How to Open JAR Files with Java in Windows 10

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JAR files are common formats used to run Java applications or games and are popular for their easy distribution of resources. But, while accessing .jar, the java archive file, many users encounter problems like not being able to open it, or opening it through other extraction software unwantedly. So, how to open jar file windows 10? In this article, we’re going to show you some easy steps on how to open JAR file type with Java in Windows 10. By the end of this article, you’ll know all the things about how to open a jar file in windows 10 and also how to edit jar file in windows 10.

How to Open JAR Files with Java in Windows 10 FI

How to Open JAR Files with Java in Windows 10?

Normal file openers in Windows 10 are unable to open jar file format. To learn how to open JAR files with Java or launch jar file, we need to understand the Java program file system basics. Then we can learn about jar file opener. JAR files (.jar file extension) are also known as Java Archive files. These are an archive of compressed Java files just like other archived files that work on the same principle of a .zip file as a compression technique. JAR files can contain executable jar file or Java programs in addition to basic info like images, manifest files (information on other data files, also known as metadata), etc. JAR files are commonly used to distribute Java class files easily as a package.

JAR File An Introduction

To be able to run JAR files properly, JDK (Java Development Kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) are the most commonly used tools that come with all the resources to run a Java application or individual files. These are executed via JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which comes with the tools themselves.

A “Java executable” program or class is a specified execution technique which the following JAR file will follow before launching. This can be a Java programming language-powered game or specific commands. However, for new users in the Java world, JRE gives easier execution settings and is preferable than JDK, which comes with more functionalities but an advanced user to utilize.

Generally, most of the Java application comes with their environment packaged where you can run them without using any extra application. However, many times the JAR files simply won’t open because it isn’t an executable file. To open these files, you can use the following methods:

  1. Using the JDK or JRE
  2. Decompression or archiving software

Before running the execution, make sure the files are safe by scanning through Windows Defender or using GPO.

How to Open a jar File Using the JDK or JRE

If you have Java executable applications within the JAR files, you may want to use the JDK or JRE software to run them properly in the intended way. Download and install the Java Development Kit from here, which contains all necessary protocols, compilers, and debuggers to run JAR files properly. You can also download and install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) from here, which can do the same. Both of these come with pre-installed JVM (Java Virtual Machine) settings. In this way, you can open jar with java.

Using the JDK or JRE 2

Set Default App for JAR Files

After installing the app to open jar files windows 10, you should set this program as default for all JAR files. To do this, right-click on the JAR file, select Open with… and select Choose another app. A list of the compatible app comes. Here, select the Java Runtime Environment and check the box beside Always use this app to open .jar files.

Set Default App for JAR Files
Set Default App for JAR Files 2

Now you will notice that all the JAR files come with changed icons of JRE. Every time you run any JAR file, it will open through the Java Runtime Environment, where you can launch executable applications too. This is also useful if your default program has been set to another decompression software like the WinRAR, and you want to change it to JRE.

Still jar File Not Opening?

If the problem remains, you may see that JAR files aren’t opening right away even if the defaults have been set using the proper jar command, they might be blocked by the defender. If you’re certain the files are safe, you can turn off Windows defender and try again. If the problem still remains, then how to get jar files to open with java? Because in normal ways like other file types, you can’t open .jar files. There’s an easy solution for that too. You might need to create a batch file to run the JAR. This way you can find the jar file opener windows 10. And for that, you will need program to open jar files.

  • Go to the location of your JAR file to run jar files.
  • Right-click on an empty space and select New > Text document.
Still Not Opening JAR Files
  • Rename the text document anything, but set the extension from .txt to .bat so that the file changes to a Windows Batch file.
Still Not Opening JAR Files 21
  • Right-click on the new .bat file, and select Edit.
  • Here, type this: (copy and paste the JAR file name in the place of example)

java –jar example.jar

For example, if the JAR file name is “Launch”, edit the .bat file as java –jar Launch.jar. Make sure the file name is correct.

Still Not Opening JAR Files 3
  • Now save the .bat file. From now, every time you open the .bat file, it will launch the JAR file.
  • To extract, you can create another .bat file named jar –xf example.jar where you can paste the file name in the place of “example” and it will extract your JAR file.

If you can’t change or view your file extensions, you have to manually enable it. To do this, go to This PC. On the top-left corner, you have your View tab. Click on it and it will expand.

Still Not Opening JAR Files 4
Still Not Opening JAR Files 5

Now, go to Options > Change folder and search options. A dialog box appears. Here, in the View tab, find and uncheck the Hide extensions for the known file types option. Click OK and now, you can see and change your file extensions as you need.

Still Not Opening JAR Files 6

Decompression or Archiving Software

If your JAR archive files don’t contain executable programs then in the normal way you can’t open jar file using a file explorer like any java source file. You can safely view or extract the JAR file to a specified location by using any decompressing software like the WinRAR or 7-Zip. These are very lightweight software effective for extracting compressed files.

In this process, you don’t need to download or install either JDK or JRE programs. The reason you can do this is that the JAR files are built on the same principle as other compression files like ZIP or RAR files, and conventional extraction software can handle these.

Decompression or Archiving Software
Decompression or Archiving Software 2

At first, you need a software like WinRAR installed on your system. To see what’s inside your JAR file, right-click on it, and select Open with… and select WinRAR. The JAR file contents will be shown through a window. To extract these files on a specified location, right-click on the JAR file and select Extract files… and select your destination location to extract the files. Now you can view and edit these files on the location. Now we hope that you know how to open jar files with java windows 10.

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In this article, we’ve briefly discussed how to open .jar files with Java for Windows 10. Opening JAR files with Java is the preferred method than using other decompressing software as you get all the functions needed to run executables. You can also do it using the command prompt. It is also helpful in troubleshooting Java-powered apps and games that come with it. Now, you know all about how to view jar file and how to edit .jar files windows. Did you know that you can open DMG file on Windows too? Click here to know more about this.

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