5 Best RFID sleeves to Protect your Credit cards and passports

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Do you still carry a lot of paper money in your wallet? The answer will most probably be no. As technology is advancing, banking and other financial transaction have been made easy. That is why you carry credit, debit or ATM cards which can hold a lot of money but still give you the protection of your money. Not only these types of cards, passport, driving license also carry your personal information.

Almost all these cards are introduced with RFID nowadays that allows your card to communicate with an RFID reader from a short distance. So, thieves and frauds always try to figure out how they can steal your personal and financial information without touching your cards. So, you should protect your cards by using RFID protective sleeves.

What is RFID and RFID sleeves? To know more about these things and to buy the best RFID sleeves, go through the full review. We can ensure you that after reading the whole article, you will know everything you need to know about RFID and RFID sleeves.

Best RFID sleeves

What are RFID sleeves?

At first, let me introduce to you what is RFID before knowing about RFID protective sleeves. Most cards you use generally comes with RFID technology embedded in it where RFID chips store and read the data. This technology helps you to use the card without taking it out from the wallet because it uses short-distance communication. So, you don’t need to swipe the card. All you need is to wave the card in front of the RFID reader.

Thieves or frauds can steal your personal and financial information by using advanced technology. Generally, they use different frequency-ranges waves to communicate with your cards without your permission. So, there are many possibilities that your money is being stolen from a short distance and still the cards in your wallet. This type of unwanted things can be stopped by using RFID protective sleeves.

Your cards can communicate from a short distance using a particular band of electromagnetic waves. But the protecting sleeve is made of materials that shield your cards from being communicated from a distance. All they do is just block the particular electromagnetic wave from being passed through the sleeves. So, your personal and financial information from your credit cards, debit or ATM cards, passport, driving license remains safe from high-tech thieves.

Our Recommended Best RFID Sleeves

As you already know what is RFID and RFID protecting sleeves, it is time for you to choose the top-rated RFID sleeves that present in the current market. We will let you know about the 5 best ones which can help you remain safe from various high-tech thieves and frauds. Follow the full review to choose your desired sleeves and remain safe during traveling and daily-basis use.

Best RFID sleeves Review

Best RFID Sleeves Reviews

Here are our recommended RFID sleeves.

1. 18 RFID Blocking Sleeves Ultimate Premium Identity Theft Protection Sleeve Set

Stealing personal data is not a new thing. As technology is advancing, people are trying to cope with the new technology. That is why you don’t need to carry money anymore. So, you carry only cards that give you access to your account and helps you to spend the money without any hassle.

But you should be worried about the personal information which can be stolen by thieves. Thieves can skim and steal financial information about your cards by using many advanced technologies. So, traveling and security became very important nowadays. But You can use these RFID blocking sleeves to protect your personal and financial information.

These anti-theft RFID protective sleeves are US government FIPS 201 approved. So, any RFID-enabled contactless smart cards like credit cards, passports, debit cards, and ATM cards, driving license, etc can be protected by these sleeve sets.

The most important thing about this set is how exactly and efficiently it is engineered. You will surely be glad to know that it is very efficiently engineered so that you can easily slip in and out of your cards without any hassles. The design and simple look of these sleeves make it perfect for everyday use and traveling.

The quality of the sleeve set matters most. As you are using this set to protect your valuable information and money, the quality of the set should be premium. The sleeve set is made from durable materials that are ultra-lightweight and water-resistant. The sleeve set is designed to be slim and smart so that you can easily carry this in your wallet or purse. The cards won’t take much space of your carrier.

The manufacturer is providing 365 days money-back guarantee. So, you can buy this product with confidence.

The design and quality of the product are very impressive. The manufacturer gives you 365 days money-back guarantee.

The sleeve set is not designed for protecting older 125KHz cards. So, you cannot use these to protect the workplace door and key cards.

2. RFID Blocking Sleeves, Set with Color Coding

The set comes with 15-pack identity theft protective sleeves at a low price. The RFID secure sleeves are designed to protect your money cards like credit cards, debit cards or ATM cards. You can carry your passport and different cards like driving license etc without getting tensed. Because the sleeves will protect your cards from electronic fraud or thieves.

The RFID sleeve is equipped with electronic armor to protect your bank cards, credit cards, other IDs which will prevent any kind of electronic access to your valuable cards. You will get sleeves for protecting passport, credit, debit or ATM card, driving license, etc. Both women and men can use the RFID protector without any hassle.

The design and quality of the RFID shields are quite good. It is made from a special material which is especially RFID blocking material. The thin and lightweight design of the credit card holder and RFID blocking passport holder made it easy to carry in your wallet or purse. It will protect your cards from being electronically scanned or skimmed by the thieves or hackers. The sleeves are water and tear-resistant too. So, you don’t have to be worried about the quality of the protector.

For convenient use of the sleeve, the protection sleeve is made color-coded. So, you can access your cards quickly and easily. For superior convenience, the credit card holder and passport holder have different color schemes. The sleeve is coated with special aluminum foil which is highly protective to ensure you that you won’t be a victim of any high-tech crime committed by thieves or hackers.

The whole package comes with 15 card protectors. Among them, 12 are credit card protectors, and the rest 3 of them are passport protectors. You can actually hold any important cards like a subway or green card, driving license, hotel keys, important documents, etc.

The design and quality of the sleeves are very good. You will get different colored sleeves for convenient use.

3. Aerb RFID Blocking Sleeves, Set of 16

Another premium quality RFID blocking sleeves from Aerb can be a great choice for you in terms of quality and design. It comes with advanced RFID blocking technology. So, you can have great protection for your money cards like credit cards, debit cards, etc. Your passport and driver license can be carried within these sleeves too. So, you don’t need to worry about traveling.

The most important thing about the protection sleeves is design and quality. As you already know that we are reviewing the best products, so, these sleeves are of premium quality in terms of design and quality. The most premium and advanced RFID blocking materials are used in these sleeves. The sleeves are thin, lightweight, water and tear-resistant and obviously durable.

The sleeves are of various colors and numbers. So, you can keep track of different cards and important papers in an easy and efficient way. You can put specific cards in the specific sleeve and can easily access your preferable cards in times of need.

You will get a total of 16 sleeves with the package. 12 sleeves are for credit cards and 4 sleeves are for passports. Actually, you can use these sleeves for protecting various types of cards. The amazing thing about these sleeves is that the sleeves support both horizontal and vertical openings. So, you can fit different types of cards of different sizes in the sleeves according to your preferences.

An important thing about the manufacturer is that they provide 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the sleeves. You will get the full money back without any questions or inquiries.

The sleeves are colored and numbered for convenient use and access to the cards. The sleeves support both the horizontal and vertical opening.

There is no indication that the sleeves are fips 201 approved or not. So, keep it in mind. But we can ensure that the sleeves are perfect for protecting your money and valuable information from being theft or hacking.

4. RFID Blocking Sleeve Anti Theft 6 Credit Card and Passport Holder

If you are willing to spend a little bit more money on protecting your cards, then this is the perfect product for you. The sleeves use advanced secure RFID technology to protect your credit cards and passports by blocking RFID signals. The sleeves can protect your credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, passports, driving license, etc by blocking the frequencies ranges from 860 MHz to 13.56MHz and so on.

The sleeves are made from good quality materials which are water and tears resistant. So, it is good for daily use. You can keep your valuable cards during traveling.

You will get a total of 6 sleeves with the package. Among them, 4 of them are credit card protector sleeves and the rest two of them can be used to protect passports.

It is introduced with a slim and fashionable design. The credit card protectors are of size 6.4*9.3cm and the passports protector are of size 10.6*13.5cm. This made it very compact and you can carry the sleeves in your wallet, purse, travel bags easily.

It is necessary to test the sleeves if the sleeves are working perfectly or not. Just put your card in the sleeve and try to use them in any store or any other place where the cards can be used. If it is still accessible by the scanner, then the product is not working perfectly.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, the manufacturer provides a refund. You will also get a replacement of the product.

The quality of the product is quite good. And the user reviews of the product are pretty impressive.

The cards are not perfectly colored or numbered for convenient use. You will get only 6 sleeves to protect your valuable cards and passports.

5. RFID Blocking Sleeves Credit Card Holder

You already know the basic features of every RFID protective sleeve. This is no different. This credit card protector ensures that your personal information or money cannot be theft by any fraud or hackers. It ensures peace of your mind during travel and daily uses of the cards. Thieves or frauds try to scan your personal information by different types of scanner. But you can make it impossible by using the best quality RFID protective sleeves.

Most cards you use generally comes with RFID technology embedded in it. RFID chips store and read the data. This technology helps you to use the card without taking it out from the wallet because it uses short-distance communication. So, you don’t need to swipe the card. All you need is to wave the card in front of the RFID reader. This made life too easy and stylish.

The design is one of the best things about this product. Different types of design and color make it very stylish in look. These RFID credit card sleeves are made with the highest quality materials. The thin and stylish design helps it to fit in your wallet easily.

The amazing thing about this product is its guarantee. The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee which is very impressive. So, you can be sure that the product is very premium in terms of quality and design.

The RFID protective sleeves come with six different colorful scenes to identify each of your cards individually. The stylish look of the sleeves makes these perfect for gifting on various occasions to your friends and family.

The sleeves are generally made for protecting credit cards or other different cards. But you will not get any passport holder with the package.

Best RFID sleeves Buying Guide

RFID sleeves protect your personal and financial information from being stolen by the thieves and frauds. So, if you have credit or debit cards, passports, driving license, etc that contain your personal information as well as financial information, you should buy RFID protective sleeves. To find out the best RFID protective sleeves, you have to check whether the product satisfies some specific criteria or not. This section will help you to choose the best product.

Best RFID sleeves Buying guide

1. The number of sleeves: Different products come with different numbers of sleeves. Some come with more than 10 or 15 sleeves and some come with less than 10. So, keep it in mind how much you want to pay to get how many sleeves.

2. Design and Quality: As you will buy the product for anti-theft protection, the design and quality must be premium. Make sure the sleeves are well-made and used premium quality material.

As you have to carry the cards with you always, the design plays a vital role in choosing the best sleeves. The sleeves should be slim, thin and fashionable in design so that you can carry the sleeves in your wallet or purse.

3. Water and tear-resistant: Make sure the sleeves are water and tear-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about your valuable cards.

4. Colored and Numbered sleeves: For convenient use of the sleeves, the sleeves most of the time are colored and numbered so that you can identify the cards separately. Keep it in mind.


Q: What is blocking RFID sleeve?

Ans: This sleeve protects your personal and financial information lies in your RFID cards like credit, debit or ATM cards, passports, driving license, etc from being stolen by thieves or frauds.

Q: Can they protect all types of cards?

Ans: No. Most of the sleeves can protect a specific range of electromagnetic waves. So, you have to find out if the sleeves can protect your specific card.

Q: Can I write on the sleeves?

Ans: Yes. You can write on your RFID sleeves to identify each of your cards.

Q: Do I have to take out the card to tap pay?

Ans: Yes. The sleeves protect your cards from being communicated from a short distance.


Nowadays, people are using the most advanced technology. Don’t forget that thieves or frauds are not using the technologies. They always try to find out how they can steal from you whether it is the money or the information. Obviously, you don’t want to be stolen. After reading the whole article, we hope, now you know all the things about RFID and RFID sleeves. Also, we hope that you have chosen the best RFID sleeves to protect your cards, passports, etc.

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