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    1. It’s a very easy work to do. Launch Facebook > Settings > Security & Log in > Use Two-factor authentication > Authentication app > Continue. Now, you will get the code. Go to Google Authenticator, provide the code and you will be able to set up Google Authenticator for Facebook.

  1. The instructions above are confusing. The author does not make clear whether various operations are being done on the cell phone or on a computer. For example should the browser be opened from the cell phone or a computer? If a QR code is to be scanned, it must be on the computer, doesn’t it? If it is on a browser window on the cell phone, how can it be scanned? I have stumbled through this the best I can, but I still haven’t been able to add another account to the google authenticator. This is murky water we are swimming in…

    1. I am extremely sorry about that you have faced issues while following the instructions. When you are going to use QR code then you will need to open it on the computer browser. Or if you have another phone and willing to transfer the account to your new phone, then open the QR code in the older phone and scan that using your new phone. Hope that it will help you. Let us know if still you are facing issues, thank you.

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