[Fix] Denon Surround Sound Not Working (100% Working)

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Denon speakers are very popular in-home theaters or among sound lovers for their surrounding sound system. The sound system of the Denon speakers can immerse you into the content.

However, you may face problems with the Denon speakers that the surrounding sound not working. We know how frustrating the issue is when such an expensive device like Denon does not work properly. But don’t worry, you are not alone in who is facing this problem and there are also solutions to this problem.

We have explored the common solutions to this issue and will guide you to solve the surrounding sound not working with your Denon receiver issue in this article.

Denon Surround Sound Not Working

Possible Reasons Why Your Denon Surrounding Sound Is Not Working

There can be several reasons why the surrounding sound may not work properly with your Denon speaker. Here are the possible reasons behind it:

  • The surround speakers have not been connected to your receiver correctly.
  • You haven’t configured your Denon receiver correctly.
  • A hardware failure may have occurred to either your speakers or receiver.

To fix the issue, you need to find the exact reason first. For that, you can follow our simple troubleshooting steps below in this article.

Troubleshooting of Denon Surround Sound Not Working Issue

To fix the problem of surrounding sound not working problem with your Denon speakers, you need to follow the troubleshooting methods one by one to identify the reason and fix it properly.

1. Connect Your Surround Speakers Correctly

First, you have to make sure that you have connected your Denon receiver with the wires back to your two speakers.

The connection type will differ according to the model of your Denon receiver. But generally, there are two types of connections that you can have: 5-way binding posts and spring clips or banana plugs. How to connect both ports are shown below.

5-Way Binding Posts

If you are using a higher-end system of Denon, then it should have 5-way binding posts to connect the speakers. Press down the exposed spring clip and insert the end of the wires into the port of the speakers.

There are positive and negative symbols to the wire. Make sure to put the positive wire into the positive port and the negative wire into the negative port. If you don’t match the positive-negative wires then it could affect the quality of the surrounding sound.

Banana Plug

If you are using a lower-end Denon speaker, then it will have spring clips to connect the speakers. It is easier to install than 5-way binding posts.

Peel the 10mm wire and press the clips. Then insert the bare wire into the ports and release the clips. It will hold the wires tightly in place. The colored clips are positive and the black clips are negative. So, don’t mix them up.

2. Enable Surround Sound on the HEOS App

You can easily configure the receiver’s setting using the HEOS app if your Denon AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulation) are compatible with HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System).

  • First, open the HEOS app and go to its settings.
  • Then, navigate to My Devices and select your AVR device.
  • Now, go to Speakers and tap on the Surround Sound menu.
  • Finally, turn on the radio button for Surrounds Enable.

If your device isn’t compatible with HEOS, then select Music Playback and then select Multi-Channel Stereo to enable surround sound effects for music.

3. Change the Sound Mode with AV Receiver

If your Denon receiver doesn’t support HEOS or any other apps, then you can directly change the sound mode through the AV receiver. You can either check the user’s manual or follow the instruction to change the sound mode below.

Setting sound mode to auto surround is the easiest way to fix this issue. It will detect problems automatically and will give the surrounding sound accordingly.

You can do it simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button and then navigating to Auto using the up and down ‘⧎’ button.

If you are watching a video file, then check the sound properties that it using and go to Movie Sound and select the correct sound mode to let surround sound work.

4. Check If the Content Is Surround

Users often play non-surround content and when they cannot hear the surround sound, they think that there may be a problem with the Denon system.

If you have tried all the solutions above and couldn’t fix the issue, then you are suggested to ensure that the content supports surround sound.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Set-Top Box, etc. fully supports surround sound. If you are watching content on these, you can select the 5.1 option and you will be able to enjoy the surround sound. Make sure that you have enabled Surround sound if you are using the Set-top box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Denon Surround Sound Not Working?

You have to ensure the correct configuration and the surround sound are enabled on your surround speakers. Configure it to use the 2-channel music by your speakers. You can also enable surrounding sound by following settings:

Devices > (Your HEOS AVR) > Speakers > Surrounds.

How Do I Make My Surround Sound Work?

  • First, press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • Then, select Settings.
  • Now, navigate to Display & Sound → Audio output → Speakers → Audio system. Select Sound → Speakers → Audio system and enable Surround sound.

How Do I Tune My Denon Surround Speakers?

You can easily set up and tune your speakers by the following settings:

Press the Setup button and select Speakers>Manual Setup>Level>Test Tone Star. Now adjust the audio level using the up and down arrow buttons of your remote control.


Hopefully, you can now able to solve the Denon Surround sound not working issue with the solutions above.

But if none of the troubleshooting work for you, then there is a chance of hardware fault of your Denon receiver or speakers which prevents your surround sound from working properly.

In that case, call for Denon Support to fix the issue. You can tell us about your experience of solving this issue in our comment section below.

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