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If you are reading this writing, that means you are using the internet. I may assume that you are using the internet through a Wi-Fi router. Now, I have a question to ask. What is the SSID broadcast? You might wonder about the relation between the Wi-Fi router and my question. Well, there exists a relation indeed. What is the SSID broadcast? This question may come to your mind. We will discuss SSID in full detail in this article.

What is SSID Broadcast

What Does SSID Broadcast Mean

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. SSID is a kind of function which is performed by Access Point that broadcasts its name by default; the devices or stations searching for a network can easily find it usually. In simple words, SSID basically indicates the name of your router or network. And you should know that by default, most routers transmit their SSID or network name in the environment every few times. It is used in this way to make it easy for the clients to discover and connect to the network. The problem with this is that anyone can see your network on their visible network list. Now, there arises a significant question. Is your network in any kind of security risk because of the SSID broadcast?

Is SSID Broadcast Risky or Safe?

Frankly speaking, there are risks in the system of SSID broadcast. Though it is for the comfort of the user to connect easily, it is also easily discoverable by those people who have no right to connect to the network. In spite of having password security, it is not hard work to hack. So, if you want, you can hide your SSID. You can disable your SSID broadcast.

Why You Should Disable SSID Broadcast

If you are not using multiple access points and multiple devices, you don’t really need the service of SSID broadcast. SSID broadcast is something like giving an invitation to any hacker roaming around. It’s not that disabling SSID broadcast will save you from any kind of network risks and hackers. People who are good with computers and networks can easily find your SSID. But at least you will be safe from the amateurs. Usually, they won’t be able to find your network on their list of networks that are visible.

How to Disable SSID Broadcast

If you want to disable your SSID broadcast, you have to sign into the router as an administrator. In the Settings, different routers have different kinds of disabling SSID broadcast page. You can disable your SSID in there.

How to Enable SSID Broadcast

You know that SSID broadcast is usually enabled by default. If for some reason you have disabled it and again for other reasons, you want to enable it, you can do it quite easily. You have to sign into your router as an administrator. In the Settings page, now you will see the enabling SSID broadcast page. You can just change it there and can enable your SSID broadcast.

How to find SSID:

An SSID is a unique name that differentiates one WLAN from another. It is used by wireless devices to make connectivity. If you log into your account, you can see that the network name is in the name field; your current password is in the key 1 field, for WEP encryption. Again your current wireless password for the WPA/WPA2 encryption is in the Passphrase field.

Logging into account is very easy. I am telling it about the Linksys‘s network logging.

  1. Firstly, open your browser.
  2. Then you have to enter in the address field.
  3. Now, enter your username and password. And click OK.
  4. Select the Setup tab. You will see that the SSID field is in the wireless section and the other fields are in their respective sections.

Types of  SSID

There are many network companies on which the SSID depend on.

  1. SSID broadcast on Netgear
  2. SSID broadcast on Linksys
  3. SSID broadcast on D-link.

Summing up

Now, I have a question for you, again. What is SSID broadcast? I know that you have the answer, now. For, I made you known what SSID broadcast is. You can either enable or disable your SSID broadcast. It’s totally up to you. I just hope, you just got whatever you were seeking for. I am happy for you. Best of luck.

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