[Fix] Phone camera Turns on By Itself (100% Working)

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Your phone’s camera may turn on by itself if you have enabled a setting that detects gestures or voice commands to turn the camera on. Moreover, a faulty touchscreen, giving access to unknown apps, or even a hardware problem could be responsible for what you are facing.

Whatever may be the reason, it is normal that you would want to fix it as soon as possible. This article presents you with some of the most obvious but easy-to-miss reasons and the ways to fix them.

Camera Turns on By Itself

Reasons Behind for Camera Turning Itself on

You have your mobile screen locked, but suddenly for no known reason, the camera pops up. This situation may throw you into a sticky situation depending on where you are or what you are doing. Whatever may be the scenario, you do want to deal with the difficulties with the camera app just popping up on you.

There can be several reasons why your camera is turning on by itself. Some of them are discussed in this section.

1. Camera Settings

It is possible that your camera settings had a certain setting enabled. It could be a quick start camera gesture or voice command. An unintentional gesture may have forced your mobile camera to turn itself on. If that is the case, you can simply disable that from the settings.

2. Faulty Touchscreen

Another possibility is that your phone may have a faulty screen and the touch system is not working properly. If that is the case, the phone may pick up the smallest of touches and open the camera app. This is because smartphones these days have a shortcut for the camera even on the lock screen.

3. An External App

Another logical reason could be that you have downloaded an app and given it permission to use your phone’s default camera, along with other things on your phone. In that case, it could lead to the camera turning itself on. You can simply restrict access to that app to prevent this issue.

4. Hardware Problem

If your phone is relatively new and the camera keeps turning itself on frequently, it could indicate a hardware problem. In that case, you can try a hardware reset. Try operating the phone in that state for a couple of dayss and observe the results. If the issue still persists, send the phone back to the manufacturer and get a replacement.

How to Fix Camera Turning on By Itself

The reasons are already discussed. Therefore, in this section, we present to you some fixes to solve this problem faced by many worldwide.

1. Force Restarting

This is one of the simplest and basic fixes to solve this issue. Locate the power button of your phone and long-press it to restart. In most cases, this force restarting should solve the issue.

2. Update the iOS or Android Version

iOS and Android phones are updated continuously to get rid of bugs and software glitches. Make sure your Android phone or iPhone is updated to the latest version to prevent unwanted problems such as the camera turning itself on.

3. Reset All Settings

If your phone’s camera turns on by itself without you doing anything, you can try to give the settings a reset. That will remove all the permissions and accesses that you had given to other apps and allow you a fresh start.

4. Factory Reset

This is the last option anyone would want to resort to. You can reset your phone back to the factory settings and remove all the contents in it. This method takes a lot of time and you would not want to go through it unless you have covered all the possible fixes.

Once you have factory reset your phone, you can restore all the data via your Google Drive account, and if it is an iPhone, then through iTunes. However, restoring takes a lot of time so make sure you make some time for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I prevent my camera from opening on the lock screen?

You can easily do so from your phone’s settings. Just open it and select the Lock screen option. Then go for the Shortcuts options (it can also be named App shortcuts). Finally, in the Right shortcut option, disable the Camera shortcut.

Can hackers see me through my phone camera?

Unfortunately, yes! Your phone camera is vulnerable to professional hackers and can be hacked with ease. The intruders, without even letting you know, can hack and access your phone, and spy on you, just by using your phone camera.


Whether you own an Android phone or iPhone, the number of people facing the issue of the camera turning on by itself is a lot. Always make sure to who you give access to your phone. If no fix works, your only option is to contact the service center and try for a possible replacement within the warranty period.

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