[Explained] Does Flashing a Phone Unlock It?

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Locking your phone, whether on purpose or by accident, is quite frustrating. However, you shouldn’t panic because there’s a chance of restoring your phone. 

If you’re confused about does flashing a phone unlocks the phone, then ‘YES’, flashing your phone is a quick and easy fix. If you have the necessary equipment and know how to do it, flashing a phone to its factory settings is simple.

When people realize that their phones are too slow, the operating system is too compromised by viruses or some other malware, or some of their apps are not functioning properly, they may also flash their phones.

We’ll guide you through the procedure of flashing a locked phone in this article.

Does Flashing a Phone Unlock Phone

What Is Required to Flash and How to Flash Phone to Unlock

Basically, flashing a locked Android phone requires a hard reset which avoids needing to access the phone’s settings. In this situation, all you’ll need to do to execute a hard reset is turn the device off and boot it into recovery mode.

But before doing this, you’ve to keep in mind that your phone will lose all of the data you have stored on it if you reset it. It’ll assist you in unlocking the locked Android device, but it won’t save your data. So, make sure you have a sizable backup.

The recovery mode can be accessed in a variety of ways on Android smartphones, but the following instructions show you how to flash a locked phone using the recovery mode in a significant way:

Step 1: First, turn off the phone and wait for a while.

Step 2: Next, press and hold the Power button and the down Volume button simultaneously.

Step 3: When the logo appears, release the Power button.

Step 4: Now, use the Power button and down Volume button again to enter the recovery mode when you see the No command on the screen.

Step 5: Highlight the Wipe data factory reset using the down Volume button.

Step 6: Use the Power button in order to choose it.

Step 7: To highlight Yes, use the volume button. 

Step 8: Now, press the Power button once more to verify.

Step 9: When the procedure is finished, choose Reboot system now to turn on your phone.

And that’s how you can effectively unlock your phone by flashing it. 

Bonus Tips

Just remember that even if you’ve removed your security settings, such as the lock screen password and pattern with a hard reset, you’ll still need to get past Google’s Factory Reset Protection to be able to use the phone normally. 

It also helps to stop thieves from hard resetting your phone without your permission. Enter your Google account credentials to access the phone.

After resetting the phone, you might not be able to confirm your Google account, which could render the phone useless until assistance from an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any benefit of flashing a phone?

Yeah, the act of flashing a phone does have some benefits. Some users customize the Android operating system by flashing a fresh ROM in order to add new features and modifications, get rid of bloatware, and change the custom user interface. Some of them do that to keep their Android phones updated.

Is there any risk after flashing a phone?

Actually, flashing a phone has its own risks. A complete flash can involve switching to a completely new mobile operating system or simply upgrading or degrading your phone’s operating system. According to the security features that place on your phone, flashing it may violate the warranty on it and/or make it worthless.

Does rooting a phone can unlock the SIM?

Well, rooting a phone does not result in unlocking the SIM, but it does allow you to change the operating system or add a new one. However, a SIM unlock frequently needs assistance from the network or carrier, and both kinds of unlocking are legitimate.

Is it possible to unlock my phone without a SIM card?

It is, indeed. A SIM card is not required to unlock your phone. Call the operator to ask if they will unlock the phone for you if you live in another country. Some might demand payment. Even if the phone is unlocked, a SIM card is still required to use the mobile network.


Hence, it’s clear by now that flashing your phone by performing a hard reset is efficient to unlock your phone. Don’t forget its side effects and perform it when you’re totally mindset. If this article proves its usefulness, then please share your opinion with us. 

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFKZLUN_l14&t=162s

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