How to Change Mouse DPI for Overwatch?

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Overwatch is one of the top games around the world which is a combination of both FPS (First-Person-Shooting) and RPG (Role-Playing-Game).

On the other hand, DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the sensitivity of the mouse that defines how many pixels will a cursor pass while moving the mouse 1 inch on the mousepad.

DPI has a great impact on games as some games such as MMOs and RPGs need higher DPI and other games such as FPSs need lower DPI.

As Overwatch is a combination of both types of games, what DPI should you use and how can you change DPI for Overwatch? To learn, keep reading this article by the end.

How to Change Mouse DPI for Overwatch

How to Change Mouse DPI for Overwatch – Adjust Your Mouse DPI Sensitivity

Many Overwatch players want to change their mouse DPI in-game settings yet don’t know where they should start. If you are one of them then don’t worry here is the instruction on how to change DPI for overwatch:

  • First, go to the Overwatch settings menu.
  • Then, go to the “Controls” tab.
  • After that, find the “DPI” and “Sensitivity” settings.
  • Now, adjust the settings according to your comfort level.
  • Finally, click Apply to save your changes.

What Is the Best Mouse DPI for Overwatch?

Mouse DPI is the most important thing to consider while playing the Overwatch game. Because the sensitivity of a mouse defines the performance of this game. How good you can aim and shoot in this game, is completely depends on the DPI.

However, there is no “Perfect” DPI for this game as the accuracy is completely different for individuals. It’s up to you and your comfort about what DPI should you choose to shoot perfectly.

Most Overwatch players set their mouse DPI between 400 to 800 and keep the sensitivity between 5 and 7.75. It let them aim accurately and move smoothly. It is recommended to set your DPI within this range according to your convenience.

What Are the Best Mouse DPI Sensitivity Used by Overwatch Pros?

Many gamers follow the settings of pro games to improve their gaming performance. As an Overwatch player, it is also crucial for you to know the DPI of Overwatch pros. It may help you choose the accurate DPI for Overwatch.

Overwatch ProsDPISensitivity

So, you can see the average DPI that most Overwatch pro players use is 800 DPI, and the average sensitivity is 5.6.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What DPI Should I Use for Overwatch?

There is no exact DPI that can be suggested for you as it is up to you at what DPI you can move your cursor and aim accurately. Again, the performance on Overwatch not only depends on DPI but also on the eDPI and sensitivity. Most Overwatch pros play the game at 800 DPI, 3260 eDPI, and 4.15 sensitivity.

Is 800 DPI Good for Overwatch?

Some Overwatch players play better at high DPI and some are at low DPI. So, it is hard to say that 800 DPI is the best for you to play Overwatch. However, most players use 800 DPI while playing this game. So, you can say it is good for Overwatch from this point of view.

What Sensitivity Should I Use to Play Overwatch at 800 DPI?

Many Overwatch players can perform better at high sensitivity and many are at low sensitivity. You need to adjust your sensitivity to which you feel comfortable moving and aiming while playing the game. However, it is better to keep the sensitivity in the range of 4 to 6 for better accuracy.

What Are the Best Overwatch Settings for PC?

Here are the best settings for Overwatch:

  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 5-7.75
  • eDPI: 4000-6200
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 30-40
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Allied Health Bars: Always
  • Show Friendly Outlines: Always

What Mice Do Overwatch Pros Use?

Here are the top 5 mice that Overwatch Pros Uses:

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless
  • Logitech G903
  • Zowie EC2
  • Logitech G703
  • Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

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We hope this guide has proved helpful to you as it has provided you with all the possible information on how you can change the DPI and sensitivity settings in Overwatch. There are also some tips included in this article on how you can choose the best DPI for yourself.

Moreover, Overwatch is a pretty much trouble-free game compared to CS: GO as there is no need to adjust the resolution or radar in Overwatch. You just need to ensure that the DPI is under 800 and the sensitivity isn’t outrageous.

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