Do Motherboard Standoffs Come With Case? A Crucial Need for Mobo

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The motherboard standoffs are specific kinds of screw holders, which also look like a screw, that attach the motherboard to the casing.

The motherboard is set on top of the standoffs and fastened to them using screws. To prevent any contact between a motherboard’s circuitry and the case, it is helpful to attach both surfaces and secure them.

Now, there are many people who want to know – do motherboard standoffs come with a case? Especially those who want to build a new pc.

In this article, we’ll cover every necessary information you may need to know about motherboard standoffs along with the answer.

Do Motherboard Standoffs Come With Case

Do Motherboard Standoffs Come With Case Usually

Well, the fact is the majority of the time, the PC case itself comes with standoffs. Motherboards don’t include standoff screws. 

Standoffs are typically sent together with the computer case so you can utilize them for your motherboard. This is because each case has a specific hole size they’ve chosen to use when making the case.

In terms of form factors, motherboards are standardized, but case dimensions, depth, and shape can vary widely.

If you have standoffs from a case made by a particular business, it is likely that these standoffs will function with any motherboard in any case made by that same company.

Which Motherboard Standoffs Are Available

Motherboard standoffs come in a wide variety of styles, including those made of plastic, metal, various colors, various lengths, etc. But the majority of motherboard standoffs are typically 1cm long and constructed of brass.

Yet, there is still a standard for them. The majority of consumer motherboard standoffs follow the ISO M3 or UTS standard #6-32 UNC. So, your standoffs will still screw into any computer case and can receive any screw according to the standard, regardless of the variety.

Here is a list of various screws and standoffs with their usage and needed quantity.

Is It Possible to Attach a Motherboard without Standoffs

It’s quite impossible. The manufacturer mandates the standoffs to ensure a secure installation of the board in the PC casing.

You must use the standoffs to stick the motherboard and stabilize the system by inserting into tapped holes on top of the motherboard and going through holes in both sides of the casing.

What Takes Place If You Don’t Use Motherboard Standoffs

There are higher chances that you may overheat or burn both your motherboard and CPU and fail to boot up. 

Moreover, your CPU may become very unstable or perhaps fall apart, which will result in damaging its internal parts. That means, if you somehow manage to install a motherboard without standoffs, you will create a chance of hardware damage.

So, keep in mind to take the necessary time and care to install all screws and standoffs for supporting the motherboard as it’ll entirely secure your motherboard and guarantee that won’t face any risk like shorting the board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do standoff screws come with the motherboard?

No, the motherboard standoff screws you need to attach to the computer case come with the case because there are lots of designs to create these cases. As a result, the case comes with appropriate standoffs and screws.

Do I need standoffs for the motherboard?

Yes, you need the motherboard standoffs because without these you can’t attach the motherboard to the PC case properly and it’ll create an option of possible catastrophe. 

Do I need all my motherboard standoffs?

If you want to ensure the security of the motherboard then you need to attach sufficient standoffs in the mounting holes on the motherboard. It’ll help to keep the motherboard safe from the case surface. If you intentionally use fewer standoffs, it can be dangerous.

Do motherboards come with M.2 standoffs?

Check the package your motherboard arrived in to see whether there are any M.2 standoffs included. Most likely, it will be packaged in a tiny cardboard box or plastic bag. Your motherboard might even be held in a plastic enclosure if it is particularly expensive.


Whenever you try to build a PC you must need two crucial components which are the motherboard and the PC case. It’s very important to maintain a space between them while attaching the motherboard to keep the CPU safe from shorting. So, use the motherboard standoffs that come with the case to ensure a safe environment.

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