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Clicking around with your mouse may not seem to be time-consuming to you but if you get used to a couple of keyboard shortcuts you must have realized how much of an assistance they can be. The second they save will add up to hours at the end of the year. Memorizing Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts keyboard shortcuts might get to your nerve but you don’t need all of them.

Even though Windows 10 prioritized on the screen touch interface it still has created a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for the old school user who likes physical keyboards.

We will go through a list Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts and classify them according to their uses on the way.

keyboard shortcuts

Boost Your Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

Even though memorizing Shortcuts can get tough at times but it will save you all of those times you will spend clicking around with your mouse. Once you get you used to it you will understand how comfortable it gets. It will save your time and energy which is always in a short supply.

Some General Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

 Select All:

This is by far one of the most used keyboard shortcuts. Most of you already know this. Well for the ones who don’t know: PRESS Ctrl + A simultaneously.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
Press Ctrl+A simultaneously to select all files.

The most popular shortcut among the student for their assignment is this one. Following this combination will let you copy all the previously selected items. PRESS Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert simultaneously.

Copy File(s)
Press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert simultaneously to copy selected file(s).

Well if you have copied something, you have to paste it somewhere. Here comes another of the most popular handy shortcuts. It will paste the items you previously copied. PRESS Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert simultaneously.

Paste file(s).
Press Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert simultaneously to paste copied  file(s).

Cutting takes less time than copying, you might have noticed it if you did cut and copy with the same item which is in the range of gigabytes.If you want to cut something from somewhere, you will have to go through the following algorithm. PRESS Ctrl + x simultaneously.

Cut File(s)
Press Ctrl+X Button simultaneously To Cut File(s).

If you’ve just made a mistake and undo it here is a really handy shortcut for you. PRESS Ctrl + Z simultaneously.

Undo File(s).
Press Ctrl+Z Button simultaneously To Undo File(s).

If pressing the undo was a mistake you just gotta redo it following the given algorithm. PRESS Ctrl + Y simultaneously.

  Open new window:

When you on file explorer and need the same window for some reason you would usually open “My Computer” and come all the way to where you are right now. But I’ve got neat little trick up my sleeve for you. Following the given shortcut will open a new window of the same location you are in currently. PRESS Ctrl + N simultaneously.

Open A New Window.
Press Ctrl+N Button Simultaneously To Open A New Window.
  Close current App or Window:

In case you want to close whatever you have on your screen at the moment can be closed by this neat little trick. But if you don’t have anything then it will get a new window for you which will enable you to turn off your pc. PRESS Alt + F4 simultaneously.

Close Window.
Press Alt+F4 Button Simultaneously To Close Current App or Window.
  Switching between windows or apps:

This shortcut will be frequently used by you every now and then when you need to go from one window or tab to another. PRESS Alt + Tab simultaneously.

Switching between windows or apps
Press Alt+Tab Button Simultaneously To Switch between windows or apps.
  Delete items permanently:

If you are tired of emptying the recycle bean this will do the trick for you. Following this shortcut will enable you to delete items permanently without sending it to the recycle bean. PRESS Shift + Delete simultaneously.

Delete item(s) permanently
Press Shift+Delete Button simultaneously To Delete items permanently.

Shortcuts To Handle Start Menu And Taskbar

The shortcuts I will discuss in this section will come in handy when you will need to open the start menu, minimizing tabs and many other things. I will tell you about a customized Start Menu which is a new feature in Windows 10.

Opening the Start Menu:
This might not be anything new for a lot of you. You might have discovered it by mistake already. To open the start menu PRESS Windows key or Ctrl+ Esc simultaneously.

Opening the Customized Start Menu of Windows 10:
Microsoft has created a new customized Start Menu that will give you access to Command Prompt, Device Manager, Control Panel and a bunch of other things as you can see in the picture given below.

Customized Start Menu

To open this PRESS Windows key + X simultaneously.

Take a look at every app in the taskbar:
If you want to take a look at every app in the taskbar one by one even the ones that are just pinned to the taskbar but not opened then PRESS Windows key + T simultaneously again, and again.

Opening a certain app on the taskbar:
If you want to open a certain app which is on the taskbar this trick will come in handy. PRESS Windows key+[Number] simultaneously. Here [Number] means the number of the app you want to open counting from the left.

Open/Hide Desktop:
If you PRESS Windows key + D simultaneously, You will open and close windows alternatively.

Minimizing all of the windows:
Just in case you want to minimize all of the windows you currently have on the taskbar PRESS Windows key + M simultaneously.

Restoring the Minimized windows:
If you have made a mistake by minimizing all of the windows and want to restore it then PRESS Windows key + Shift + D simultaneously.

Minimize the window you are on:
If you have to minimize the window you are currently working on PRESS Windows key + Down arrow simultaneously.

Restore Down and Move the Window to left or right half of the monitor:
If you ever need to take a look at two windows simultaneously for some reason then this will do the trick for you. PRESS Windows key + Left/Right arrow simultaneously.

See all the Windows at a time:
If you have to take a look at all the windows you have opened on your computer then this shortcut will be of great assistance. PRESS Windows key + Tab arrow simultaneously.

Open up a new Virtual Window:
This will help you to open up a new virtual window. To do this PRESS Windows key + Ctrl + D arrow simultaneously.

Transfer from one virtual desktop to another:
Sometimes you will have to move throughout the virtual desktops so this should come in handy at times. PRESS Windows key + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow simultaneously.

Close the Current Virtual Desktop:
When you will have to close the current virtual desktop just follow the given shortcut, PRESS Windows key + Ctrl + F4 arrow simultaneously.

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Some Other Shortcuts Where You Will Have To Use The Windows key

Here I will discuss some keyboard shortcuts which are not interrelated but utilizes the Windows key on your keyboard.

Open up the Action Center:
If you need a quick access to some settings opening the Action Center is mandatory and this shortcut will come into play. PRESS Windows key + A simultaneously.

Open Cortana in text Mode:
This neat little trick will open Cortana in text mode so that you can type in the search bar. PRESS Windows key + S/Q simultaneously.

Open Cortana in voice Mode:
If you are not the type of guy who likes to type much then Cortana in listening mode will be of great assistance and this shortcut will help you. PRESS Windows key + C simultaneously.

Open-File Explorer:
If clicking the mouse and opening My Computer seems like a hassle to you then PRESS Windows key + E simultaneously.

Open Feedback Hub:
This is a new feature for Windows 10. If you want to send feedback about your OS then PRESS Windows key + F simultaneously.

Search Other PCs on the Network:
If you are connected to a network like LAN or some other network and search for PCs on that network then. PRESS Windows key + Ctrl + F simultaneously.

Record GamePlay:
If you want to record what you are doing on your PC and share it on some video sharing site like YouTube then PRESS Windows key + G simultaneously.

Open Settings Menu:
If you need to change some settings and get to the settings menu PRESS Windows key + I simultaneously.

Open Connecting Sidebar:
When you need to connect to other devices you will have to go to the connecting sidebar then PRESS Windows key + K simultaneously.

Lock your computer:
Well, you often find the need to lock your computer when you need to get away from the desktop for a couple of minutes then PRESS Windows key + L simultaneously.

Lock Screen Orientation:
When you will have to lock screen orientation then PRESS Windows key + O simultaneously.

Open Projection Sidebar:
If you have to change the presentation like use only one of the connected monitors, use both of them by extending or if you have connected a projector and you want to use only the projector and not use the monitor you will need to go to the Projection Sidebar. To do so PRESS Windows key + P simultaneously.

Open the Run Window:
If you want to open a folder or any application on your computer or Internet without going through the hassle of browsing through it then the Run Window is what you want. To open the Run Window PRESS Windows key + R simultaneously.

Open Ease of Access Center:
The ease of access center gives you access to some setting you may need to change day to day like changing the contrast, opening the narrator and a couple of other things. To get to this place PRESS Windows key + U simultaneously.

Take Screenshot:
To take a picture of the entire desktop PRESS Windows key /Alt + Print Screen simultaneously.

Open Magnifier:
If you want to open magnifier and want to zoom in or out then PRESS Windows key + (+) or (-) simultaneously.

Close Magnifier:
Now if you want to close the magnifier PRESS Windows key + Esc simultaneously.

Some Shortcuts Which Will Make Working with Command Prompt Easier

Working at the Command Prompt is a Nightmare these shortcuts will make your life easier with Command Prompt.

Copy Selected Text to Clipboard:
This is the same as the copy for general purpose. So PRESS Ctrl + C simultaneously.

Paste Copied Text:
If you want to paste the text you previously copied PRESS Ctrl + V simultaneously.

Select All Text:
This will help you select all text inside current line and if the current line has no text then all text in the command prompt will be selected. PRESS Ctrl + A simultaneously.

Moving Screen Up or Down:
To move the screen up or down by one line at a time PRESS Ctrl + Up or Down arrow simultaneously.

Search Command Prompt:
If you want to search at the command prompt then PRESS Ctrl + F simultaneously.

Enable Mouse:
Doing this will help you to select text with the mouse and you can move the cursor around with arrow keys. PRESS Ctrl + M simultaneously.

Copy the Above/Below Line:
Doing this will move your cursor above/below by one line and select the entire line. PRESS Shift + Up/Down Arrow simultaneously.

Move Cursor by One Character:
To move the cursor by one character and select the text PRESS Shift + Left /Right Arrow simultaneously.

Select Text While Moving Cursor:
This shortcut is almost the same as the previous one except for the part that it will select the text while moving the cursor. To do this PRESS Ctrl + Shift + Left /Right Arrow simultaneously.

Move Cursor Up or Down One Screen at a Time and Select Text:
This shortcut will help you to move the cursor up or down and select text in the meantime. To do this PRESS + Shift + Page Up /Down simultaneously.

Move and Select Text to beginning or End of Line:
If you need to move to the beginning or end of the current line and select the text in the meantime then PRESS + Shift + Home /End simultaneously.


Well, try to use these Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you might need and boost your productivity. I have gone through some general shortcuts which everybody might need. Many of you might have wondered throughout your life what the Windows key is for. To meet that curiosity, you may take a look at the shortcuts where you will have to use the Windows Key. Sometimes working with the command prompt can be a real hassle. So, we got some shortcuts for the command prompt too.

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