Ensure the Full Data Protection with AOMEI Backupper Media

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Do you ever experience the pain when you found one morning that your hard drive or PC crashed and you have lost all of your data? Or someone just gets access to your data and get all of your information through endpoint leakage?  In today’s world, data and information become money. The security of data and information is so important that many countries and companies spend a billion dollars on it. That’s where AOMEI Backupper Media comes in.

AOMEI Backupper Media is one of the best platforms where you can store your data, software, and files in a safe and secure way. Its user-friendly interface and high technology ensure the highest security that only you or any authorized person can access the data and restore them when needed.

Full Data Protection with AOMEI Backupper Media
Full Data Protection with AOMEI Backupper Media

What is Backupper?

Backupper or back up software is a free backup software that is made for syncing data and files to a specific server. You can sync and upload your files and operating system image file to this server this backup server will keep them secured and you can use them any time with proper procedure.

the advantages of this backupper sever are that they are reliable and secured. You can easily use your data when your system crashed or failed to work right. Then you can easily get the image file of your operating system and will be able to restore the system to get back it to the actual condition.

You can also keep your personal data and files so that you will be sure that they will not be lost in any case of failure of your hard drive. They will be protected by a strong security system and modern technology.

Why You Need a Backupper for Your Data?

In today’s era, almost everyone has to deal with a lot of data and files. In case of if any time our PC operating system crashed, then you might lose all the data and information that you saved on your PC. Again, your hard drive may also crash or fail to work that may result in losing all of your data and information.

A backupper or backup server is the ultimate solution to its tension. You can easily upload or sync your important data and files as well your PC’s operating system’s image file to the server so that when any of your physical drives don’t the response you can easily get back the necessary files from the server. If you want to learn more about internet security, click here.

Again, this backupper is also usable as a security system. They have the best security system and technology that ensures the highest security of your data. So, any person or company can reliably keep their important information on the server and can use them anytime securely.

AOMEI Backupper Media

The AOMEI Backupper Media software is a user-friendly and fast tool to backup your files and data to the server storage. The software is specially made and designed for a normal user so that you can easily handle all of the tour dates.

You need only four steps to backup anything and just seven steps to recover anything completely. This increases the flexibility of the tool than anything similar to others. The backup speed is a little bit slow as they compress and encrypt your data and files but the restoring process is pretty fast.

The AOMEI Backuuper software is enabled with the latest VSS technology that is from another tech giant Microsoft that means you can run the backup process all time and others working on the same PC will not hamper the backup process. So that the whole backup process can be finished without any interruption.

There is a feature of preserving the files in individual partitions so that you can easily find your desired folder in a few moments and easily. You can also backup your individual folders or partitions as well as the whole hard drive at a time.

By the automated syncing process any change on your hard drive will be automatically updated on the backup server. You can also set a schedule for the backup process. AOMEI Backupper media can also create a bootable media that will help you to restore your system files later when you need them in case of a hard drive or crash.

How to use it

Aomei Backupper is user-friendly software with a good interface. Here all the options are so cleated to use and you can easily operate them. To upload any of your data or files, you need to choose the file with the help of the upload option of the software. From this just choose the file you want to keep on the server as well choose the store where you want to keep.

You can select auto-sync option to upload and update the file automatically. You can also select to sync your operating system image file to be uploaded to the server. From the restore option, you can easily restore the image file and also the files you uploaded on the server.

How Secure Your Data will be?

The security system of the AOMEI Backupper and server is very strong and secured. They use end to end encryption so that no one can access the system. Your file will be password protected and the files will be compressed. So that it’s become so hard to break the security system.

The files you uploaded on the server will be encrypted. That means the data and information will be changed from the original form so that if anyone somehow gets access to those files, he will never get the actual information. When you get back the data, they will be decrypted so that you can understand your information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There may arise a lot of questions on your mind while using AOMEI backupper. Here some of the Frequently Asked Questions and their answers that might remove all of your confusion.

1. Is there any possibility of damaging my files?

Ans: No, there is almost no possibility of damaging your files as they are compressed and placed in the server with the highest technology.

2. How much storage can I use in AOMEI Backupper Server?

Ans: AOMEI has a different edition for different types of uses. You can choose any one package and will get the facility according to that package.

3. Can I change or Upgrade my Plan?

Ans: Yes, you can change your plan anytime easily by just from the option of the AOMEI website. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan as well as buy a new plan for yourself.

Summing Up

Data security is one of the top concerns these days. For the proper security and as well keep them from being lost, you better use a backup server like the AOMEI Backupper Media that will keep your data and files safe and secure.

But the first and important thing is you yourself must be aware and careful about your data. Your awareness will save your information from being lost or any kind of threat.

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