operations? Yes, yours. Take, for instance, one software for the finance team, one for the sales team, a different one for human resources and another to keep track of your warehouse inventory. This makes it a total of four different software’s and that is only when you should be making a shift to cloud-based software like NetSuite. A NetSuite consultant would help you operate NetSuite in such a way that integrates all verticals of the firm under one umbrella forming a perfect synergy. 

Lack of Business Intelligence 

A lot of businesses are still dependent on recording and updating data manually due to it be economical, but with this method being cost-effective it is also one of the most significant sources of inaccuracies in data management

Trusting a method like such risks the firm on missing out on the crucial business intelligence for fully understanding the data or make sense of it in real-time. Hiring a NetSuite consultant would not only integrate al verticals under one umbrella but will aid you in decrypting all the raw data, which will result in your firm to have enhanced business intelligence. Here NetSuite consultants play their part to tell you what is best for you. 

Bad Customer Relations and Sales 

For businesses to have steady sales, it is extremely vital to have good relations with their customers, and that can only be possible through employing effective strategies that focus on building a decent rapport. Both sales and relations with customers can be tricky, requires time and are prone to shortcomings when business manage their ERP systems without any expertise. 

Hiring a consultant for NetSuite will make you understand that integrating customer relationship activities like marketing, salesforce, customer support and service is will just make tasks more accessible and more seamless to perform. All that you need to do is hire a consultant that commands expert knowledge of NetSuite and the results will be right with you. 

The NetSuite consultant will not only do this but will also maintain and record data continuously so that whenever your businesses are devising strategies for future sales, the overall, process is easier and much more efficient will the help of sales forecasts conducted by the consultant. 

Difficulties with Upgrade 

Despite the fact that your business has acquired access to NetSuite, there will be times that you will be confronted with challenges as a result of constant upgrades of the software. Being a manager, you cannot always keep up with the latest upgrades which will make you ill-equipped and uninformed at most times

This will, in general, make your ERP frameworks obsolete rapidly. NetSuite Consultants help you with moving your ERP to the cloud-like on NetSuite and decrease your expenses on IT. NetSuite pros are what your business needs so as to wipe out any framework inconsistencies that your organization may be confronting.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a NetSuite consultant at this time might feel expensive, but it certainly worth the benefits. To begin with, it is fitting for companies that want to centralize their data through a fully integrated systems approach that focuses on minimizing all inaccuracies and eliminating inefficiencies that are a result of manual data management.  

However, its equally important to realize that before you jump into hiring a NetSuite consultant, you need to find someone who understands your business, brings in unique solutions and gives you the best return on your investment. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will be a helpful guide for you to choose the best NetSuite consultant according to your requirements. 

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