5 ways to use robots at home

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As the internet and technology are advancing more and more, we are finding out more ways to turn our homes into smart homes. It’s so much more than a smart voice assistant these days. In fact, using robots to perform mundane everyday tasks is getting increasingly popular.

However, there’s a growing concern regarding privacy when it comes to using robots at home, such as vulnerability to cyberattacks because of the problems with an Internet connection, as described in ExpressVPN’s blog post. Before we get into that, let’s talk about 5 ways to use robots at home.

5 ways to use robots at home

5 Examples of Robots Designed for Home Use

While industries have long adopted robotics to automate their tasks, home usage of robots isn’t that far behind. Here are the five most popular examples of it.

1. Robots for Indoor Cleaning

Arguably, one of the most popular and widespread uses of robots in our homes started with robot vacuum cleaners, as mentioned by Reviewed. These cute-looking robots never get distracted, nor do they mind cleaning your house every single day. The iRobot Roomba is one of the most popular examples of these types of home robots.

Toilet-cleaning robots on the other hand are still in their early stages. But they are showing significant promise. With robots like Griddle, you can automate this tedious and gross task.

Another popular example of automated cleaning using robots is window cleaning robots. These robots can take care of this difficult and sometimes dangerous job with ease.

2. Robots for Outdoor Cleaning

Home usage shouldn’t be confined to indoor use only. Your garden and the pool are a part of your home too. By automating the task of pool cleaning, you can prevent clogging the skimmer and stop your filtration system from burning out. Aside from automating the cleaning task, you can monitor your pool for water quality and temperature as well.

Garden maintenance too is made easy with the use of Trimbot, a robot that can trim your garden into any shape you want. Achieving a nice-looking lawn is no longer a headache with robotic lawnmowers.

3. Robots for Food Preparation

Although a bit pricey, robots like Moley R can handle everything from chopping to cooking and even plating. So, you can enjoy a nice restaurant-quality meal sitting at your home. If that’s too much for you, AI-powered smart cookers can cook, bake, grill, boil, and steam for you with very little human intervention.

And if you are someone who loves coffee, smart coffee makers allow you to summon the perfect cup of coffee using just your smartphone, ready to be consumed when you walk into your kitchen.

4. Robots for Home Security

Home security robots can take care of your home security, especially when you are not at home. They can offer so much more than security cameras. Integrated with 360-degree cameras, they can revolve around your house and record everything.

Robots like Amazon Astro boasts features like autonomous patrols, intelligent motion detection, and smart alerts, to avert potentially dangerous situations.

5. Robots for Smart Home Assistance

Smart home assistant robots can be as small as the Vector, a robot toy pet, to Ugo, a large human-sized robot suited for all household chores. They can follow you around, let you set a schedule, remind you of things you need to do, etc.

Robots like Aido and Buddy can entertain you too since they can play music or videos. You can control your smart home appliances too with them.

What Are the Risks of Using Home Robots?

To be honest, apart from some privacy concerns, there aren’t many risks involved when we let robots into our homes. And that is only fair because these home robots are connected to the internet. So theoretically, they are as vulnerable to cyberattacks as any other gadget with an internet connection. 

It is important to be aware of these potential risk factors if you value your privacy. Because these devices are meant to be around you all the time, they gather a significant amount of data about you and your surroundings. This can be potentially harmful if that data ends up on the wrong hand.

Mitigating The Risk Factors of Home Robots

To mitigate any potential risk factors, always read your home robot’s user manual carefully to find out what data it collects. Limit the amount of data they can collect. If your home robot has a feature that requires collecting any personal data that you are not comfortable sharing, avoid using that feature entirely.

Limit the use of the internet by your home robots. But since they require internet access to function properly, securing your internet connection is the best thing you can do. You can use a VPN on your router to encrypt your internet connection entirely.

Final Thoughts

Using robots at home can help you catch up to that endless list of everyday tasks with ease. And while the original idea of a humanoid smart home assistant was thought to be best suited for the elderly or disabled persons only, it is no longer the case. Soon, robots in our homes will be just as regular as pets. But home robots risks put a bit of a twist on our forehead. Which is actually food for thought about all these connected technologies around us. Taking a few safety measures can and will eliminate all the risk factors. And we can live an easier life with automated services cutting down our tasks. 

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