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Nowadays people especially PC gamers prefer the mechanical keyboard over the membrane keyboard.  Because of their high-quality spring-activated key switches, mechanical keyboards are more comfortable to use. But they are louder than the normal ones. So people are looking for mechanical keyboards which are silent. High-quality silent keyboards can provide you with some good experience while practicing with tools like Space Bar Counter. The best silent mechanical keyboards can give you a noise-free environment to use a PC.

Best Silent Mechanical Keyboard

What Is a Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the essential parts of the computer. The keyboard can perform many functions by using its different keys. We generally use the membrane keyboard. But people nowadays choose a mechanical keyboard over a membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are built with high-quality switches that are placed under every key of the keyboard. On the other hand, In membrane keyboards are made of a rubber dome under the key. People find a mechanical keyboard more comfortable to use because of its satisfying typing experience.

Because of the rubber dome, membrane keyboards cannot give you noticeable feedback when you press a key. But the typing does not sound remarkable on a mechanical keyboard. They are significantly louder than the other kind of keyboards. It feels so noisy sometimes to work on this keyboard. So there are some mechanical keyboards which can you quiet the environment as well as satisfying typing. They are silent mechanical keyboards. For the desirable experience and calm environment, we should use a silent mechanical keyboard. The best silent mechanical keyboard with many features can give you an amazing typing and gaming experience.

Our Recommended Best Silent Mechanical Keyboard

As there are many quite mechanical keyboards in the market, you feel confused to choose one among them. By doing research and after using them we choose five silent mechanical keyboards which are best for you.

The reviews of five silent mechanical keyboards are written below.

1. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit Keys

This quite mechanical keyboard is durable and comfortable to use. This is one of the affordable and good-budget gaming mechanical keyboards.  Its advanced tracking sensor can track its quickest movement and doesn’t neglect any command. This keyboard has an optimized textile weaved surface which gives absolute control and precision in-game accuracy.

This keyboard is made of plastic. So it is very lightweight and easy to use.

This keyboard has a volume control feature which makes it quiet. It is used for direct Audio control. It does not interrupt any game.

The anti-ghosting feature gives you a satisfying typing and gaming experience. Its excellent RGB backlighting with many lighting modes can be able to show many lighting effects. You can use this in darkness.

The keys are adjustable. Their design is ergonomic. They are comfortable for wrist rest.
The con is that the keyboard comes with a bug.  If you play a game that caps lock light may be stayed off even after you end your game. This problem is reported and soon they will fix this up.

Apart from this, the keyboard is very satisfying to use. They are very aesthetic to view. This is one of the best silent mechanical keyboards at this reasonable price.

2. Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra

This ultra-thin, lightweight mechanical keyboard is comfortable to use. They are 7mm thinner than most of mechanical keyboards. This offers a shorter travel distance while typing. This also delivers high precision in typing. It usually allows any computer to have performance speed which is lightning.

The keyboard has multiple customized backlight modes that look very pleasant. Also with the unique LED ice blue light, you can type at night.

The keyboard has a total of 87 keys of N-key Rollover. The keys ensure great gaming and typing experience.

The design of the keyboard is user-friendly. It is designed in ergonomic. You can type without pain for several hours.

This keyboard includes a detachable USB to micro cable. They are convenient. It is also very portable.

The keyboard is noisy. If you are not bothered about the sound you should definitely buy this keyboard.

This keyboard is famous for its thin key and lightweight feature. It is thinner than most mechanical keyboards. For comfortable and satisfying use, you should buy this keyboard.

3. E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is famous for its longevity and durability. They offer the quietest typing experience.  They have custom DIY red switches which are very innovative.

 This keyboard is made of top ABS material. Its design is matte finished. The packaging includes a USB connector which is gold plated. This keyboard is robust. You can use this keyboard with Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac.

It has an anti-ghosting feature that allows 81 Keys of the keyboard. The keys have an N-key rollover. It allows multi-keys that work many things together.  Every switch controls an independent key. With the help of these switches, you can enjoy high-quality games. You can get a very fast response to this.

There is a solid color with its backlit mode. The keyboard has preset 10 RGB backlighting modes. It has speed with the color flash feature.

The keyboard is in ergonomic design. For that, you can rest your wrist. Its stepped keycap makes it comfortable fit hands easily. This can prevent any fatigue.

Its usage is very easy. No drive is needed in this. You will just plug and play.

The packaging also includes a key puller. So you can easily clean this.

Some say that keys are a little louder than many of the keys of this type. I think this is because they are attached to the metallic base. The keys have space between the ups and downs. So it may slow down your typing speed. That’s why this keyboard is best for gaming.

This keyboard is famous for its durability. Because of its solid backlit mode, this looks very aesthetic. It’s offering of linear and quick typing and gaming experience makes it more attractive.

4. VELOCIFIRE TKL02 Mechanical Keyboard

VELOCIFIRE keyboard is generally used for typing. It is famous among the programmer, editors. You can get precision in typing on this keyboard.

 This keyboard has a standard layout. So this feature can be helpful for the programmer. The keyboard does not include numeric keys. The keyboard is one of the compact-sized keyboards. For this, you can save so much space. So you can easily reach your mouse.

The keyboard has brown switches. These low noise switches have a satisfying bump which you can get with the press of a key. It creates low noise than blue switches.

You can use this keyboard with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Linux. But you can use this freely with Mac.

The keys are curved. For this, you can easily fit your hands. For its ergonomics design, fatigue can be reduced. It is great for a long time typing.

The keyboard is quieter than the blue switches but louder than the membrane keyboards. If you have so much problem with noise, you may have a problem with the sound.

The keyboard is a must for typing. You can get typing speed and accuracy better than most mechanical keyboards. You can also use it for gaming.

5. Logitech K840 Mechanical Keyboard with Romer G mechanical Switches for PC

This keyboard is made of a solid aluminum body. It has mechanical switches which are designed by expert engineers. You can enjoy typing experience with tactile feedback when you press the keys. It is designed to fit in your home or office.

It features long-lasting reliability. The keys are highly responsive with a light touch. The switches are Romer-G Japanese engineered mechanical switches. It is very durable.

The mechanical keyboard is made of anodized aluminum. This keyboard is robust. This design can withstand your most satisfying typing experience. This modern design can look beautiful in any workplace.

The keyboard has easy access to shortcuts. You can be able to be in access integrated media from this you can be able to control your time area of entertainment.

The keyboard is a built-in ergonomic design. You can type all day with less fatigue on this mechanical keyboard with tilted legs. It is very easy to use. You will simply plug into a USB port and then you can start typing.

The keys are quieter but not silent. Slow typing will be quiet. But faster typing can make a bit of noise.

The keyboard is good for its expertly designed mechanical switches and long-lasting feature. The metal base is durable and comfortable to use.

Best Silent Mechanical Keyboard Buying Guide

If you want to make your computing enjoyable by using silent mechanical keyboards, you should know some basic features of this. You can get silent mechanical keyboards of many brands in the market. To buy the best silent mechanical keyboard among them, you have to keep in mind some of the features. They are

Best Silent Mechanical Keyboard Buying Guide

Durability: Mechanical keyboards are durable than other keyboards. So you should compare the keys and materials of them before buying them. The high-quality keys can be durable than the other ones

Type of keys: You should look at the type of key they offer. You should start by looking at the placements of the keys. Some want a separate number pad and some want the multimedia key, they have to look at the features and then compare with the other brands.

Design: You should buy an ergonomic keyboard. That will ensure the hand will be on the lower side.  So you won’t feel pain after several hours of gaming on PC.

Anti-ghosting Feature: It means the keyboard does not neglect any command that is given to it. All the commands will be transmitted to the computer.

Backlighting: It is one of the important features you should check. Because of this, you can work even in darkness.

Silent Feature: Mechanical keyboard is loud. With the help of the feature, you will be able to play your games or work without disturbing anyone else.

Light Weight: It should be lightweight for easy use.


Q: What is the difference between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard?

Answer:  Mechanical keyboards are built with high-quality switches that are placed under every key of the keyboard. But membrane keyboards use a rubber dome under the key.

Q: Why do people generally use a membrane keyboard?

Answer: Because membrane keyboards are cheaper than mechanical ones.

Q: Are mechanical keyboards loud?

Answer: Yes, they are much louder than the membrane.

Q: Why do you need a mechanical keyboard?

Answer: Mechanical switches provide tactile feedback, which helps typists know that they have pressed the key hard enough to register and haven’t missed a letter. There are also many features that are not in the membrane keyboard.

Q: How to the silent mechanical keyboard?

Answer: With the help of a silent mechanical keyboard’s volume control feature, you can silent the mechanical keyboard.

Q: Are they ergonomic?

Answer: Yes, most of the mechanical keyboards are ergonomic. You can type for a long time without any pain.

Q: Is it better for gaming?

Answer: Most of the mechanical keyboards are used for gaming. Because these keyboards can give a satisfying gaming experience.

Q: What switches are used in the mechanical keyboard?

Answer: There are many switches that are used in a mechanical keyboard. They are Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Buckling Spring, etc.


The best silent mechanical keyboards we discussed are the most popular among the customers. You should buy according to your wants and choices.

If you want a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard, you should buy VELOCIFIRE TKL02 Mechanical Keyboard.

If you are very sensitive to sound and do not want any noise, then you should buy Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit Keys, E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

If you want a mechanical keyboard with a backlight feature, then you should prefer buying Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra, or E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

If you want the most durable keyboard, you should buy LogitechK840 Mechanical Keyboard.

If you want the design in lightweight, then you should buy Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra.

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