A Quick Outlook At The 3 Best SMS-Peeper Alternatives!

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In the current scenario, people likely wish to interact via messages instead of speaking via phone. And thus, it is called a silent communication mode that creates curiosity in parents as what their children are doing! Parents want to know if their children are hiding something or lying to them. Talking in the same manner, companies wish to know their employees’ honesty and loyalty. Thus, SMS-Peeper refers to a unique online system of spy SMS. In this, people can spy on anyone’s text messages.

Such features of the online spy SMS system contribute to make it an amazing app for those parents who want to have a spy on the activities of their kids, as every parent worries about their child’s safety. However, there exist many online dangers that first include cyberbullying, and the second one is scams.

Moreover, no employer would need to take their employees’ headache, who choose to be very particular about not spreading any sensitive information. Thus, SMS Peeper refers to an incredible spy SMS online system for such people.

sms peeper alternative

More About SMS-Peeper!

SMS refers to a spy SMS digital system that guarantees you to allow spying on anybody’s text messages. In this, one does not require any installation of software on your target phone to use the SMS Peeper.

Such a spy system is an extraordinary tool that one requires when you feel unhappy seeing your dear ones in trouble and want to care for the people you love.

Thus, people can spy on any text message of any number across the world. In all, it is an amalgamation of a creative mind and modern technology. Also, it is impossible to detect such innovative technology.

In this spy system, one can retrieve the latest 100 text messages that include 50 outgoing and 50 incoming messages. Doesn’t it look familiar like retrieving the deleted messages?

How One Can Download/Install The Code Of SMS Peeper?

There is no requirement for the download of SMS Peeper. One can use the SMS Peeper activation code 2020. After the generation code for the online SMS Peeper, you can use it to activate your account.

The activation code now will allow you to witness the target contact number without anyone’s consent.

Further, one will start receiving the text messages. From the database, you can online retrieve the text messages. Therefore, in no time, you can get the target messages after the completion of the survey.

Is SMS-Peeper Reliable?

Some people are always doubtful when they hear or want to use new, latest, awesome, and jaw-dropping in technology. And concept lies here; people do ask this question as SMS Peeper is legit or a scam? Well, always remember that spying on anyone’s text messages without their permission or consent results in violating morality’s general principle.

Thus, people can use this SMS spy online system at their own risk. Moreover, people must get the code of SMS Peeper first to have access to the target messages. Now, have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Freely Available.
  • There is no requirement for physical access to the mobile.


  • There should be the completion of surveys by the users first.
  • The success rate is low, having limited or no positive reviews.
  • The users of this spy online system complain that this website download malware on their system.
  • The system can retrieve only messages, plus they cannot spy on iMessages, IM apps, etc.

Now, The 3 Best SMS-Peeper Alternatives Are:

1. Spyzie SMS Peer

Spyzie SMS Peer is an excellent alternative to the SMS peer app. Moreover, this app can track all the important details of the mobile that includes exchanged messages.

Further, the app gives you various versions for devices. The app works for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Once there is an installation of the tracking app, you can remotely view all the details.

Moreover, the app can track all types of messages that are exchanged on the target gadget remotely. The app can also even track the saved messages, contacts, media, and other essential details. It can also track the significant and well-known social apps. It works in the invincible mode for hiding its presence so that anyone can detect it.


  • There is live tracking of location.
  • There is customer support for responsive/receptive multi-language.


  • There is a requirement of jailbreaking for accessing its enhanced features.
  • Any technically smart user can feel its presence.

One can buy it for $29.99/month & $89.99/year. The app can work on iOS 10+ and Android 4.0+.

2. Flexispy SMS Peer

Flexispy SMS Peer is one of the famous spying applications. Besides, one can view exchanged messages; people can also listen or record calls to the nearby conversations of the mobile.

Flexispy SMS peer’s app can track the received plus sent messages with their contact details plus timestamp.

Also, the interface of Flexispy comprises tabs on various social media apps for the exchanged messages, including Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

It even comprises an in-built keylogger plus one can listen to the nearby conversations also.


  • The app is easy to use and install.
  • Extensive compatibility.
  • It comprises an amazing invisible mode.


  • Not support an updated iOS 12 and iOS 11.
  • Much more expensive than other apps of spying.
  • There is a requirement of jailbreaking or rooting for its enhanced features.

The app’s price is $68/month, and it is compatible to iOS  9.1 to 10.3.3 & Android 4 – 8.1.

3. TheTruthSpy For SMS

TheTruthspy is one of the oldest and earliest spying apps of SMS. Also, it can easily be used as an alternative to a popular app of SMS Peeper. While the installation, it might require effort as you can use it afterward. Besides messages, one can track other things also.

  • A dedicated tab is there on the web dashboard for tracking the exchanged messages.
  • Also, one can view the exchanged messages on famous IM apps and social apps.
  • People can also track the videos, call logs, browser history, apps, contacts, and photos of the device, and a lot more.


  • User-friendly and lightweight.
  • The trial of 48 hours is there.


  • it doesn’t function with iOS 12.
  • Require jailbreaking or rooting
  • Sometimes an invisible mode does not work.
  • Not as strong as other spying apps.

The premium plan costs about $25.99/month. Also, it is compatible with iOS 8-10 & Android 4+.


So, install different apps on SMS-Peeper to check what your loved ones are doing!

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