How to Decrease Ping | Easy Ways to Remove Latency

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On online gaming, most of the time it comes to staying competitive. For this reason, many gamers go to the most extreme and exciting length. To have the best gaming experience, the gamers buy the latest controller and best ethernet cables for connectivity, buy a monitor with the highest refresh rate, buy the best consoles, or even virtual reality devices so many other things. They spent lots of money on having the best performance and tweak various features to increase fps. But an often-overlooked component may give the biggest effect on performance and this is ping. That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about how to decrease ping.

Ping is the performance measure of how quickly or lately your pc or console is receiving the signal or sent it. The online gaming latency is also known as ping. Ping refers to the number of milliseconds it takes to sent a signal or receiving the signal of real-time action (like moving a mouse or pressing a button) to register in the game server somewhere on the internet, which is highly dependent on cable signal strength but also on some other factors.

Online gamers face the common problem of ping. High ping or bad ping means that you have a poor signal connection to the game server. No matter how fast you are trigger input or click, it will not help you to win. For the reason of bad ping, your trigger input takes time to find the signal.

By making some simple adjustment to your networking hardware or changing your network settings can improve the network performance and easily remove your bad ping or decrease the ping. Lower ping is helpful for signal transportation. Lower ping directly supports the gamer to achieve the expected performance in online game.

How to Decrease Ping

What is Ping

With a common thought, the online gaming latency is simply known as ping. Ping measures the round-trip time for sending a message from the originating host to a destination computer server network. Ping works by sending ICMP (internet control message protocol) echo request to the target host and waiting for the replay. In another sense, ping refers to the number of milliseconds that’s take time to give a reaction. For example, if you click the trigger or click the mouse, and you get a late reaction, that means you have a high ping. High ping is bad for gaming performance. Ping is measured by the reaction time, like how quickly or latency, the signal leaving your pc or console is getting sent and received.

Every time you make a shot on an online game, you sent a signal from your computer to the server where the server is being recorded. The server has taken the information that you shot at the opponent or something, then it has to send back the signal information to your computer and indicates that whether or not the opponent has been shot. And that’s how the ping works on the online game. Now, if you have a bad ping or high ping, it takes more time to sent signal information and receiving it. That means your shot won’t place perfectly.

With the low ping facility, the gameplay works at the best. For better results in an online game, your signal information should be sent immediately and receiving the signal information back immediately too. And this is what you are trying to accomplish with a low ping, getting that response time as early as possible to the ideal state. Again, with a slower ping, the game can be unplayable and even sometimes it feels unresponsive. As anything you try to do seems to have no effect on others.

What Is Ping

How to Decrease Ping

The latency of online gaming is simply known as ping. Low ping directly supports a gamer’s performance on online gaming. Low ping helps the gamer to have the best gaming performance. On the other hand, high ping is so deadly to online gaming.

To lower ping in online games can be done with just a few simple steps. There are many ways to decrease ping in online games.  But, to decrease ping without any extra hassle, please refer to the followings options:

How to Decrease Ping

Select Nearest Servers

if you are playing an online game, you need to reduce ping to have a quick response and best performance output. To decrease ping when connecting to the game, the easiest way is to select the nearest server to your location. The server which is closest to your location will give you a better connection. The quickest reaction time will take to sent signal information and receiving from the server to your pc and would therefore greatly help to lower ping. Many online games in the cyber universe may give you the facility to select servers by yourself. But to have the best online gaming experience and decrease ping, you should have selected the nearest server option to your location.  

Close All Running Program

When you playing an online game, you should close all running background programs and disable startup programs. The good practice is to close programs and applications that are running in the background while playing an online game. Heavy programs like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, torrent services, downloading something or other running game in the background will affect your ping. Those have programs should not running in the background during the online game. But not internet-based programs won’t affect your ping, sometimes they may affect the game’s performance. When you make a connection to the game server maybe it’s alright, but the load on the computer makes the online game get lagged.

Please make sure that you closed all running programs in the back before you connect to the online game. You should minimize the overall bandwidth because some of the programs ad applications may suck on your internet. The task manager is the most effective method to close any program, application, and executable file from your computer.

Turn Off Your All Kind of Updates

System and firmware updates or any other update will suck a great quantity of data from the internet. To decrease ping, you should turn off your updates event through that updates are important for your computer, but they can wait for later. Make sure that you turned off all kinds of updates before starting the online game. Specially, you should keep eye on your antivirus because those things update every day and suck on to your bandwidth. Turning of updates is one of the major steps to decrease ping. 

Reset Your Network Settings

If you are playing online games on your laptop then most probably you are connected to the internet through a router or a modem, preferably a well-suited router for gaming. If you have a connectivity issue, sometimes restarting the router can solve the problem. Just turn off your router and wait for a moment. Now turn it on and use it if like previously.  If your router has a reset button, you can just press on this button. You can also reset your network from the admin panel. You need to log into the admin panel of your router and restart from there. Cleaning up the internet cache memory might help to decrease ping.

Keep Your Computer Clean

Dust is the worst enemy of your computer. It hampers overall computer performance. Dust layers create overheating, it hampers the ventilation process through conductive heatsinks. If a proper ventilation process is not possible on your computer and then the overall performance efficiency will fall due to the case of heat. Even your network adapter might be creating a problem due to dust. So, to decrease ping and having better performance during online gaming, you should always keep clean your computer.

Getting a Wired Connection

While playing an online game, you may have a wireless internet connection. But, a lot of times, this wireless connection might be a problem. The router at times tends to get clustered with data packets if you aren’t the only user of this router service. You may face high ping due to the slow network packets.

You can solve this problem by getting a wired connection. You will get a strong and stable connection with the internet and your connection would be optimum.

Buy a New Modem or Router

If your modem or router is outdated, you should replace them. Newest router or modem will improve the connection facility, latency, and help to decrease ping, cause new router may have fast data connection speed with the newest technology. 

Reduce The Number of Devices Connected to The Router   

Your router or internet connection device can support multiple devices. Your net connection may have a fixed data packet limit. If multiple devices are connected to one router, that might be to make pressure on available connection speed and might increase ping. To get a better internet connection and to decrease ping, you should reduce the number of devices using wi-fi.


Ping is the measurement of reaction time. Ping refers to the number of milliseconds that take to send a signal to a fixed server and receiving it to your computer. High ping is bad for gaming because it takes time to proceed with an action. To have the best gaming experience you should decrease ping. The most likely cause for high ping is that you are connected or playing a server that is far from your location. In this case, you should choose the closest server from your location.    

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